5 Advantages of Floor LED Screen

This article will introduce the advantages of intelligent interactive floor LED screens in five aspects: function, quality, use, application scheme, and effect, which will help you quickly judge whether do you need the floor LED screen.

Advantage 1: Functional innovation - eye catching intelligent interactive functions.

The intelligent interactive floor LED screen has added an innovative feature called “Interactive Entertainment”, which allows users to step on the screen and play with the screen elements on the screen in real-time interaction.

This feature is different from the other LED screens.

The realization of the function is based on technological innovation.

The intelligent interactive floor LED screen pioneered the use of a smart chip or Radar sensor technology.

This technology is intelligent enough to capture real-time actions of the user, and based on this to changes content on the screen.

Among them, the chip sensor floor LED screen has several interactive sensor chips installed in each LED module.

The pressure sensor can accurately recognize the pedaling conditions of people, and the effect is flexible and stable.

Remarks: The difference interactive way between the Radar sensor and Chip sensor.

(Picture of a Radar sensor and Chip sensor)

For users, this new feature can achieve real human-computer interaction and bring a unique experience.

To the floor LED screen users, the invention of “interaction” function not only increasing the attract and traffic but also can be used for the stage performances, shopping mall advertising, virtual presence reality, and immersive experience solutions, etc.

Advantage 2: Strong adaptability-strong environmental tolerance.

The intelligent interactive floor led screen has not only the traditional advantages of LED screens such as high brightness, wide viewing angle, high temperature resistance, water resistance, etc., but also bears the load, pressure, and non-slip.

The reason is that this product has designed a special mask for its special-purpose floor LED modules.

(The load-bearing pressure resistance, non-slip resistance is shown by the picture cymbals)

Mask shell It is generally a shallow box with no cover.

A circle around the edge can wrap the module.

It has two functions, such as water resistance and lamp beads protection.

The inside of the mask shell with a large number of small cylinders, which are consistent with some small holes left on the surface of the module housing.

This design allows the mask can be installed by inserting the module.

The module is uniformly stressed and not easily damaged.

It not only improves the load-bearing and compression resistance but also avoids the situation where the pressure is too high to damage the LED lamp beads.

According to test data, it is shown that among various mask housings, PC masks have the strongest load-bearing performance, and the largest can bear 2.5 tons of heavy objects.

In terms of anti-skid performance, PC masks are also the most representative.

Its surface has a layer of regular texture, which can increase the friction force and play a non-slip resistance effect.

The non-slip texture can not only provide users with a realistic experience of walking close to the ground but also enhance the safety of users stepping on the floor LED screen.

(Anime picture film, a person walks on the floor tile screen, puts a large mirror to show the details of the feet, “texture and friction with the sole of the shoe”, wording: safe, not easy to fall)

Because of its excellent load-bearing and non-slip performance, the floor LED screen is more adaptable to harsh environments and diverse needs than other LED displays.

It can deal with it in particular large-scale product exhibitions (such as Auto Show), Large passenger flow, and interactive scenes (such as Square).

Advantage 3: Easy installation-easy to load and use.

Although the interactive floor LED screen is a new product, it is easy to get started, and the entire process from installation to use is very convenient.

The floor LED screen adopts modular design with quick disassembly, which can be completed after splicing the screen cabinet and the floor support, which is very convenient.

The floor support is used to fix the cabinet, and other accessories, located at the bottom of the entire floor LED screen, are used to connect the floor LED screen.

However, the floor support does not “permanent fixed lock” the floor LED screen.

You only need to use the suction cup tool; you can suck out a single screen without removing the adjacent screen.

This easy-to-remove installation structure makes installation and maintenance very convenient.

What’s more important is that the operating system of the floor LED screen is not very different from other systems, and you can learn it very quickly.

If the floor LED screen is dirty, use a mop to clean it.

Advantage 4: multiple applications-traditional screen or interactive floor LED screen.

“One screen for multiple uses” is another manifestation of the high price performance of floor LED screens, with a price and multiple purpose experiences.

Thanks to the load-bearing and wear-resistant mask shell, flexible sensor, and exquisite floor support design, the floor LED screen can be set in a variety of interactive entertainment and floor surface scenarios.

At the same time, even if the outside of the screen is covered with the most matte PC mask, the brightness of the floor LED screen can reach 2000nits – 2500nits.

Therefore, you can also place the floor LED screen upright and use it like any other vertical regular LED screen, with a comparable display effect, like concert stage background, wedding parties, etc.

Advantage 5: the effect is outstanding-clear display visual.

The floor LED screen is not inferior in color difference, weak color, viewing angle, and brightness, and can obtain display effects comparable to other LED screens.

First of all, it has the same wide-angle display effect, and you can get an excellent sensory experience when viewing at multiple viewing angles.

Also, the floor LED screen has the characteristics of high brightness and high pixels, which can provide an ultra-clear picture surface, and the display effect is not by environmental factors.

Finally, the design of accessories such as the floor support allows the floor LED screen to be seamlessly spliced, with minimal impact on the painting surface and excellent results.

According to the five advantages of the floor LED screen, now, are you clear if you need to buy a floor LED screen?

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