2023-Confernce Indoor LED Screen Display Ultimate Guide


With the development of LED display, LED display is not only used for advertising. Many companies also choose LED conference screens as a necessary accessory for company meetings. Its efficiency, convenience, and other advantages for the meeting provide better help.

If your company wants to buy an LED conference screen, how to choose? This article will take you through the specific LED meeting display.

1. What to consider when choosing a conference room screen display?

  • Point spacing: LED point spacing is different, and image quality is also different. The smaller the point distance is, the more accurate the image quality is, and the more important the point distance is, the more blurred the image quality is. Therefore, the first thing to consider is whether the image quality needs high definition.

  • Size: You need to consider the approximate size of the installation screen. And the size of the conference room you installed. For example, if the conference room can accommodate 200 people, the LED screen will be slightly larger. If the room is too small, the person sitting in the back can not see the screen; similarly, if the room is smaller and the number of people is smaller, the LED screen can be smaller.

  • Viewing distance: After considering the space, you need to consider the viewing distance of the participants; if the viewing distance is close, select a small high-definition screen; if the viewing distance is far, the screen will need to be larger, but the need for HD can be reduced.

  • Maintenance: Maintenance of the conference screen is also a factor to consider because maintenance costs are behind the cost; the larger the box, the more complex the maintenance process, and the higher the maintenance costs.

2. What are the features of conference LED display?

  • Create a more comfortable, more modern information conference room environment. Sharing information from all aspects makes the meeting exchange more relaxed and smooth. Realize remote real-time communication and cooperation, such as remote teaching, training, and teaching activities.

  • A wide angle of view better meets the needs of a large-scale conference room environment and a Ladder Conference room environment—wide Grayscale, high contrast, perfect for up-close viewing.

  • High contrast, fast response speed, and high refresh frequency meet the requirements of a high-speed moving image display.

  • It takes up little space and saves a lot of space. The utility model has the advantages of flexible use, convenient installation and maintenance, and maintenance space saving.

  • Long service life, saving operation and maintenance costs. At the same time, it can be point-to-point maintenance; maintenance costs are lower.

  • The whole screen color, brightness consistency, and high, point-by-point correction uniformity. Effectively avoid the dark corner, dark edge, “Patch,” and other phenomena after using the display screen for a certain period, especially for the meeting display screen often play visual“Analysis charts, graphics, and so on” the content of pure background color, LED display scheme is more advantageous.

3. What is the different conference LED display and LCD display screen?

How to select from the LED and LCD conference display  This is a common confusion for people who want to buy some equipment for a conference room. In a word, they all have particular advantages and different functions.

1). Image quality: Indoor LED displays have broader gray levels, higher contrast, wider viewing angles, and higher brightness levels that can be adjusted.

2). Life: The average life of an LED screen display is much longer than an LCD’s. LED displays can have a lifetime of 50,000 hours (10 hours a day for 15 years), while LCDs can have a lifetime of 30,000 hours (10 hours a day for 8 years).

And over time, the liquid crystal display’s brightness dips by 30 percent a year. By comparison, LED displays have a 5% brightness loss in the first year and 15% in the third. Significantly longer life than LCDs.

3). Modular design: LED displays are Modular in design and can be customized in size and shape. The LED screen display can be better compatible with the conference room than the fixed-size LCD screen.

After LCD screen splicing, there will be a splicing gap on the screen. If large areas of use affect the user’s sensory experience, LED displays do this better than it does, no matter how many modules are spliced together without gaps. Give users a good look and feel.

4. What are the types of indoor LED conference displays?

The indoor LED conference display screen is also a kind of indoor LED display we often see, generally divided into 2 categories:

  • Fixed LED conference display screen: Usually applicable to larger conference room space; The LED display screen used in the standard room is set on the wall and is generally used for maintenance from the front.

  • Mobile LED indoor display: This display is suitable for a small number of small conference room area occasions. There is a roller at the bottom of the bracket, which is very mobile. You can move to the next position at any time.

5. 7 advantages of conference room LED screen.

  • Simple operation and installation: The interface process is simple and easy to understand, for the conference is very convenient. In addition, it is straightforward to install.

  • Black surface without glare: The conference room LED screen has a truly dark surface with no glow, which means image quality can be further improved.

  • No border, smooth surface: LED meeting display, sewing surface seamless. People or images are not segmented when images are played, or video conferences are held. When you play PowerPoint or Excel, you don’t misjudge the situation by confusing gaps with rows in the table.

  • Easy to move: Lightweight and has a wheeled base that allows the screen to move quickly from one position to the next. This feature can go a long way if you want to create an intelligent meeting space.

  • Multi-function: Indoor LED conference screen provides various functions, including a built-in multimedia system, application library, and screen sharing. If the head office and the subsidiary company meet, the resource screen can be shared for a synchronous meeting.

  • Color temperature can be adjusted in a wide range: LED displays can be adjusted in a wide range of color temperatures to meet the higher accuracy requirements of color temperature applications, such as studio, virtual simulation, medicine, meteorology, and other fields, ensure the accurate restoration of the image.

  • Suitable for viewing at various angles and distances: LED screens usually have a wide viewing angle of nearly 180 °, which can meet the requirements of long-distance and side viewing in large conference rooms and halls. At the same time has a high resolution and high gray, suitable for close-up viewing.

6. How to choose the conference room LED display?

1). If you need high-definition: If the picture quality has higher requirements on the choice of small spacing, high-resolution. Do not worry about the small spacing and high resolution if the picture quality requirements are not high.

2). Cost budget: The need to fully consider the maintenance costs of users in the choice of indoor LED conference display, not only regarding the procurement costs but also the maintenance costs.

3). Conference venue: The venue size of the meeting room determines the farthest viewing distance of the LED display screen; the venue’s giant screen will be significant, venue’s small screen will be small.

4). Signal compatibility: The compatibility of signal transmission is crucial. Indoor signal access for conference LED small-pitch displays has a variety of requirements, such as diversity, number and location dispersion, multi-signal screen display, and centralized management. Transmission equipment should not be underestimated.

Not all small-spacing LED displays in the LED display market can meet the above requirements. When purchasing a product, avoid unilaterally focusing on the resolution of the product and thoroughly consider whether the existing signal equipment supports the corresponding video signal.

5). Conference room dimensions: The size of the conference room determines the maximum viewing distance of the LED screen; a large venue needs a large screen, and a small venue screen can be smaller.

In buying LED, customers must fully consider their application needs through a variety of screening so that the choice will not be wrong!

7. New cases of BIBILED conference room display screen solution.

  • Country: Kyrgyzstan

  • Size: 5.12m * 2.88 m

  • Model: Indoor P4 LED screen

  • Screen resolution: 1280 * 720

  • Purpose: Indoor conference room

  • User requirements: Due to the large size of the conference room, viewing angle, and viewing distance. The last row also has a clear view of the LED display. The LED screen does not require a mobile bracket.

(For details, please click here: P4 Indoor LED Screen to Kyrgyzstan)


The above is a summary of choosing indoor LED conference display methods.

If you have recently bought LED conference screen ideas, read our company’s case more interested in us, you can contact us anytime.

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