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The conference room is one of the most important places in every company. People will come together to propose new business strategies and discuss issues. Therefore, the conference room should not be a simple meeting place. It should be smart, comfortable, and versatile. To meet the needs of different types of meetings, such as lectures, academic exchanges, and so on.

Access to these features requires that the conference room be equipped with an advantageous“Assistant.”. But when choosing between an indoor LED conference display and a projector, people often struggle. This article details these differences.

1. What is an LED conference display?

  • LED meeting screen is an important tool for creating a meeting atmosphere; it can share the meeting content in real-time.

  • LED meeting screen is a meeting room necessary items, play PPT, play video as a medium to introduce the meeting content.

  • The LED conference display consists of a small-spaced LED display with a large grayscale and wide angle that can be seen from anywhere in the conference room.

2. Indoor LED conference screen and projection advantages and disadvantages.

Now in the conference room using LED conference screen and projector these two devices are more, they have what advantages and disadvantages  Let’s find out.

2.1 Indoor LED conference screen:

2.1.1 Dvantages

  • LED display screen is the more advanced display screen at present; it can be single point ratio maintenance, which can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance.

  • LED display screen size can be customized according to the actual situation of the conference room to adapt to different demand scenarios.

  • The LED display screen is not affected by light, and the curtains in the meeting room need not be closed when used. The life of each LED bulb can reach 100,000 hours, so the life of the LED display screen is very long.

  • LED display in use will not be blocked because people can not see the screen and content, for the integrity of the content display is guaranteed.

2.1.2 Disadvantages:

  • The price was a little expensive, and there were specific technical requirements. Compared to a projection with a dead light, the cost of an LED screen would be a little more costly, especially for some high-end, small-spacing products. The price could be several times that of a projection; at the same time, it also requires a certain amount of technology in the installation and use, it needs the training to be able to use.

2.2 Projector:

2.2.1 Advantages

  • Cheap: The price of projection is very low, different brands may not vary much, a few hundred dollars, the general enterprise can afford.

  • Easy installation, no space required: And it only has one projector one curtain; you need to hang the curtain in the right place; we only need to fix the projector and connect to the computer via USB so that the image on the computer can be projected on the projection screen in real-time. At the same time, the projection does not take up space, and the projector can be lifted, the curtain can be rolled up and put down.

2.2.2 Disadvantages:

  • The display effect is general, such as serious reflection, not clear enough, low contrast, and small screen projection; the most significant disadvantage is the display effect because its resolution is low, so the screen display is not clear enough, will have the feeling of flower screen, at the same time its brightness is also common if the lights or Windows will have a clear reflection, affect the viewing effect. The picture color saturation is general, and the color is not satisfactory enough.

  • Size fixed: The size of the projection is fixed, not with the size of the installation space, and enlarge or reduce, especially for some large display occasions, can not freely enlarge.

3. The difference between LED conference display and projector

3.1 Brightness:

  • LED conference screen is used to light beads, so there is no requirement for an external light environment because it has high gray, no matter what your viewing distance is, can be seen.

  • The projector’s brightness depends on the meeting room’s light environment. The darker the outside light, the clearer the image will be.

3.2 Size:

  • The size and resolution of the LED conference screen are optional and can be made in any HD, 2k, or 4K on demand in the conference room. Accordingly, you can also make the corresponding shape and size according to your metope request.

  • The size of the projector is limited, which should be because he set the size of the factory, so only on the wall make one. It can not be changed to your specifications. If you adjust the screen size, it will change the clarity.

3.3 Cost-effective:

The initial cost of an LED conference display is 15 to 20 percent higher than that of a projector the same size as an LED conference display and projector. Still, in the long run, you’ll find that maintaining an LED conference display or projector is also a necessary cost. After 1 year or 2 years, the projector will dim over time, costing $450 for a new light bulb and $500 for a new engine. On the other hand, the LED conference screen replacement module costs only $200 to $300.

Moreover, the projector’s light decay rate is LED conference screen 2 times. As a result, LED conference screens are much more cost-effective than projectors.

3.4 Image and video quality:

High-definition (HD) video and high dynamic range (HDR) are the new industry standards for home and business visual displays. LED panels support HD and HDR, while many projectors display in standard definition and can not display HD images at full resolution.

As we all know, many projectors are still in the standard-clear state, but many conferences already need high-definition technology to display their video. So the HD ratio is much weaker than the LED conference screen.

3.5 Visibility:

  • LED wallboards are brighter and more direct than projection displays. Bright, clear visual messages are both important. Because the LED walls are their light source, the images they present are clearer and more vivid to the viewer.

  • The projector transmits the image to a projection screen, which reflects light and the image to the viewer’s eyes. In the first year of use, the projector tends to have a significant drop in brightness (up to 30%), low contrast, and difficulty showing deep saturated colors.

3.6 Freedom and flexibility:

  • LED conference display has a moveable conference display with a stand-alone stand and a moveable roller at the bottom of the stand that can be moved to the next position at any time. This also means that LED meeting screens offer much flexibility and fewer space constraints, making the office environment more diverse.

  • The projector’s projection shall not have any projection area between the projector and the projector. The projection area should be a blank wall. This means a place must be organized according to its needs to reduce mobility and flexibility significantly.

4. How to choose between LED conference screen and projector?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an LED conference screen and projector. If you’re considering buying an LED conference screen or projector, consider the following:

4.1 What you need:

Do you need the high resolution provided by the LED conference screen or the less clear visual experience created by the projector? Do you need a high-resolution screen to explain your solution to your customers? Do you need a screen that can move around with a high degree of flexibility?

4.2 Price:

Many projectors are on the market, and good ones are not cheap. If you want a low price, there is no requirement for picture quality and viewing comfort. The projector is indeed a good choice.

But your budget is big enough to buy an LED conference screen. Choose LED conference screens from the projector and LED conference screens, and you’ll get comfortable versatile conference rooms.

4.3 The viewing experience:

The viewing experience is critical when choosing between the projector and the LED conference screen. If you’re looking for something that plays a PowerPoint presentation, a projector is a good choice because you don’t have to ask for picture quality or viewing experience. But if you need a nice, high-definition screen. To keep your investors focused on your PowerPoint presentation, an LED conference screen is ideal.

4.4 The size of the conference room:

The size of the room determines the maximum viewing distance and screen size. Because the projector screen size is designed in the factory, the user can not change their size. A fixed small screen is inappropriate if the conference room is large.

LED conference screens are better at this. Because it can be customized according to customer requirements, whether it’s a large conference room or a small one, it can be customized to your needs.


The above is for you to summarize the difference between indoor LED conference screens and projection; I hope to help you!

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