12 Applications of a LED Screen Indoor


With the development of LED display technology, new LED display products have come into being. As a kind of LED display screen, indoor LED display screen plays a vital role in many indoor scenes. Indoor LED display has become indispensable in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed rail, subway, cinemas, exhibition halls, office buildings, and other places. By their advantages, combined with the specific needs of the actual location, they can accurately locate customers and play an important role.

The following sections of this article will show you 12 applications for indoor LED displays.

1, Shopping center

LED displays in shopping centers are usually large and are typically installed in the middle of the shopping center because the city’s large shopping center is usually a place of high pedestrian flow, often used to broadcast a variety of brand announcements or shopping center safety tips. For the store in the mall to conduct consumer guidance so that consumers receive the information he is interested in promptly. And teach some advice to consumers on mall safety knowledge.

2, Subway station or high-speed railway station

Subway and high-speed railway station, as transportation hub, is where people gather; consumers will be in this closed scene and actively receive advertising information, further enhancing the value of advertising. Therefore, the high-speed rail scene is a good advertising position.

The indoor high-definition LED display is the most suitable here; the display is high definition, and repeated dissemination can make the advertisement content go deep into people’s hearts.

3, Exhibition hall

Now, many exhibition halls have LED display screens, increasing the exhibition atmosphere and interaction. The exhibition hall has the display demand and a vivid display of the display information in many ways. For example, the use of LED in calligraphy and painting exhibitions to increase interaction, in the animation exhibition using LED display stage art design.

Because the show is usually only a week or so, so will use an indoor rental LED display to meet the needs of the exhibition hall. If you have a long-term condition, such as a museum, you can choose an indoor-mounted LED display.

4, Bars and other entertainment venue

Bars and nightclubs are different themes that require different atmospheres to give customers a different feel, so the LED display on the ceiling is an integral part of creating the atmosphere. In addition, an indoor LED screen can be seen on the bar’s front desk, displaying information about the product. In a casino, you also need an LED display to display information about the current player and game status.

Due to the high demand for an entertainment experience, entertainment places prefer indoor LED displays that show high-quality and smooth images.

5, Large restaurants

There is a large indoor LED display on the order counter to display dishes or promotions. The restaurant’s indoor LED display must be large and bright so that customers can sit at a distance and see what’s on the screen.

6, Hotel lobby

There is a large indoor LED display above the reception desk, which can show the current check-in status of the hotel room and announce the matters needing attention. In addition, LED screens have been installed on the walls around the hotel lobby to show current events or promotions at the hotel and resort. In this case, hotels and resorts need medium-sized LED screens that are energy efficient and have clear fluid images.

7, Indoor e-sports events

Indoor e-sports venues are generally equipped with a ring of LED display for display advertising or current affairs.

In addition, the arena of the e-arena also has a full-scale LED display screen used to broadcast the game screen. The indoor LED screens on the stage need to be large enough to display high-quality video or images in real-time and fluidly, providing an immersive viewing experience.

8, Hospitals

The coverage of hospital indoor LED displays will be very high because, in some hospitals, every functional area, such as the registration area, nurse station, drug collection area, etc., requires an indoor LED screen to display patient-related information and make emergency announcements. Hospital LED Screen and the bank use the same, mainly for display text, but the image quality requirements are not high.

9, Indoor advertising and film shooting

For some virtual scenes in movies and commercials, the traditional method of using a green screen as the background requires cumbersome post-production, which undoubtedly increases the cost of production and time.

But as the advantage of LED screens in film and television advertising shows up, more and more American studios prefer to create virtual LED walls rather than green screens for shooting virtual scenes to reduce the cost of post-processing.

LED wall of virtual film requires large size, high brightness, high-definition picture quality, and natural color to meet the increased requirements of film and television production.

10, Church halls

In the case of large churches, LED screens are installed in front of the pulpit and around the walls of churches to display the contents of events and meetings, as some churches hold regular mass meetings so that the congregation at the back can have a clear idea of what was going on.

In addition, some churches also held wedding activities, urging the church to install ceiling LED screens to create a festive atmosphere. The church’s LED screen is the same as above, with high-quality graphics and energy savings.

11, Indoor monitoring center

LED display can work 24 hours, high-definition display to help capture information, can help decision-makers quickly extract critical information. The LED screen can display high-definition field images, rescue maps, etc. It can be a highly efficient integrated display screen, information sharing, helping unified command and scheduling.

12, Stock exchange center

LED display can efficiently display essential information to help the stock exchange to analyze and judge. The demand for LED shows in this field can reach more than 50% nationwide.


These are the 12 indoor LED Screen Applications I summarized for you.

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