The LED billboard OR the static billboard?

Billboards’ past and present: differences between the LED billboard and Static billboard.

How effective can one billboard be?

Well, if one is not enough, how about three billboards? In the film, which has seven Oscar nominations, the heroine rent three regular billboards and aroused a storm in her city.

She used simple but powerful words to denounce the government.

In another film, Shenteng also used billboards to attract the citizens’ attention. However, he used LED billboards to show different advertisements.

These two stories happen in 1987 and 2018, how did the billboards develop through these years?

6 chapters to know the REAL difference!

Chapter 1: Earnings and cost

Generally speaking, both two kinds of billboards charges according to time.

However, most normal billboards charges by an extended period, months or years.

while LED screens charge by seconds.

Have you noticed the scene in that the heroine hired a man to paint the billboards?

That’s what people do when changing ads on the regular billboards.

No matter painting or putting on new posters, changing ads for the regular billboards is a big, troublesome and complicated project.

Due to this fact, a regular billboard can undertake a few advertisements at one time and requires a relatively long showing time.

The ads may be changed semi-annually or annually.

For LED billboards, advertising is more flexible. It can undertake multi-client advertising in a short period.

The advertising can be done in a variety of forms: 15 seconds, 30 seconds or even longer; dynamic, static or even 3D.

LED billboards offer more choices to both customers and advertising companies. Advertising on LED billboards starts from a lower base.

Some companies’ advertisement renews rapidly, so they don’t need long time advertising, then LED billboards to seem to be a better choice.

Also, it is convenient to add or change the new customers’ advertisements.

In the movie , Shenteng turns the ad to attract the citizens to buy his “fat insurance.”

No need for workers climbing to the top of the high building, the LED billboards changed the advertisement automatically.

Though LED billboards cost more than regular advertisements due to the technology used and the electricity, the convenience it brought makes it cost-effective.

Chapter 2: Attraction by Citizens

The core mission of an advertisement is to attract more public attention, so the attraction for a billboard is an vital evaluation method.

For regular billboards, most are produced by painting, and it is hard to catch people’s eyes unless it is large enough or designed creatively.

Darkness is also a severe problem for regular billboards.

If customers want their advertisement can also be seen at night, advertising companies can only set up visible lights to lighten the billboards; even this method may not be able to get the pedestrians to view the contents.

In comparison, LED billboards do better in attracting the public.

First, it can attract more people by placing advertisements in video or poster forms and broadcast some public service advertisements when new time.

Second, LED billboards’ most significant advantage is that it can illuminate independently.

An LED billboard at night shines like a star in the sky.

It can be easily seen and even attract more attention in darkness.

What’s more, audio types of equipment can be connected to the LED billboards to play back sound, which can arouse people’s interest in the advertisement.

LED billboards itself is more visible, and also, it can better adapt to the environment and combine with the external equipment to conduct the advertising campaign.

That’s why more people choose LED billboards for their advertisements even the price is much more higher.

Chapter 3: Applications of billboards.

What’s in your mind when hearing billboards?

Maybe the biggest billboard in the Times square?

Or the billboard in your housing estate?

Billboards are widely used throughout the world, from country highways to central business districts, almost everywhere.

Though both kinds of billboards can be used in most scenarios, different types of billboards can play to their strength in different places.

Regular billboards are better used beside highways to show location information. That’s because the location of shops or companies cannot be easily changed, the advertisements don’t need to be changed frequently.

Another better use of regular billboards is in the community.

There are always many small pieces of ads that are convenient to replace.

Also, most residents know where the billboards are, the billboards can gather information together effectively, which can attract the resident’s attention.

LED billboards perform better in many other situations.

Most CBD chooses LED billboards now because they like to broadcast various types of videos: brand advertisements, public service advertisements, activities around, movie information and so on.

Current years, LED billboards began widely used by fans of stars. They rent LED screens infamous CBDs and big subway stations to celebrate their idols’ birthday or anniversary, and other fans will come even from a long distance to “clock in” these advertisements.

What’s more, many elevators also have small LED billboards inside, showing the residents information of restaurants or take-outs and city events like a marathon or vocal concerts.

Within a history of almost 200 years, billboards had already well developed into these two main types.

They all have their advantages and can be used in different scenarios.

If we regard regular billboards as the elder brother, LED billboards are just like younger teenagers, showing advertisements effectively, having more original forms and a bigger room for development.

Chapter 4: The development history of billboards.

In the 1830s, some circus will place their posters on the main traffic arteries.

This is the rudiment of billboards, also the birth of the first billboard.

Decades later, this form of advertisement evolved into standardized billboards, which are great posters beside the road, persuading potential customers to purchase the companies’ products.

Then in the 1920s, thanks to the development of the USA’s vehicle industry, the billboards beside highways were built up in a short time.

Entrepreneurs begin to purchase billboards in conspicuous places, using their ads to induce consumers consistently.

Then comes to 1969, the earliest red LED was produced; 1970s LED was used in the indicator lights, digital and text display.

Begin from the 1990s; the full color LED screen became a new type of advertising media which developed rapidly, gradually became the best carrier of outdoor commercial advertising.

LED billboards haven’t stopped growing through these years. Just in 2017, Coca-Cola created the first and most giant 3D mechanical billboard in the world with 1760 parts of moving LED screens, in Times Square.

Nowadays more and more LED billboards were used while regular advertisements still play an essential role in the advertising area. So, what are the differences between these two kinds of billboards? Let’s move forward to read

Chapter 5: Future Development Trend of Billboard Business.

The main reason for the rapid growth of the global LED market is the explosive growth of general indoor lighting, building lighting, landscape lighting, backlight and outdoor LED large screen.

With the maturity of technology, the market penetration of LED in full light will be further improved, and the continuous development of automobile lighting, small spacing LED display, and other applications are expected to usher in a new round of Outbreak in LED industry.

At that time, the LED screen will play a more critical role in the advertising market, and the traditional billboards will be more impacted.

So, in the future, will traditional billboards be wholly replaced by LED billboards?

Let’s move forward with me.

Chapter 6: Will LED billboards replace traditional billboards in the future?

LED full-color screen has excellent visual performance, which is complementary to an LCD display in the field of advertising media.

LCD is what we usually call the LCD display screen. Compared with LED, it has high resolution and delicate picture.

However, the LCD display screen is not suitable for outdoor advertising because of its low brightness and small screen size.

It is generally used in building advertising, small subway advertising, and other communication channels.

The area of LCD display usually does not exceed 1 square meter, while the production area of LED display can be from 1 square meter to several thousand square meters, which is especially suitable for large-area video advertising.

London has just launched a super-large full-color LED screen.

It is 132 meters long and 24 meters wide.

It has a large area, and its image transmission distance reaches several miles.

The minimum resolution of commercial LED has reached 3 mm/pixel.

As long as it is 2 meters away from the screen, it can not affect the viewing effect. It can be used in indoor space.

What’s more surprising is that the LED display screen is not rigid in the straight board shape, it can be made into a special-shaped screen according to space requirements.

The special-shaped LED screen mainly includes a curved surface screen, wave screen, spherical screen and so on.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, which ended in April 2007, the Shanghai Volkswagen Show was awarded as the best showcase of the Shanghai Auto Show under the LED screen block to create a realistic virtual scene.

With the gradual improvement of the technology of LED billboards, I believe that in the future, LED billboards will definitely ban all traditional billboards, and LED technology will fully participate in all aspects of our lives.

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  1. In past, companies were worried about the promotion of their brand. But in this modern world LED reduce the tension regarding this.

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