Top 24 LED Display Korea Suppliers

Are you looking for LED displays suitable for company or personal use in Korea?

In South Korea, LED displays are in high demand in the media and entertainment industry.

How to stand out is particularly important in the innovation of LED display solutions.

In a wide range of Korean LED display companies, each innovative LED display provides a different type of Efficiency and results, so it isn’t easy to make the right decision.

 Don’t have to worry; the following is a list of Korean LED display suppliers; there is always one suitable for you:

(The ranking has nothing to do with the order)

1. Galaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.


  • Established Year: 2014
  • Tel: +82 3180608976
  • Fax: +82 31 80608999
  • Address: 50, Omokcheon-ro, 132beon-gil, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 16642

As one of the subsidiaries of Hyosung Group, Galaxia Electronics Co., Ltd., the company is mainly engaged in LED applications: LED displays, media appearance and lighting, smart homes, LED lighting, firmware, among which LED displays are leased and fixed. The display screen is mostly.

Galaxia Electronics has installation case demonstrations in 21 regions worldwide, such as Cosmo CLOCK21 in Japan, Seoul Plaza in South Korea, CITIC Tower in Hong Kong, Riga Shopping Center in Russia, Gallup France M6 TV channel in France, etc. It is a Korean LED display with One of the potential companies.

2. RGB Korea


  • Tel: 031 504 3773
  • Fax: 0304 3440 7778
  • Email:
  • Address: 경기도 시흥시 공단 1대로 15 삼양스마트 테크노파크 622(정왕동1234-12))15086

RGB Korea is a media art exhibition company whose main fields are LED lighting, LED display, media appearance, etc. The company is responsible for design and construction, providing more professional and high-quality design and guidance.

The company’s transparent glass displays, outdoor grille screens, flexible LED displays, and free-form LED displays have incredible display effects, making RGB Korea one of the most creative LED display design companies in Korea One.

3. Kiosk Korea


  • Tel: +82 70 86231525
  • Email:
  • Address: 1305 ~ 06, IT PREMIERE TOWER, 88,Gases digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

Kiosk Korea is a company specializing in the advertising LED display industry. Its main products include: transparent glass displays, LED displays, LED billboards, LCD smart displays, etc. It has been continuously developed and marketed for 10 years. The main markets are domestic and European, The United States, Japan.

In digital signage, the market is expanding by ensuring high technology in the field of outdoor digital signage that ensures high-tech barriers. Korea KIOSK will continue to actively engage in research and development to maintain its leading position in the field of display products.

4. MD LED Innovation


  • Established Year: 1990
  • Tel: +82 031 3561121
  • Fax: 031 6965910
  • Email:
  • Address: Hwaseong-ro, Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

MD LED Innovation is an advertising company pursuing perfection and is committed to becoming the best partner. The company’s outdoor advertising is particularly outstanding and has many successful cases.

Indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, car display, transparent LED screen, holographic screen, and media lighting system to display advertising content this has become one of the most creative marketing methods.

5. KODICO Co., Ltd


  • Established Year: 1990
  • Tel: +82 7046816149
  • Fax: +82 7075456565
  • Email:
  • Address: 4F-422, 453, Byeolmang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Since 2010, Kodico has created a new market by providing 3D technology products to the market and has become the best company for high-end home theater TVs.

Kodico provides standardized products and valuable digital display business experience and strives to become one of the leading companies globally high-end TV and LED signage display market.

6. Kinoton Korea


  • Tel: +026 9231900\1661 4741
  • Video Division:
  • Digital Media Business Department:
  • Audio Division:
  • Management support:
  • Movie technical support:
  • Fax: 025 181921
  • Address: 서울특별시 서초구 양재천로 3 12 키노톤빌딩 (양재동 116-9)

Kinoton Korea is a company in the video\sound solutions and digital signage industry. Its main business: image and sound in multi-function halls, video conference systems, theaters, stadiums, digital cinemas, LED\DID displays, special imaging, and ProAV.

Kinoton Korea’s goal is to develop into a company with leading technology and firm competitiveness. Due to continuous hard work, now the core business areas of audio, digital signage, and movie theaters have become one of the best solution providers—Daktronics \ High praise from partners Dolby \ LG \ Samsung.

7. Rica Holding Co., Ltd.


  • Established Year: 2012

Head Office: 269, Bongseosan-ro, Paju-eup, Paju-si,

  • Tel: +823 19262027
  • Fax: +823 19262055

Ilsan-Office: #C-1002, Daebang Triplaon, 158, Haneulmaeul-ro,Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

  • Tel: +823 19262027
  • Fax: +823 19262055

Busan-Offic: #602.66, Centum jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

  • Tel: +825 19113344
  • Fax: +825 19253678

Rica Holding Co., Ltd. is a professional LED display company focusing on product research and customer feedback and is committed to developing new technologies to manufacture cost-effective products and customize LED display services globally.

Rica Holding Co., Ltd curved LED display in many display products. It has a realistic display picture and a soft arc shape. Compared with flat-panel displays, it can have a wider visual angle. It is a very good product. The company is South Korean LED, One of the most professional and professional companies in the display category.

8. Samik Electronics


  • Established Year: 1969
  • Tel: +02 5102000
  • Fax: 02 5124646
  • Email:
  • Address: 삼익전자공업() 주소 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 560 ()06044

Samik Electronics was established in 1969. It is one of the earliest companies in the field of the electronic display in South Korea. It has created a history of new media in South Korea. After continuous research and technological innovation, Samik Electronics has become one of the forefront companies in South Korea’s LED display technology.

The company has played an important role in marketing and proving the strength of cultural and sports activities, such as the Seoul Asian Games held in 1986, the 88th Seoul Olympics, the 97th Winter Olympics, etc.

9. ARA system Co., Ltd.


  • Established Year: 2007
  • Tel: +82 7048950794
  • Email:
  • Address: #906 16, Heungan-daero 427beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-Do (13815), Korea

ARAsystem is a professional leasing solution company. The commercial fields involved include broadcasting, audio-visual equipment, office equipment, exhibition services, software development, and e-commerce. ARAsystem is committed to becoming the largest AV leasing service company in Seoul, South Korea.

The ARA system provides customized services for any organization that wants to hold various events in Korea (such as World Expos, corporate entertainment, conferences, exhibitions, etc.). Every event has no room for error.



  • Established Year: 1989
  • Tel: +023 223264
  • Address: 2208,B-dong,583,Yangchenon-ro,Gangseo-gu,Seoul(Yomchang-dong,Woorim Blue Nine)

Ebix Korea Co., Ltd. mainly engages in broadcasting equipment and video, sound equipment, audio-visual equipment, etc. Initially, the company started its business with broadcasting equipment and signed agency contracts for Sonny, PortalBrace, and other companies in the United States.

The company started its LED display business in 2012. EbixKorea Co., Ltd. provides indoor and outdoor display system solutions under ACRUX. Ebix Korea Co., Ltd. is one of the most influential LED display companies in Korea.



  • Tel: 02-701-2787

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: Room 304, Building B, No. 119, Gasan Digital 1-ro (SK Twin Tech Tower), Gimcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea

SWS LED is a professional LED display solutions company. Their company mainly operates indoor and outdoor LED displays. Both in terms of color and brightness, Korean craftsmanship ranks high.

They have many installation cases, such as Dong-A University Hospital – Operation PC installation, solutions, etc. If you are interested, you can click on their official website to view it.



  • Established Year: 2000

  • Tel: 02-525-0473

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: 4th Floor, Hyoryeong Prince Building, Hyomyeong-ro 34-Gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul SAR

CUDO LED is an excellent LED display supplier in South Korea, providing integrated high-resolution LED display solution services.

They specialize in providing total solutions from electronic display panel production to infrastructure installation, construction, and operation using domestic Korean technology. All products have passed a lot of technical certifications and are very excellent in terms of quality.

13. Xtrm Vision


  • Tel: 82 02-2102-8574

  • Email:

  • Main products: LED displays, monitors, projectors, etc.

Xtrm Vision is a company that specializes in the audiovisual industry and is one of the best in the industry. Their products are technically and quality guaranteed. The company exists to provide products and services by demonstrating the best technical and managerial capabilities.

Their sense of responsibility is very great. If you have any questions, they will give you answers or technical assistance as soon as possible.

14. Winmeditech


  • Tel: 02)3272-3939

  • Fax: 02)3272-5050

  • Key Products: LED display, control system, AV system, etc.

  • Address: 12F, 12F, Ace Hi-Tech City 2-dong, 55-20, Murai-dong 3-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Winmeditech is a professional audiovisual system manufacturer. They have been committed to researching a control system-ICT system.

The system allows large numbers of people to hear, see, and communicate with sounds and videos. Products are widely used in performing arts halls, auditoriums, conference rooms, audiovisual rooms, seminar rooms, training rooms, and other places. It is almost invincible when used with an LED display.

Their attitude towards customers is always very enthusiastic. No matter what difficulties or doubts you have, they will help you answer them.

15. Samsung Smart Signage


  • Tel: 1600-6187

  • Key Products: LED display, electronic products

  • Address: Seoul. No. 282 Baekgye-ro, Dong’an-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Pyeongchon, Geumgang County, IT Tower B, B110 (14056)

Samsung Smart Signage is a very well-known company in South Korea. They have a high market share in the signage market and have ranked first in the world for nine consecutive years.

Their team is very good and is particularly good at customizing unique solutions for customers, especially differentiated solutions tailored to different consumer needs, as well as transparent displays, installation of the world’s largest LED baseball stadium electronic signage, etc.

16. Keys


  • Established Year: 2004

  • Tel: 1600-6187

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: No. 282, Baekgye-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Seoul, Pyeongchon, Geumgangpyeong, IT Tower B110 356beon-gil 17, Busanjin-ro, Gwangseong, Busan

Keys is a professional LED screen manufacturer in South Korea and one of the top players in the display industry. Their company was designated as an innovative product by the Korean Public Procurement Service. Their product technology has been proven through earned performance and environmental certifications.

In the past 20 years, they have completed more than 700 projects and held more than 100 patents.

Their products are favored by the government and education circles and have a very large number of installations in public areas and schools.

17. Flyners


  • Tel: 82 02-322-0132

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED stage screen, audio-visual equipment, event equipment, etc.

  • Address: 3F, No. 70, Yeonnam-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Flyners is one of the companies in Korea that is good at doing events. They were the first to propose a digital lineup system for event hardware in events.

Whether it is a concert stage, a commercial exhibition stand, a private party, or other events, they can help you get it done smoothly and perfectly.

Their company has a great sense of responsibility, and they will escort your event throughout the entire process to ensure it goes smoothly. As a result, their customer satisfaction is very high.

18. Shown Prove


  • Tel: 031-915-0601

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, LCD

  • Address: 13th Floor, GIFC Building, KINTEX-ro240, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

Shown Prove is a one-stop service supplier of LED displays. Whether it is consultation, purchase, installation, commissioning, and finally, maintenance, they can help make it very smooth.

What they are best at is providing one-to-one exclusive services for each customer and providing customized services according to the customer’s needs.



  • Tel: 031-443-3311

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: China Vision Co., Ltd. 3rd Floor, No. 69, Anyangcheon West-ro, Maan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Avavision is a very famous LED display supplier in South Korea. They have been committed to providing various solutions for digital signage and making the world a better place.

In the past 18 years, they have successfully delivered 12,774 projects and 53 newly developed products.

Customers rate them very highly, so contact them if you are interested.

20. KOSES Co., Ltd.


  • Established Year: 2004

  • Tel:02-470-1156

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: 55-46 Donggureung-ro 389beon-gil, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do

KOSES Co., Ltd. is an LED display company in South Korea. They implement a customer-first quality management system from product development, ordering, production, shipping, and delivery to achieve a thorough sense of responsibility from product research and development to manufacturing, construction, and maintenance.

Although the price of their products is very low, the quality is also guaranteed. Whether it is the use experience or after-sales management, there are dedicated people in charge. If you encounter any difficulties, they will help you as soon as possible.



  • Tel: 02.971. 1215

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, LCD, etc.

ILLIES is a digital signage solutions company. It has successfully carried out many domestic and foreign projects and has developed into a professional company in the DID field.

Based on professional technology and years of expertise, they can help you plan, produce, manufacture, install, and manage the best DISPLAY solutions.

The scenarios they are very good at are various control rooms, including CCTV-integrated control rooms, various video solutions, and promotional signage.

22. AVE Team


  • Established Year: 2005

  • Tel: 1544-0476

  • Fax: 0504-982-5240

  • Key Products: LED display, audio-visual equipment, etc.

  • Address: Gyeongsangnam-do Smart Home Industrialization Center 5-dong 504, Masanwon-gu Bongambak 7-gil 21, Changwon-do, Gyeongsangnam-do

AVE Team is a leading technical service company for video and audio security solutions in Gyeongsangnam-do. They have established branches in Guangzhou, China, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and are now providing global services.

If you are interested, you can contact them.

23. Daesung LED


  • Tel: 1544-9647

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: No. 67, Gwangmyeong Jaeby Park-ro, Gyeonggi-do

Daesung LED is a Korean LED display supplier. They have always pursued high efficiency, high quality, and high reliability.

They have a wide product lineup, and customer satisfaction is the foundation. Through the optimized design, production, and construction of LED displays, they provide consumers with high-quality LED screens.

They are very good at solutions for scenes such as churches and stages. In addition, the screens they produce are equipped with backup systems to prevent power outages in the LED display during use.

24. Basic Tech Co., Ltd.


  • Established Year: 1996

  • Tel: 070.7004.2200

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: No. 17, Sinchon 1-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Basic Tech Co., Ltd. is an LED solutions company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and rental of LED video displays.

They have been accumulating professional knowledge related to LED display manufacturing, installation, and operating systems, thus acquiring their creative solutions, high-quality LED display technology, various media processor interlocking operating systems, and other professional technologies.

In addition, they also have a manufacturing plant of 3,343.3 square meters, so there is no need to worry about quality packaging.


The above is a list of the top 10 Korean LED display companies.

After reading, if you have a general understanding, you can contact them if you have a suitable one.

At the same time, if you want to know about Chinese LED display manufacturers,there are many excellent LED display suppliers in Shenzhen and Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China, with sufficient electronic product resources.

If you want to engage in this industry for a long time, why not look for a stable LED display supplier or pay attention to high-cost performance. And if the project cycle is long, you can consider buying in China.

Bibiled is a Shenzhen LED display manufacturer with 6 years of overseas export experience. It has reliable contractors in Europe, the United States, Africa and Australia.

It shows that bibiled is looking for long-term stable partners and pursuing joint development.

The following is a case of the previous LED display:

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