Rules That Should Be Followed On Mobile Truck LED Screens


With the advancement of technology and the rapid development of the advertising industry, mobile truck LED screens, as a new type of advertising medium, have gradually become part of the urban landscape. With their unique advantages, such as mobility, high brightness, and large-area display, they provide businesses with a broader and more flexible publicity space.

However, at the same time, how to regulate the use of mobile truck LED screens to ensure that they do not affect public order, safety, and the city environment while bringing convenience to the public has become a problem that we urgently need to solve.

This article will give a detailed explanation of the laws and regulations that mobile truck LED screens should abide by.

1. Basic rules for mobile truck LED screens

  • Permits and registrations

Obtain an operating license issued by relevant government departments to ensure the legal operation of mobile truck LED screens.

Regularly inspect and register vehicles and equipment to ensure their safety, compliance, and stable performance. Register special vehicles and obtain a driver’s license in accordance with local regulations, and then go to the local city administration bureau to go through the filing procedures and obtain a city publicity license.

  • Content review

Strictly abide by advertising regulations to ensure that the content posted on the mobile truck LED screen is true, legal, and healthy.

It is prohibited to publish any false, misleading, obscene, violent, or other illegal and illegal content to protect consumer rights and maintain public morality.

  • Driving route and time

Follow traffic regulations to ensure the safety of mobile truck LED screens during driving.

Operate within the prescribed time and route to avoid unnecessary interference or disturbance to residents’ lives.

  • Volume and brightness control

Reasonably control the volume and brightness of the mobile truck LED screen to avoid unnecessary interference or impact on the surrounding environment and residents.

According to different times, places, and usage environments, adjust the volume and brightness in time to ensure the effective communication of information and the comfort of viewing.

  • Maintenance and update

Regularly maintain and overhaul the mobile truck LED screen, including hardware and software upgrades and maintenance, to ensure its normal operation and display effect.

Update the display content in a timely manner to avoid the release of outdated or erroneous information, and maintain the timeliness and accuracy of the information.

The above rules are intended to ensure the legal, safe, and compliant operation of the mobile truck LED screen while protecting the public interest and environmental safety.

By complying with these rules, the mobile truck LED screen will be able to better provide information and services to the public and promote the healthy development of the advertising industry.

2. Special provisions for mobile truck LED screens

1). Environmental protection

  • Reducing energy consumption: Use energy-saving technologies and equipment, such as high-efficiency LED lamp beads, intelligent energy-saving control systems, etc., to reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment.

  • Restrictions on sensitive areas: Avoid using mobile truck LED screens in sensitive areas (such as nature reserves, historical and cultural heritage sites, etc.) to protect the natural and cultural environment of these areas.

2). Privacy protection

  • No shooting or privacy disclosure: It is strictly forbidden to use mobile truck LED screens to shoot or disclose personal privacy information to protect the privacy rights of citizens.

  • Comply with data protection regulations: Strictly abide by data protection regulations to ensure the security of user information, and do not collect, store, use, or disseminate user data without authorization.

3). Public safety

  • Emergency information release: In emergency situations, such as natural disasters, public safety incidents, etc., mobile truck LED screens should actively cooperate with relevant departments to release and publicize information, and provide timely and accurate information to the public.

  • Fire safety: Comply with fire safety regulations to ensure the fire safety of mobile truck LED screens and their surroundings. Install qualified firefighting equipment, conduct fire drills regularly, and improve employees’ fire safety awareness.

4). Social responsibility

  • Participate in public welfare activities: actively participate in various public welfare activities, such as environmental protection propaganda, charity fundraising, etc., spread positive energy through mobile truck LED screens, and contribute to social development.

  • Establish a good image: abide by social ethics, do not publish illegal, illegal, vulgar, and other bad information, establish a good corporate image, and set an example for the industry. At the same time, it encourages enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities and contribute to building a harmonious society.

3. Handling and supervision of violations

  • Definition and punishment of violations

Clearly define the types and extent of violations, including but not limited to unlicensed operation, publishing illegal and illegal content, overtime and over-range operation, volume and brightness exceeding the standard, etc.

According to the severity of the violation, formulate corresponding punishment measures. For minor violations, warnings, rectification within a time limit, and other penalties may be adopted.

For serious violations, fines, suspension of operation, revocation of licenses, and other measures may be adopted, and public exposure shall be used to warn other practitioners.

  • Supervision and inspection

Government departments should strengthen the supervision of mobile truck LED screens, conduct regular on-site inspections and patrols, and ensure that practitioners comply with relevant regulations. At the same time, technical means, such as installing surveillance cameras and establishing an information-based supervision platform, can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of supervision.

Encourage the public to participate in supervision, set up reporting channels, and facilitate the public to report violations. For violations reported to be true, the reporter should be given certain rewards and commendations to stimulate the public’s enthusiasm for participating in supervision.

  • Improvement and perfection

According to the supervision situation and public feedback, the relevant rules should be continuously improved and improved. For existing problems and loopholes, they should be revised and supplemented in a timely manner to ensure the pertinence and effectiveness of the rules.

Strengthen industry self-discipline and promote the healthy development of the industry. Establish industry associations or organizations, formulate industry standards and norms, strengthen exchanges and cooperation within the industry, and jointly promote the standardization and sustainable development of the industry.

At the same time, strengthen the training and education of practitioners, improve the legal awareness and moral quality of practitioners, and reduce the occurrence of violations from the source.

4. So, how do you choose a mobile truck LED screen that complies with the law?

When choosing a mobile truck LED screen that complies with the law, it is necessary to consider multiple aspects to ensure that it complies with laws, industry standards, and relevant specifications. Here are some key steps and considerations:

  • Understand the laws and regulations:

Study and understand the laws and regulations related to LED displays, especially the CCC certification requirements, advertising regulations, traffic regulations, and environmental protection standards for LED displays.

Make sure the selected mobile truck LED screen meets the country’s mandatory certification standards, such as CCC certification.

  • Choose the right supplier:

Choose an LED display supplier with a good reputation and reputation, who can usually provide products that meet regulatory requirements.

Ask the supplier whether the product complies with relevant regulations and standards, and request necessary certification documents.

  • Check product specifications:

Verify the key specifications of the mobile truck LED screen, such as resolution, brightness, and color performance, to ensure that it meets the requirements of use.

Pay special attention to the weather resistance and durability of the product to ensure that it can operate stably for a long time in outdoor environments.

  • Consider energy saving and environmental protection:

Choose LED displays with energy-saving technologies and equipment to reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Give priority to materials and production processes that meet environmental standards to support sustainable development.

  • Understand installation and operation requirements:

Ensure that the installation and operation of the mobile truck LED screen comply with local traffic regulations, advertising regulations, and urban planning requirements.

Understand the operating license and registration requirements of relevant government departments for mobile truck LED screens to ensure compliance operations.

  • Consider content management:

Choose an LED display equipped with an advanced content management system that can easily update and manage display content.

Ensure that the content management system has a content review function that can filter out illegal, illegal, vulgar, and other bad content.

  • Consider technical support and after-sales service:

Choose a supplier that provides complete technical support and after-sales service to ensure timely and professional help during use.

Understand key information such as the supplier’s service scope, response time, and warranty period.

  • Cost-benefit analysis:

When choosing a mobile truck LED screen, in addition to considering the performance and price of the product itself, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as operating costs, maintenance costs, and long-term benefits.


As an emerging force in the advertising industry, mobile truck LED displays play an important role in promoting urban economic development and enriching the cultural life of citizens. However, the development of anything needs to be carried out within a standardized framework, and mobile truck LED displays are no exception.

Through the elaboration of this article, we hope to attract the attention of all sectors of society to the use specifications of mobile truck LED displays and jointly abide by relevant rules to ensure that while bringing convenience to the public, it does not affect public order, safety, and the urban environment.

Finally, if you want to know more about LED displays, please get in touch with us.

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