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With the implementation of smart urbanization, our cities are becoming more and more standardized, and life is becoming more and more convenient. In the process of this smart city, LED displays have also contributed part of the credit. Take the taxi LED displays that we often see. Although it is small in size, its ability to convey information is indeed first-class. It injects more vitality and information transmission methods into the city streets.

Now, this article will take you to explore the secrets of taxi LED displays in detail.

1. What is a taxi LED display

Taxi LED display screen is a taxi-dominated advertising screen form designed for the characteristics of a large number of taxis, strong maneuverability, long operating time, and wide coverage area. It combines taxi operation features and advertising publishing functions. A central room controls and manages the content of the LED screens, enabling cluster and remote control.

They are usually installed on the roof of the car’s LED display. By playing a variety of content such as text, images, animations, or videos on these screens, taxi drivers can deliver advertising messages, city managers can publish real-time public service information, and passengers can enjoy more entertainment and information browsing options.

2. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

If you want to understand a product, you must first understand its advantages and disadvantages so as to help you better choose. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of taxi LED displays? We together look!

1). Advantages:

  • The promotion is effective for a long time:

Repeated 12 hours a day without interruption, each vehicle has nearly 400 hours of effective promotion time per month.

  • Advertising delivery:

Taxi LED displays are a way to increase advertising creativity. Taxi LED displays can attract a lot of attention on efficient urban streets and can widely spread their brands and products in the city, increasing advertising exposure and branding. These displays can play various forms of advertising content to attract the attention of potential customers.

  • Real-time information

Through the taxi LED display, useful information such as itinerary information, weather forecasts, traffic guidance, etc., can be played in real-time to provide more convenient services. This helps improve the accuracy and transparency of the city’s overall information.

  • Highly customizable:

Taxi LED displays support a variety of file formats and dynamic content and can update advertising content at any time according to needs to meet the needs of different advertisers.

2). Disadvantages:

  • High energy consumption:

Taxi LED displays require signal power to operate, which may increase the overall energy consumption of the vehicle.

  • Requires regular maintenance:

Due to long periods of shutdown and the impact of the external environment, LED displays require regular maintenance and inspections to ensure normal operation.

3. Choosing to install taxi LED displays can bring these benefits

How about installing an LED display on the roof of a taxi? This question exists in the minds of everyone who comes into contact with LED displays for the first time. The answer is simple: why it can bring benefits. What are the specific benefits? We can talk about them from two aspects:

1). Buyer’s perspective:

  • Profit opportunities: By playing advertisements on taxi LED displays, taxi companies can cooperate with advertisers to increase sources of profit.

  • Increased brand value: Leasing advertising space to premium brands can enhance the image and style of a taxi company.

  • Improve service quality: Taxi LED displays can broadcast itinerary information and traffic conditions in real time, helping passengers choose the best route and providing a better ride experience.

  • Competitive advantage: Taxis with LED advertising screens increase their competitiveness in the market and are more likely to attract the cooperation of advertisers.

  • Advertising costs: Taxi LED advertising accurately targets the company’s target market. It has high mobility, a wide range, and flexible and accurate dissemination of brand information. Taxi LED advertising corresponds to the most active and largest consumer groups in the city. In terms of traditional mass media, its audience size is higher, the cost per thousand people is the lowest, and its pioneers are prominent.

  • High credibility: Taxis are closely related to citizens’ lives and can be seen every day, so it is easy to subtly change people’s hearts, allowing smooth advertising channels and high recognition.

2). As for the construction of smart cities:

  • Traffic guidance: Taxi LED displays can play real-time traffic information and navigation guidance, helping to relieve urban traffic pressure and improve road usage efficiency.

  • Emergency broadcast: Taxi LED displays can become an emergency tool for city managers to deliver real-time information. In emergencies, important alarms and emergency information can be released through taxi LED displays and delivered to citizens in a timely manner, improving urban safety.

  • Data collection and analysis: Through the data collected by taxi LED displays, these LED displays can also collect data such as traffic flow and crowd movement, which can provide useful information for urban planning and traffic management and promote smart city construction.

4. How to control the taxi rear LED display?

Generally speaking, the number of taxi LED displays is very large. What if you install LED display controls on all your taxis? Let me teach you.

Taxi LED displays can be operated and controlled by a central remote cluster. The main control method is to use control software to display advertising or public service information on the taxi LED screen in the control room. The operation is very simple, and the specific steps are as follows:

  • Install a 3G&4G mobile phone card on the LED taxi screen to connect to the Internet.

  • The computer in the central control room is connected to the cloud website and connected to all taxi LED screens.

  • Sort and rename taxi LED screens on cloud websites in different locations.

  • Arrange to publish advertising content, specific batches of taxi LED screens, and schedules.

  • When you click the publish button, the taxi LED screen will display the advertising information you just published.

5. Suggestions for purchasing LED display screens for taxis

If you have the idea of purchasing a taxi LED display, then please read the following points carefully:

  • Budget: This is something that needs to be considered in every purchase; you have to choose the best product within your budget.

  • Trustworthy suppliers: Choose good brands with professional technical experience and after-sales service reputation to ensure product quality and customer experience.

  • Specification requirements: Determine the appropriate LED display size and pixel density based on the vehicle size and operating requirements.

  • Quality first: Choose a high-quality LED display to ensure that it can work normally under different weather conditions, choose a display with good waterproof and shock-resistant properties to adapt to the complex external environment, and pay attention to maintenance work.

  • Software and content management: Ensure you can easily manage ad content and display brightness to adjust to different needs.


As an innovative information transmission tool, taxi LED display screens are changing the face of the taxi industry. It can provide income-generating opportunities, improve service quality, and also provide new possibilities for smart city construction.

If you are interested in taxi LED displays or have questions about other LED displays, please get in touch with us! Please believe that our professional skills are worthy of your trust!

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