P8 Outdoor LED Display Screen to Sierra Leone

1. Product of details: 

  • Pixel Pitch: 8mm
  • Full Size: 3.84m(w)X3.072m(h)
  • Cabinet Size: 768X768mm
  • Module Size: 256x128mm
  • LEDs: Nationstar3535
  • Cabinet material: Sheet metal
  • Sending Card: Novastar TB3+4G
  • Receiving Card: Novastar
  • IC: Chiponeic 2037
  • Package: Wooden case
  • Power Supply: G-energy
  • Shipping Destination: Sierra Leone

2. Spare Parts:

  • Spare Long row of wires: 20 strips
  • Spare Short row of wires: 20 strips
  • Power cord: 10pcs
  • Short network cable: 10pcs
  • Spare Module: 18pcs
  • Spare Receiving card: 1pc
  • Spare LED Lamp: 200pcs
  • SpareMask: 20pcs
  • Spare IC: 80pcs
  • Spare Mask Screws: 100pcs
  • Spare Power Supply: 1pc

3. Key features:

  • Back Service
  • Waterproof with IP65
  • Wide View Angle
  • SMD 3in 1Technology

4. P8 Outdoor Display LED Screen application:

An Outdoor LED billboard is a fixed installation in the outdoor environment that can play dynamic advertising in the commercial advertising industry.

It is mainly installed in shopping malls, pedestrian streets, banks, and shopping centers with high traffic areas.

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