P4 outdoor LED Display Screen to Puerto Rico.

P4 outdoor LED Display Screen

Pixel Pitch: 4mm

LEDs: Kinglight SMD1921

Total number of cabinets: 2pcs

Full screen size: 1.536m(W)X1.024m(H)

Maintenance Way: Back Access

Cabinet size: 768 x 1024mm

Cabinet Material: Sheet metal

Modules size: 256 x 128mm

Control system: Huidu 5018

Spare LED modules: 4pcs

Chuanglian power: 1pcs

Spare asynchronous control card: 1pc

Spare LEDs: 200pcs

Spare IC: 40pcs

Spare mask: 20pcs

Spare receiving card: 1pc

Package: plywood case

Shipping destination: Puerto Rico

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