The List You Need to Prepared Before the LED Screen Online Support

BIBI LED and many of your suppliers offer LED display online support service (This part is only for software set up).

Apparently, All of both sides, the customers and the suppliers want to save time and make the works more efficient to solve the problem, right?

Therefore, we got some experiences would like to share with you after many times LED display online support of our customers.

The list of the customers need to prepare as below

  • Teamviewer 

This tool makes sure that we can control your computer fluency, Teamviewer is the best remote control app that we have been seen.

  • Online chatting APP 

The most popular chatting APP which we are using is Whatsapp, it can make the video call and chatting group, very convenient to use.

But still, if you can use Chinese chatting APP is better, such as QQ or Wechat.

The last option is doing the phone call directly, but this requires the engineers can speak fluent English.

  • Video call or video camera on your laptop

We have to watch the LED screen when we set up the software by TeamViewer because we need to know what happens after to click “save changes” on the software, you could use your laptop camera, cellphone camera (Whatsapp is already on your cellphone), anyway you can think over and let us watch your LED screen.

  • Make the LED screen light on

You need to connect the power and signal cables before we come in to control your computer, which means make the LED screen turn on before we do the technical support.

By the way, we can also teach you how to connect the power cables, LAN cables, or DVI/HDMI cables.

  • Software 

It depends on which control card are you using, like Linsn, Novastar, Colorlight, Huidu, Lumen, a lot of them, therefore, you need to download and install the right version of software studio on your control computer before the LED display online support.

  • Conclusion

That’s all the customers need to prepare before the LED display online support.

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