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As an emerging display technology, soft LED display modules have received wide attention and application for their high flexibility, plasticity, energy saving, and environmental protection.

With its unique bendable and tailoring characteristics, the soft LED display modules the display more suitable for various curved shapes, providing a wider space for creative display and artistic design.

This article will explain the soft module of the LED display in detail. Let’s take a look together.

1. The basic principle of soft LED display modules

The soft LED display module in short, is an LED display that can be bent and cut. Its light-emitting principle is similar to the LED lights we see every day, but it is more flexible and changeable.

The core of the soft LED display modules is the LED chip, which is like a small light bulb. When we energize the LED chip, the electrons will move inside the chip and release energy. This energy turns into light, illuminating the picture we see.

The flexible substrate is the key to making the soft LED display modules soft and bendable. It is like an elastic cloth, which can be easily bent into various shapes, allowing the LED chip to show different display effects on it.

In addition, the drive circuit and control chip are also an important part of the soft LED display modules. They are like the brain and heart, responsible for providing stable current and voltage to the LED chip, as well as controlling the brightness and color of the LED chip.

2. The manufacturing process of soft LED display modules

The manufacturing process of soft LED display modules includes the following steps:

  • Material preparation: Prepare the required flexible substrates, LED chips, driver chips, driving power supplies, wiring, and other materials and components.

  • Flexible substrate processing: Clean and pre-process the flexible substrate to ensure that the surface is flat and free of impurities, and prepare for subsequent LED chip pasting.

  • LED chip paste: paste the LED chip on the flexible substrate in a predetermined arrangement. This step requires precise control of the position and spacing of the LED chip to ensure the display effect.

  • Circuit connection: Through wiring, welding, and other means, the LED chip is connected to the driving circuit and the control chip to form a complete circuit system.

  • Encapsulation protection: Encapsulation protection of connected LED chips and circuits to ensure their stability and durability. This step usually includes the use of transparent or translucent packaging materials to wrap the LED chip and circuit completely.

  • Test and adjustment: Test and adjust the electrical and optical parameters of the packaged soft LED display modules to ensure that its performance meets the design requirements.

  • Final inspection and packaging: Carry out the final inspection of the tested soft LED display modules to ensure that its quality is qualified. Then, carry out follow-up work such as packaging, labeling, and warehousing for storage and transportation.

3. Introduction and analysis of key process links

1). LED chip pasting

  • Introduction: This step is very critical in the manufacturing of soft LED display modules. Imagine that we are “planting” LED lights (LED chips) on an elastic cloth (flexible substrate). We need to ensure that each small light is accurately “planted” on the cloth in the predetermined position and direction.

  • Analysis: If the LED light is placed in the wrong position, the image on the whole screen will have a problem, which may look blurry or distorted. Moreover, we also need to ensure that these small lights can be firmly glued to the cloth so that they will not fall or shift in daily use.

2). Circuit connection

  • Introduction: This step is to connect all LED small lights (LED chips) with the control devices (driver circuits and control chips) behind them with wires (wires). In this way, when the current passes, all the small lights can light up at the same time, forming the picture we want.

  • Analysis: If the connection is not good, it may cause some small lights to not light up or flash, affecting the whole display effect. Therefore, at this step, workers need to be very careful to ensure that each connection is firm and stable.

3). Encapsulation protection

  • Introduction: Encapsulation protection is like putting a layer of “armor” on the soft LED display modules. This step is to ensure that the module is not subject to external damage, such as water, dust, or impact, in daily use.

  • Analysis: If the package is not tight, the external material may enter the module, resulting in circuit damage or LED small light failure. Therefore, the packaging materials and processes in this step are very important to ensure that they can fully protect the module and give it a long service life.

4. Application of soft LED display modules in different scenarios

soft LED display modules are widely used in many scenarios because of their unique flexible design and high customizability. The following are applications in several different fields:

  • Commercial advertising and brand display

In shopping malls or large shopping malls, soft LED display modules are often used to make various creative billboards and brand displays. For example, a well-known beverage brand used a soft LED module to make a huge curved advertising screen hanging above the entrance of the mall. This advertising screen not only attracts the attention of a large number of customers but also effectively conveys brand information and product characteristics through dynamic video and image display.

  • Stage performance and performance

soft LED display modules are also widely used in performance activities such as concerts and stage plays. At a large-scale concert, a huge soft LED display module was used in the stage background. With the rhythm of the music and the change of songs, different visual effects were presented on the screen, bringing a shocking audio-visual experience to the audience.

  • Art installations and exhibitions

soft LED display modules are also often used in art installations and exhibitions because of their high degree of plasticity and customization. In a contemporary art exhibition, the artist used soft LED display modules to create a series of dynamic sculptures. These works not only show the artist’s creativity and skills but also bring a new artistic experience to the audience through the unique expression of soft LED display modules.

  • Creative home and decoration

In the field of home decoration, soft LED display modules also have their own unique applications. Some designers will use soft LED display modules to make a variety of creative household items, such as bendable table lamps, wall decorations, etc. These products not only have practical functions but also add a unique artistic atmosphere to the home space.

  • Architectural decoration and night scene lighting

In the field of architecture, soft LED display modules are also widely used in architectural decoration and night lighting. Some large buildings or landmark buildings will use soft LED display modules to make various lighting shows, adding a unique charm to the city’s night scene.

5. Market analysis and prospect of soft LED display modules

  • Market size and growth

In recent years, with the continuous development and progress of LED technology, the market scale of soft LED display modules has also continued to expand. Especially in commercial advertising, stage performances, art installations, and other fields, soft LED display modules have received more and more attention and applications because of their unique flexible design and high customizability.

At the same time, with the rise of the concept of smart homes and green buildings, the application of soft LED modules in the field of home and architectural decoration is also increasing. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the market size of soft LED display modules will continue to grow in the future.

  • Market application and development trend

At present, the market application of LED soft modules is mainly concentrated in the fields of commercial advertising, stage performance, art installations, home decoration, and architectural decoration. However, with the continuous progress and innovation of technology, the application field of soft LED display modules will be further expanded in the future.

For example, in the field of intelligent transportation, soft LED display modules can be used to make traffic lights, onboard advertising screens, etc.; in the entertainment industry, soft LED display modules can be used to make display screens for virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

In addition, with the popularization of the Internet of Things and smart home technology, the combination of soft LED display modules and smart home devices will also become a development trend in the future.

Technological innovation and breakthrough

Technological innovation is one of the key factors driving the development of the soft LED display modules market. At present, the technology of soft LED display modules is relatively mature, but there is still a lot of potential for innovation.

For example, in terms of increasing brightness and reducing energy consumption, more new technologies and materials may appear in the future; in terms of intelligence and integration, soft LED display modules may be integrated and connected with more intelligent devices and systems in the future; in terms of design and aesthetics, soft LED display modules may have more in the future. Creative and personalized design solutions appear.


Whether it is commercial advertising, stage performance, art installation, home decoration, or architectural decoration, soft LED display modules have been widely welcomed for their excellent visual effects and practicality.

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