LED Transparent Screen Lamp Beads: Front Light-Emitting  VS. Side Light-Emitting


Transparent LED display, as a cutting-edge display technology, is gradually changing our understanding of screens. With its unique transparency and high visual effects, it has become a popular choice in exhibitions, advertising, retail, and other fields.

For example, at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, a larger-scale transparent LED display than the transparent LED display used in the Winter Olympics was used. Its area is equivalent to nine IMAX giant screens placed side by side. The aerial portion that begins through this screen also looks very beautiful.

1. What is an transparent LED display

The transparent LED display is a display screen made of LED technology. Its main feature is high transparency, which allows the background to be shown through the screen while displaying. This technology perfectly combines real-world and digital content, making it widely used in business and entertainment applications.

Its main features include:

  • High transparency:

The transparency of transparent LED displays is usually between 70% and 90%, allowing users to see the landscape behind them while watching the displayed content without blocking light and sight.

  • High brightness and contrast:

The transparent LED display can provide excellent brightness and contrast, making the content clearly visible in both outdoor and indoor environments.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection:

The transparent LED display adopts LED technology, which has the characteristics of low power consumption and long life, which helps to reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental burden.

  • Easy to install and maintain:

transparent LED displays are generally lightweight and easy to install while offering low maintenance costs.

  • Creative advertising:

transparent LED displays can create impressive advertising effects because they allow the advertising content to blend into the background and attract more eyes.

2. Selection of transparent LED display lamp beads

Transparent LED display lamp beads are divided into two types: front light-emitting and Side light-emitting. The production process and applicability of different types will be different.

1). Front light-emitting :

  • Principle:

Front light-emitting LED lamp beads mean that the LED chip emits light directly on the front of the transparent screen. Through the light transmittance of the transparent screen, the light can shine through from the front, thereby achieving a display effect and producing an image.

  • Craftsmanship:

Front light-emitting LED lamp beads are usually manufactured using SMD (surface mount device) technology.

The LED chip is attached to the front of the transparent screen and made through processes such as welding and packaging. Due to the small size of the front light-emitting lamp beads, the minimum spacing can be 2.0mm.

The resolution per unit square area is higher, and the picture is clearer.

The characteristics of this process are that the production process is relatively simple and suitable for traditional components. There are no dark lines between the light bars.

It has high brightness, bright colors, and wide viewing angles and can achieve high-definition display effects. The disadvantage is that the hollowing rate is relatively low, and ICs are concentrated.

The location is prone to discoloration cutting exposition, and difficult to customize.

Front light-emitting lamp beads are the most conventional and standard lamp bead on the front of the transparent screen so that it can ensure a full 160-degree viewing angle.

The front light-emitting lamp beads and circuit board that is emitting light is 1.6mm, and the light-blocking part is only 1.6mm. Therefore, the light transmittance of using this kind of lamp bead is higher.

  • Applicable venues:

LED transparent screens using front light-emitting lamp beads are suitable for occasions requiring high brightness, high definition, and high color saturation, such as commercial advertising, sports venues, exhibition halls, etc.

2). Side light-emitting:

  • Principle:

Side light-emitting LED lamp beads mean that the LED chip emits light on the Side of the transparent screen. Through the light transmittance of the transparent screen, the light can shine through from the Side, thereby achieving a display effect.

  • Craftsmanship:

Side light-emitting LED lamp beads are side-emitting lamp beads specially mounted on PCB light strips using SMT technology.

The SMT process is higher than that of positive luminous products, which is suitable for glass walls with variable sizes or special-shaped customized LED displays.

Its advantages are a high hollowing-out rate when looking straight up, easy customization, and high brightness.

The disadvantage is that the cutouts are different for the upper and lower viewing angles, which can easily cause vignetting, screen blur, light leakage from behind the screen, etc.

  • Viewing angle and light transmittance:

Side light-emitting lamp beads are installed on the upper or lower Side of the circuit board. Due to the obstruction of the circuit board, only one Side of the viewing angle can be guaranteed.

The thickness of the Side light-emitting LED lamp bead must be at least 1mm, plus the 1.4mm circuit board and the light-blocking part should be at least 2.4mm. Therefore, the light transmittance will be worse than that of front light-emitting LED lamp beads.

  • Applicable venues:

LED transparent screens using side light-emitting lamp beads are suitable for occasions that require soft brightness, warm colors, and a more comfortable viewing experience, such as high-end retail, hotels, museums, etc.

3. Future prediction of transparent LED display

According to predictions by the survey agency, the market value of transparent LED displays will be approximately US$87.2 billion by 2025, which shows that its market potential is huge.

Today, with the emphasis on “experience first,” almost all consumption models will take into account the customer’s consumption experience, so advertising media is certainly no exception.

They need newer promotion methods and more avant-garde presentation methods to attract customer’s attention and interest, and transparent LED displays can meet these two points.

Transparent LED displays are far ahead in terms of fashion sense and technological sense. It is more suitable for future commercial space.


In short, as an innovative display technology, the transparent LED display provides new opportunities and experiences for the business and entertainment fields.

In the future, we can expect to see more innovations and applications, bringing transparent LED displays into more fields and bringing more surprises to our lives.

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