LED Screen Wiring

  1. The LED display is connected by which lines

  2. LED screen wiring steps

  3. Installation of a data line for the LED display screen

  4. How to connect the data lines between LED cabinets?

With the development of science and technology, LED display has become an indispensable advertising window for landmark shopping center; it is an electronic product that can be used in shopping malls; as a sizeable electronic product, Installation and wiring are very important for safety and aesthetics.

LED display wiring steps, LED display wiring is composed of those, and so on… all need to be understood by everyone; now I will explain in detail to you.

1, LED display is connected by which lines

Data cable: Used to connect the control card and LED unit board wiring.

Transmission line: Used to connect the control card to the computer.

Power cord: For connecting the power and control card and LED unit board, the copper core diameter of the power cord connecting the unit board is not less than 1mm.

2, LED screen wiring steps

As we all know, wiring is an essential part of an LED display screen to achieve normal use and even the safety of the display screen; so how do you wire an LED display?

  • Check the power supply voltage.

  • Connect the power.

  • Connect the controller to the cell board.

  • Connect network cables (data cables).

  • Testing.

3, Installation of a data line for LED display screen

When installing the LED screen, complete the data wiring through the interconnect cabinet:

In general, each LED cabinet on the lower left and right side will have a reserved hole; and that hole is where the data cables that connect each LED screen to the wiring go; a complete screen is attached one by one like this.

4, Installation of a data line for LED display screen

There are many different kinds of cabinets on the market, so other cabinets’ connection way is also different; but there are 2 general categories:

Cable holes: Generally located on the sides of the screen, creating a path for wiring between 2 cabinets; in this way, the wiring is completely hidden from view; these systems are usually used in fixed installation screens.

External connection ports: Some cabinets have data entry and exit ports; this serial system connects all the cabinets of a screen with external cables; these systems are usually used in mobile installation screens.

The above is my summary for everyone on the LED wiring-related knowledge points, hope to help you!

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