LED Screen Sending Card 

  1. What is an LED display sending card?

  2. Is a sending card always necessary on led screens?

  3. Parts of a sending card

  4. Technical specifications of a sending card(emitter card for led screens)

  5. How to install led sending a card in the led video processor

When you need to buy one or more synchronous LED display screens, the sending card will be included when you receive the quotation; why does the LED display need a sending card? how do we install the LED sending card?

The following article will tell you the answer:


1. What is an LED display sending card?

THE CONTROL CARD SOFTWARE, the LED sending card, converts and transmits the computer’s audio signal (video, text, picture) to the LED display screen.


2. Is a sending card always necessary on led screens?

Does the led screen have to send a card?

The LED screen needs to use a specific electronic system device to receive external data to perform functions, and the sending card is similar to the work of a “translator”, so synchronizing the LED display requires a sending card.

At the same time, the capacity of the sending card can be used to adjust the resolution of our LED display screen; we know that the resolution will affect the quality of the display, and the high-resolution visual effect is more popular with the public.

In addition to the above-mentioned main functions of conveying “translation” and resolution, the LED display sending card also has the following auxiliary functions:

The brightness sensor is connected to the sending card, and the brightness can be adjusted according to changes in the environment to achieve the best display effect.

The temperature measured by the temperature sensor is sent to the card, which can be displayed on the LED display.


3. Parts of a sending card

The sending card comprises an FPGA controller, Gigabit network output module, USB port, PCI express slot, power port, and Jack port.

  • FPGA: An electronic circuit system that is accomplished by loading a bitstream into internal memory.

  • Gigabit output ports: The ports are independent and can emit different images or reproduce the same content separately on the two screens.

  • The USB port is used for charging and technical parameter configuration of the LED display; if you buy an LED display sending card with multiple USB ports, it can synchronize multiple sending cards per port.

  • PCI Express slot: A slot that links a desktop computer.

  • Power port: 5V power supply with connector.

  • Jack Port: Stereo audio output.


4. What are the main types of sending cards for LED displays in China?

The commonly used brands in the Chinese market are Linsn, Colorlight, Novastar, etc.


5. How to install led sending a card in the led video processor

The above is a detailed introduction to the LED display sending card.

If you have any questions about the LED display, you can leave a message below or email us; we will be happy to help you.

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