Which one do you prefer? LED screen or projector in your meeting room?

The left video is show you what is the exactly difference between LED screen vs projector.

Nowadays, LED wall screens are becoming the new standard media player for the meeting rooms, but projectors have a longer history for our meeting room, today, we are glad to share the different between LED screen vs projector.

1. Brightness 

The measurement of brightness for LED screen and projector are different, LED walls are measured in NIT which by directed light, projectors are measured in LUX which by reflected light, and one NIT is equivalent to 3.426 LUX, then you can see the unit of NIT is much brighter than a unit of LUX.

There is the distance from the projectors to the projections screen, which will lose the brightness and visible as well When the viewers look at the projectors, but the LED wall is light on by itself.

2. Unlimited size

For the projectors, the size is limited, you could only make one on the wall, But for LED wall, the size and the resolution is unlimited, you can make any HD, 2K or 4K on the meeting room as you wish.

3. Cost performance 

For the similar quality and size, the LED walls price are 15-20% more expensive than projectors at the beginning, but if you can consider the maintenance cost after 1 or 2 years, you will figure out $4,500 for a new bulb and $6,000 for a new light engine replacement of projectors, but you only need $100-300 to replace the new LED module for the LED wall, no doubt, the image and video quality of LED walls is always better than projectors.

4. Image&video quality

As we know, there are many projectors are still in SD, but many conferences are already required HD technology for their video displays.


No matter you buy a projector or an LED screen, you have to think clearly to understand their difference, function, price, use.

That makes you could receive a good visual display products.

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