LED Poster Screen Buying Guide: Answers to Your Most Concerned Questions


With the continuous development of science and technology, LED poster screens, as an efficient and flexible advertising display tool, are gradually favored by the market. However, for many buyers who are new to LED poster screens, how to choose among many brands and models has become an urgent problem to be solved. 

This article aims to answer the most frequently searched questions by LED poster screen buyers and help you better understand and choose an LED poster screen that suits your needs.

1. Basic knowledge of LED poster screen

LED poster screen is an electronic display screen that uses LED (light-emitting diode) as a display element. It takes advantage of the high brightness and long life characteristics of LED lights to clearly display high-quality pictures, videos, and text information. LED poster screens are widely used in commercial advertising, public information releases, exhibition displays, and other fields.

1). Working principle:

The working principle of an LED poster screen is to display images by controlling the on and off of LED lights. Each LED light can be controlled independently. By controlling the on and off combinations of different LED lights, various images and text can be formed. 

Because LED lights have the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angle, LED poster screens can maintain clear display effects in various environments.

2). Classification of LED poster screens

2.1). According to display mode:

  • Static LED poster screen: mainly used to display static pictures and text information. It usually has high resolution and color reproduction and can present clear and realistic image effects.

  • Dynamic LED poster screen (can play videos): In addition to displaying static images, it can also play videos and animation effects. This kind of LED poster screen usually has a higher refresh rate and larger storage capacity and can present a more vivid and rich visual experience.

2.2). According to size:

  • Small LED poster screen: suitable for use indoors or in places with small spaces, such as shop windows, exhibition displays, etc.

  • Medium-sized LED poster screen: suitable for indoor or outdoor medium-sized places, such as shopping malls, stations, etc.

  • Large LED poster screen: suitable for use in large outdoor places, such as squares, stadiums, etc. Large LED poster screens usually have higher brightness and larger size, which can attract the audience’s attention in a wider range.

2.3). According to the usage environment:

  • Indoor LED poster screen: mainly suitable for use in indoor environments, such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc. Indoor LED poster screens usually have higher resolution and color reproduction and can present more delicate and realistic image effects.

  • Outdoor LED poster screen: Mainly suitable for use in outdoor environments, such as squares and roadsides. Outdoor LED poster screens need to have higher brightness, better waterproofing, and dustproof performance to ensure normal operation in various harsh environments.

2. How to choose the appropriate LED poster screen size

Choosing the appropriate size of LED poster screen is the key to ensuring display effect and cost-effectiveness. Here are some suggestions to help you make a decision based on factors such as usage scenario, size of space, and viewing distance.

1). Consider usage scenarios

1.1). Indoor and outdoor:

  • Indoor use: Since the indoor ambient light is relatively stable and the viewing distance is usually close, you can choose an LED poster screen of moderate size and high resolution to provide clear and delicate display effects.

  • Outdoor use: The outdoor ambient light is complex and changeable, and the viewing distance is long. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a large-size, high-brightness LED poster screen to ensure that the display effect can still be maintained clear in long-distance and strong light environments.

1.2). Size of space:

Choose the appropriate LED poster screen size according to the space of the installation site. If the space is small, choosing an LED poster screen that is too large may appear crowded and affect the viewing experience; conversely, if the space is large, choosing an LED poster screen that is too small may not make full use of the space, resulting in a waste of resources.

2). Weigh display performance versus cost

2.1). Display effect:

Large-size LED poster screens usually provide a wider field of view and more shocking visual effects, helping to attract the audience’s attention. However, it should be noted that not all large-size screens can guarantee high-quality display effects, so resolution, brightness, contrast, and other parameters need to be considered comprehensively when selecting.

2.2). Cost:

The cost of LED poster screens is related to factors such as size, quality, brand, etc. Generally speaking, the cost of a large-size screen is higher, but it does not mean that its price/performance ratio is necessarily low. When choosing, you should weigh the budget and actual needs and choose the product with the highest price/performance ratio.

2.3). Suggestion:

When determining the size of the LED poster screen, you can first determine a rough range based on the usage scenario and space size and then compare the display effects, costs, and other factors of products of different sizes, brands, and models, and finally choose the one that best suits your needs.

LED poster screen. At the same time, you can also consult professionals or manufacturers to obtain more professional advice and guidance.

3. How does the resolution and brightness of the LED poster screen affect the display effect?

1). The impact of resolution on display effects

The resolution of an LED poster screen refers to the density of pixels on the screen, usually expressed in the form of the number of horizontal pixels × the number of vertical pixels. Resolution is a key factor in determining image clarity. High-resolution LED poster screens can present more delicate and clearer image effects.

  • Improved clarity:

 High resolution means more pixels on the screen, which can more accurately restore details and textures in images. This allows viewers to see every element in the image more clearly, resulting in a better visual experience.

  • Detailed performance: 

When displaying images, high-resolution LED poster screens can more accurately express the layering and three-dimensionality of images. Whether it is text, pictures , or videos, they can all be presented with higher precision, allowing the audience to have a deeper understanding of the displayed content.

  • Viewing distance: 

The high-resolution LED poster screen can still maintain a clear display effect when viewed from a long distance. This is especially important for scenarios such as outdoor advertising where you need to attract viewers from a distance.

2). The impact of brightness on display effects

Brightness refers to the intensity of light emitted by the LED poster screen, usually expressed in nits (nit). Brightness is a key factor affecting the visibility of the screen in different light environments, and it is particularly important for outdoor LED poster screens.

  • Improved visibility:

The high-brightness LED poster screen can maintain a clear display effect in strong light environments. Under direct sunlight outdoors or bright indoor lighting, high brightness ensures that screen content is clearly visible and attracts the audience’s attention.

  • Contrast enhancement: 

Brightness and contrast are closely related. High brightness can enhance the contrast of the screen, making blacks darker and whites whiter, thus presenting a more vivid and vivid image effect.

  • Viewing comfort:

Appropriately increasing the brightness can also improve the viewing comfort of the audience. In a dark environment, too low brightness may make it difficult for viewers to see the screen content clearly, while appropriately increasing the brightness can make it easier for viewers to view the screen content.

4. Analysis of power consumption and lifespan of LED poster screen

1). Power consumption of LED poster screen

The power consumption of LED poster screens is an important factor to consider when purchasing. It is directly related to the energy consumption and operating costs of the equipment. The amount of power consumption is affected by many factors, including the following:

  • Screen size: The larger the screen size, the greater the number of LED beads, so the power consumption will increase accordingly.

  • Brightness: The higher the brightness, the greater the luminous intensity of the LED lamp beads, and the power consumption will increase accordingly. Therefore, because outdoor LED poster screens require higher brightness to cope with direct sunlight, their power consumption is usually higher than indoor LED poster screens.

  • Refresh rate: The refresh rate refers to the number of times the screen updates the image per second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the dynamic effects of the screen display, but the power consumption will also increase accordingly.

When purchasing an LED poster screen, you need to understand the actual power consumption of the device in order to make a reasonable choice based on the usage scenario and budget. Generally speaking, accurate power consumption data can be obtained by checking the product manual or consulting the manufacturer.

2). The life span of LED poster screen

The life of the LED poster screen mainly depends on the life of the LED lamp beads, and the life of the LED lamp beads is usually very long, which can reach tens of thousands of hours or even longer. However, the overall lifespan will also be affected by factors such as use environment and maintenance.

  • Usage environment: The usage environment of LED poster screens has a great impact on their lifespan. For example, factors such as high temperature, high humidity, and dust in the outdoor environment will cause damage to LED lamp beads, thereby shortening their lifespan. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to understand the environmental adaptability of the equipment and choose products suitable for the environment in which they are used.

  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to extend the life of your LED poster screen. Maintenance includes cleaning the screen, checking connection lines, replacing damaged lamp beads, etc. Through regular maintenance, problems can be discovered and solved in time, thereby avoiding the expansion of faults and extending the service life of the equipment.

5. How to ensure the stability and reliability of LED poster screens?

In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the LED poster screen, the following measures can be taken:

1). Choose the right LED poster screen

  • Choose well-known brands and high-quality products:

Well-known brands usually have better product quality, stability, and reliability, and also provide better after-sales service, which helps to reduce failure rates and repair costs.

  • Understand the heat dissipation design and protection level of the product:

Thermal dissipation design is crucial to the stability and reliability of the LED poster screen. A good heat dissipation design can effectively reduce the temperature of the device and extend its service life. At the same time, understand the product’s protection level (such as IP level) to ensure that the equipment can still work stably in harsh environments (such as high temperature, humidity, etc.).

2). Pay attention to the installation of an LED poster screen

Determine the installation location: Make sure the installation location is stable, well-ventilated, and away from direct sunlight and high-temperature environments. This helps reduce device temperatures and improves stability and reliability.

  • Consider lighting, viewing angles, and ventilation: 

Choose appropriate lighting, viewing angles, and ventilation conditions based on usage scenarios and viewing needs to ensure that viewers can clearly see screen content while reducing equipment failure rates.

  • Check the display and its accessories:

Before installation, carefully check whether the display and its accessories are intact, especially key components such as power cords and signal cables, to ensure a smooth installation process.

  • Follow the correct installation steps:

 Install according to the product manual or the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the installation process is correct.

3). Pay attention to the maintenance of LED poster screens

  • Clean the screen surface regularly:

Clean the screen surface regularly to remove dust and dirt and keep the screen clear and bright.

  • Check the connecting lines and components:

Regularly check whether the connecting lines and components are loose or damaged, and tighten or replace them in time.

  • Repair and replace damaged parts:

Once you find that the equipment malfunctions or parts are damaged, contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel for repair and replacement in a timely manner.

  • Follow the correct switching sequence:

First, turn on the control computer to enable normal operation, then turn on the LED poster screen, first turn off the LED poster screen, and then turn off the computer. This helps reduce current surges during startup and protects equipment from damage.

4). Other things to note

  • Stable power supply: 

Ensure that the power supply is stable and well protected by grounding. Try not to use the equipment under harsh natural conditions (such as severe lightning weather).

  • Temperature and humidity control:

Ensure that the working environment temperature is between -20°C and 50°C, and the humidity is controlled between 10% and 90%RH. Too high or too low temperature and humidity will cause damage to the equipment.

  • Waterproof and dustproof:

Ensure that the waterproof and dustproof measures are in place at the installation location of the LED poster screen to avoid circuit short circuit problems caused by moisture and metal dust.

By following the above measures and precautions, you can ensure the stability and reliability of the LED poster screen, reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs, and improve the service life and user experience of the equipment.

6. Suggestions for purchasing LED poster screens

  • Choose the appropriate model and brand based on actual needs and budget:

When purchasing an LED poster screen, you must first clarify your actual needs, such as usage scenarios (indoor/outdoor), screen size, resolution, brightness, and other parameter requirements. Then, combined with the budget range, filter out the models and brands that meet your needs.

Different brands and models of LED poster screens may have differences in performance, quality, price, etc., so you need to make a reasonable choice based on your actual needs and budget.

  • Understand the detailed parameters and performance indicators of the product before purchasing:

Before purchasing an LED poster screen, be sure to understand the various parameters and performance indicators of the product in detail, such as screen size, resolution, brightness, contrast, refresh rate, viewing angle, protection level, etc. These parameters will directly affect the display effect and service life of the device.

This information can be obtained by consulting the product manual, the official website, or consulting a salesperson. At the same time, you can also refer to the reviews and usage experiences of other users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of product performance.

  • Choose a supplier with good after-sales service and technical support:

As high-value equipment, after-sales service and technical support are very important for LED poster screens. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose suppliers with a good reputation and reputation to ensure that you can receive timely and professional services when equipment breaks down or needs repair.

You can learn about the supplier’s after-sales service policy, service scope, response time, etc., and view its past customer service records and user reviews. At the same time, you can also communicate with suppliers to understand their technical support capabilities and service levels.

  • Consider product scalability and upgradeability to meet future changes in demand:

With the advancement of science and technology and changes in the market, the technology and needs of LED poster screens are also constantly developing and changing. Therefore, the scalability and upgradeability of the product should be considered when purchasing so that the functionality and performance of the device can be easily expanded in the future.

You can learn about the product’s interfaces, protocols, software, etc., and ask the supplier whether it supports subsequent upgrades and expansion services. This will help ensure that equipment can meet changing market demands and technical standards in the future.


As a modern advertising display tool, LED poster screens are increasingly used in the market. By understanding the basic knowledge of LED poster screens, answering common questions, and providing purchase suggestions.

Finally, if you want to know more about LED poster screens, please get in touch with us.

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