LED Poster: Five Advantages Why You Need One

Today, we will talk about the five advantages of LED poster screens in terms of performance, weight, technology, quality, and installation part for your reference.

Quality products for creative empowerment.

Advantage 1: Thin and light body, strong performance.

How to quickly prove a product is worth buying?

Just a simple set of numbers will tell you intuitively and clearly what it’s worth.

Twelve megapixels, 4k, 188g, 8.1mm, 458ppi, etc.

What it stands for is – the iPhone 11 Pro.

A phone that has sold over 370 million units a year.

And how powerful is the LED poster screen?

The lightest in the industry – 27.5 kg.

Thinnest single unit – 33mm.

High brightness – up to a maximum of 3100 cd/m2.

The temperature is not high – only 38 degrees Celsius.

This is the LED poster screen from BIBILED, an extremely thin and light, yet powerful LED screen.

This set of data, not only outperforms other types of LED screens but also LED poster screens of the same type.

Breaking the rules and pursuing the extreme will inevitably lead to excellent results and a good experience.

(a) Ease of use: the thin and light “case” is easy to push and hang, flexible enough to switch between scenarios and easier to carry than a bulky screen.

(b) Sales promotion: the soft and bright “brightness” brings customers together and increases sales.

(c) Low power consumption: Moderate “temperature” extends the life of the screen, meaning the product’s low power consumption, saving you power.

Advantage 2: HD quality, visual innovation.

A good LED screen isn’t exactly tied to “super brightness.”

In indoor scenarios, subtraction is the best way to give users the best experience.

For example, do the opposite: lower the brightness.

The reason for this is simple, in a room with mild ambient light, customers will get up close and personal with the LED screen.

And too much brightness can cause visual fatigue, tears, and soreness in customers.

Therefore, the LED poster screen combines reality with a “low light and high grey” display to reduce brightness and not degrade the picture quality.

In this way, the screen is suitable for viewing, and the output is stable in HD.

So, what is low gloss gray?

Why lower the brightness without damaging the picture quality?

In layman’s terms, this means “low brightness, high grayscale.”

In a full-color LED display, the grayscale is the resolution of the brightness of each LED on display.

The higher the grayscale, the richer the color of the display screen, and the more detailed the picture, the easier it is to express the details of the picture.

BIBILED offers LED poster screens primarily in 16-bit grayscale, which can display 281 trillion colors, far more than a regular LED screen.

In low light levels suitable for viewing, it is able to throw heavy punches and give a strong visual impact.

Secondly, the LED poster screen also features a high refresh rate.

The so-called refresh rate is the rate at which an image updates on the screen, which is the number of times an image appears on the screen per second.

You can also interpret this as the frame count of the film, the higher the frame count, the smoother the video, and the more stunning the effect.

The higher the screen refresh rate, the smoother and smoother the effect, the less jarring the display is, and the better it can be used for high-end elite occasions.

In today’s world of AR, naked eye, and scene marketing, only the most effective screens can achieve their marketing purposes.

It is no longer a dream to use super creative ideas to drive huge marketing profits.

And that lever is the “LED poster screen.”

Advantage 3: High quality, strong stability.

Customers are rational consumers who only pay for products that are of superior quality.

For LED poster screens that focus on the interior, the impression of being vulnerable and fragile is often given by the fact that they are not as waterproof and compressive as outdoor LED screens.

But the products we offer are dedicated to solving that problem.

We are looking for a work of art, a low repair rate, and excellent quality.

This is reflected in the detailing of the design below.

(a) Pull-out border design.

Easy to maintain, water, and moisture resistant, in a sense extending its life.

(b) Specially made PC panel with thickened treatment.

Better protection, shatterproof, scratchproof, abrasion-resistant, and moisture-resistant.

It also protects the lamp beads from bumping and does not reduce brightness.

As for ordinary acrylic, once the edges are hit, they will be subjected to full force, resulting in full-screen shattering and high maintenance costs.

(c) Die-cast aluminum, low-power design.

The LED poster screen has excellent heat dissipation, energy-saving, and power-saving effect.

This makes a screen temperature of 28 degrees possible, even with prolonged use possible to maintain.

Further, the cryogenic screen also allows the lamp bead to last.

All features we talked about in the above approach to creating a BIBILED LED poster screen with superior quality will give customers peace of mind.

Advantage 4: Rich in accessories, good use, and save the heart.

How do you judge how good a product is?

There are two hard indicators for customers to judge: ease of use and good use.

The LED poster screen undoubtedly meets all the requirements.

(a) No installation required; plug and play, quick and easy.

A variety of LED screens on the market, all need to be manually installed, spliced, often making people anxious.

The LED poster screen, on the other hand, ships the product with the installation intact, and the user receives it and can use it.

And since the LED poster screen is very thin and light, there’s no need to worry about handling it.

(b) Mobile APP operation, one-click use, no professional training.

The LED poster screen matches a dedicated mobile APP.

Enter the video source in the software, and you can easily play, pause, and change the function.

The loss of the physical limitations of screen manipulation makes use more flexible and intelligent, and remote manipulation a reality.

No need to spend a lot of time on hands-on training, which is a great relief.

Moreover, store operators can manipulate the screen at all times without having to push products.

They were able to juggle multiple affairs in a hundred hours, and the poster screen became his sharpshooter, not a burden.

(c) Self-contained audio, all-in-one use.

The LED poster screen comes with its own sound, eliminating the need to equip it with speakers, etc.

The system is complete and self-consistent, forming a closed loop.

For the user, it’s just one click away.

Advantage 5: Multiple types, multiple scenarios.

“More work for the better” is the best label for evaluating talent.

“One screen for all” is the best praise for LED screens.

A variety of types, including hanging, and upright, allow the LED poster screen to penetrate all kinds of scenes.

The light body is easy to carry at all times – it’s there when you need it.

At the storefront, use a hanging, upright pattern.

You can display brand logos, banners, and promotional videos to deepen customers’ impression of the brand.

In-store, use a wall-mounted, upright pattern.

The screen can be placed in conjunction with the product to present the promotional slogan with a strong impact.

And when the customer sees this, the product is within his reach.

And the scenes at fairs, cinemas, etc., outside the store.

Modes such as hanging, lifting, etc., to create a high-end style of the fixed venue of the exhibition.

It can be used as an aid to create immersive themed scenes.

LED Poster screens can display videos in the same color, such as in the black and grey industrial style of the exhibition venue.

Stylistic fit and insightful. It is precisely the customer who needs a “consistent style.”

As in upright mode.

One can be displayed in conjunction with the screen, becoming a high-end display benchmark.

Secondly, it can be used as an information LED screen to display movie ticket information, guest information introduction, etc.

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