How To Choose The Mobile Truck LED Display That Suits You


With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous expansion of the market, the mobile truck LED display screen has been widely used on various occasions, such as advertising, outdoor display, cruise activities, etc., because of its excellent display effect and flexibility.

However, in the face of a wide variety of products with different performances in the market, many users may be confused when purchasing. This article will provide you with a guide to choosing the right mobile truck LED display to help you make a wise choice.

1. Identify usage needs and occasions

First of all, before choosing the LED display screen of the mobile truck, it is essential to clarify your own use needs and occasions. Different application scenarios and purposes will put forward different requirements for the display.

If you plan to advertise in a busy urban area or next to a highway, the display screen needs to be highly visible and attractive. High brightness, high contrast, and vivid color performance will be the key factors to ensure that pedestrians or motorists can clearly see the advertising content even in strong sunlight.

  • Outdoor activities display:

For large-scale events such as concerts, exhibitions, or sports events outdoors, you may need a high-resolution, high-color display screen to bring an immersive visual experience to the audience. At the same time, considering the diversity of the outdoor environment, the display screen needs to be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

  • Cruise and mobile display:

If your business needs to change the display location frequently, the mobility and installation convenience of the display will become particularly important. Choosing a light and easy-to-remove and install display will greatly improve work efficiency and flexibility.

After identifying these usage needs and occasions, you can choose the right mobile truck LED display in a more targeted way.

2. Understand technical specifications and performance indicators

When choosing a mobile truck LED display, it is very important to understand the technical specifications and performance indicators. These specifications and indicators will directly affect the display effect and performance of the display.

For example, the size and resolution determine the clarity and fineness of the display, the pixel spacing determines the viewing distance and viewing angle of the display, and the brightness, contrast, and color reproduction determine the performance of the display in different environments.

In addition, you also need to consider the viewing angle and uniformity of the display to ensure that it can be viewed clearly in different positions.

By understanding these technical specifications and performance indicators, you can better choose the display that meets your needs.

3. Choose the right vehicle

The choice of a vehicle equipped with a mobile truck LED display is equally important, which will directly affect the transportation, installation, and use of the display.

  • Bearing capacity and stability:

First of all, the vehicle needs to have the sufficient bearing capacity to support the weight and size of the display screen. At the same time, the stability of the vehicle is also very critical, especially during driving; it is necessary to ensure the smoothness and safety of the display screen.

  • Internal structure and size:

The internal structure and size of the vehicle need to match the display so that the display can be placed and fixed steadily. This may involve the length, width, and height of the carriage, as well as the need for special modifications or customization.

  • Comfort and safety: 

Considering that it may take a long time to drive and transport, the comfort and safety of the vehicle are also factors that cannot be ignored. The driver’s comfort will directly affect the transportation efficiency and safety, and the safety performance of the vehicle can ensure the smooth progress of the whole process.

4. Assess costs and budgets

In the process of purchasing mobile truck LED display screens, cost, and budget evaluation are crucial. This involves not only the purchase cost of the display itself but also the cost of installation, operation, maintenance, and replacement related to it.

First of all, you need to compare the prices of display screens of different brands, models, and technical specifications to understand the price range and differences in the market. This will help you initially screen out products that meet the requirements according to your budget.

Secondly, considering that the installation and fixation of the display may require professional technical support and customized solutions, the installation cost cannot be ignored. You need to consult the professional team to understand the specific cost of the installation process and ensure the reasonableness of this part of the budget.

In addition, operation and maintenance costs are equally important. The long-term use of the display requires a stable power supply and regular technical maintenance to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life. You need to evaluate these continuous costs and include them in the budget.

Finally, considering the continuous development of technology and market changes, you may also need to reserve a certain budget for the replacement of the display screen. This will ensure that your display will remain competitive in the next few years to meet changing market needs.

5. Inspect the brand and after-sales service

When choosing a mobile truck, LED display screen, brand, and after-sales service are two important considerations. A well-known brand usually represents high-quality products and more reliable technical support, while perfect after-sales service can ensure that problems encountered in the process of use can be solved in a timely and effective manner.

First of all, you can know the reputation and credibility of different brands through market research, user evaluation, and industry reports. This information will help you initially select several trusted brands for further investigation.

Secondly, I have an in-depth understanding of the product quality, technological innovation ability, and customer cases of these brands. This will help you more comprehensively evaluate the strength of the brand and the performance of the product so as to make a more informed choice.

In terms of after-sales service, you need to pay attention to many aspects, such as service scope, response speed, service quality, and service channels. An excellent after-sales service system should be able to cover the repair and maintenance needs of your area, provide 24-hour online customer service or technical support, and ensure that you can get timely help when you encounter problems.

In addition, you can also learn about the real evaluation of different brands of products and after-sales services by communicating with existing users. This first-hand information will provide you with more intuitive and reliable reference information.

6. Pay attention to quality and safety

Quality and safety are key factors that cannot be ignored when purchasing mobile truck LED displays. A high-quality, safe, and reliable display can not only ensure that your display effect meets expectations but also effectively avoid various problems and risks that may occur during use.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the certification and compliance of the product. Ensure that the selected display screen complies with relevant industry standards, national regulations, and international certification requirements, such as CE, UL, RoHS, etc. These certifications and compliance certificates are hard indicators of product quality and an important basis for ensuring the safety of use.

Secondly, check the material and process level of the product. High-quality materials and fine craftsmanship are the basis for ensuring the stability and durability of the display. You can initially judge the quality level of the product by observing the appearance quality, structural rationality, and detailed handling of the product.

In addition, safety protection measures are also important factors that need to be considered in the purchase process. You need to know the performance of the display screen in waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, lightningproof, etc., to ensure that it can work normally and not be damaged in different environments. These protective measures will effectively improve the reliability and service life of the display.

Finally, environmental protection performance is also a matter of concern. During the purchase process, you can learn about the energy consumption level of the product, the waste disposal method, and whether to use environmentally friendly materials; choosing a display with good environmental protection performance will not only help reduce operating costs but also contribute to the protection of the environment.


By clarifying your needs and budget scope, understanding technical specifications and performance indicators, choosing suitable vehicles and brands, and paying attention to quality and safety issues, you can better choose the mobile truck LED display screen that suits you and provides strong support for advertising, outdoor display, and other activities.

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