Curtain LED Screen: Five Advantages Have to Choose It.

This article will introduce the five advantages of the outdoor curtain LED screen, power consumption, quality, lighting, stability, which will help you quickly determine whether you need the product.

Advantage One: Lightweight, simple structure - quick installation, easy maintenance.

The dimensions of the outdoor curtain screen box are: 500mm wide x 1000mm high, the unit box’s weight is as light as; 6KG/pc, 75% less than the traditional outdoor LED screen weight.

Thickness: 67mm, steel structure weighs only 10KG/squared, 80% less than the traditional outdoor LED display steel structure.

This distinction is a core highlight of other outdoor LED displays.

The thin and lightbox is mainly based on its simple structure and box material. The box material is generally aluminum alloy. Due to the simple structure, easy to get started, from installation to the use of the whole process is very convenient, using the modular design of rapid disassembly.

The screen between the box splicing, installed in a fixed bracket can be completed, very convenient, single installation, only 10 seconds per square, than the traditional outdoor LED screen installation speeds up 60 times, can easily achieve fast maintenance before / after.

For buyers, outdoor grille screen installation is simple and easy to learn.

The lightweight of the screen allows labor costs and transportation logistics costs to be reduced, which is an excellent advantage.

Advantage two: high efficiency, low power consumption - energy saving, and environmental protection.

Outdoor LED curtain screen using DIP lamp beads, brightness up to 10,000cd / , high luminous efficiency, high brightness LED lights, the high conversion efficiency of the power supply, the average hourly power consumption of about 150W / , less than the traditional outdoor display power consumption of about 50W / .

A year of power consumption costs can save a lot (will not be counted), plus the product screen body haze, good ventilation, so good heat dissipation, no need to install air conditioning, green energy saving.

After two years of research by the BibiLED marketing team, the estimated electricity bill for one year between a traditional outdoor display and a grille LED screen (For reference) is as follows.

Electricity costs(Average power consumption).

Traditional LED display P16:200W/x200x365dayx10hour/day=146000kw

LED grille screen P16:135W/x200x365dayx10hour/day=98550kw

Electricity costs are calculated based on US$ 0.3/kwh, with direct savings from the annual use of P16 grille LED screens.

(146,000kw-98550kw) x 0.3 USD/kw=$14235/year.

Advantage three: High adaptability - excellent environmental tolerance.

Due to the use of superconducting thermal material in the box – aluminum alloy, heat dissipation performance improved by 80%;

The overall rubberized process design, military-grade IP65 full protection, can play a waterproof role and be suitable for extreme weather conditions -40 ~ 60 ℃;

The LED screen body form hollow, wind load is small, can be installed in an easy wind environment.

Highly adaptable, with a wide choice of installation scenarios, little influence by the environment, and low failure rate.

Advantage Four: Lighting - solve the trouble of "screen without light."

The hollow form of the screen body, the gap between the screen bar and the screen bar can be permeable to sunlight, the light transmission rate of about 40% to 80%, even if a large area of the screen body coverage, still effectively protect the building lighting.

If a traditional outdoor fixed display is used, a large area of the screen is covered in the building, the traditional display of the heavy box between the seamless splicing, the screen transmittance is almost zero, it is easy to appear that the building can not distinguish between day and night, the local government will basically not approve, even if approved after installation receives a large number of complaint letters in the building.

Advantage five: Stable and reliable - rigorous and thoughtful design of the interior of the case.

The single box of the grille LED screen only one connector, so that the power signal two in one, so that the connection failure rate is reduced;

The power signal can be a double backup, “double insurance” can ensure the normal operation of the screen body;

The box embedded switch power and acceptance card; each template can work alone, will not make the screen body no hair normal operation because of a problem.

The stability of the display is the measure of quality, and there’s a saying that goes, “You don’t care about the stability of the product, then there’s going to be a lot of time spent repairing it.”

Whether it is the material of the case or the internal rigorous circuit design and layout, it shows our efforts and professionalism, so that you can buy with confidence.

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