7 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor LED Screen Supplier


Choose a suitable outdoor LED display supplier and make your purchase of an LED display more than 85% satisfied because careful selection will help your LED display to have a longer life, the best display, and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

So how to consider your outdoor LED display suppliers?

We can examine it from 7 aspects:

1. Support every aspect 

In addition to providing you with the basic LED display solution, the supplier is very patient in giving you advice and support when you need additional advice and help with the outdoor LED screen solution.

For example, when you have a reasonable plan, you still want an installation design drawing or even a virtual scene diagram of the installation so that you can understand the installation effect display in advance. In the production process, are you concerned about the progress of the goods? Is it possible to do OEM? What should you do when the goods are completed, but you do not have a suitable freight forwarder; when the goods arrive at the door, but you do not have a local reliable installation company, etc., a series of detailed support.

2. After-sales service and maintenance

When you start to use the outdoor LED display, you need to repair and maintain it regularly, which is beneficial to prolong the life of the LED display.

Here it would help if you considered the following:

Is it possible to find service personnel quickly?

What are the channels for getting help for repairs?

How long is the warranty period?

3. Learn about past cases of outdoor LED displays

To understand the quality of outdoor LED displays, you can ask about the cases of outdoor LED displays installed in various countries over the past 3 years; you can make references or even call to consult previous customers.

4. Is it safe

Do the products of this outdoor LED display supplier meet the local and national standards and have obtained the certificate of conformity? For example, CE is required to go to Europe, and FCC certification is required in the United States.

We will see the news that the outdoor LED display suddenly caught fire, shocking the information of tens of millions of people in commercial buildings.

Even this year’s performance in the Hong Kong Red Pavilion, the video news of the LED display killing two people at high altitudes has caused a sensation in the entire industry and even the world, which has been heartbreaking for a long time.

Therefore, you must know that all people, products, facilities, and processes comply with UL’s stringent safety requirements.

5. Outdoor LED display price

Would you be willing to buy a brand new Maybach for $50,000 if there were only 2 spots available? This is undoubtedly a fool’s dream.

If you blindly pursue cheapness, some led screen suppliers may not be able to ensure the safety and service life of your outdoor LED display in terms of product safety and maintenance design, and a lot of maintenance costs and time will be required to make you miserable in the later stage.

Therefore, “You get what you pay for” has its truth.

For specific prices, you can refer to this article:

6. Choose your own outdoor LED display integrator

Why not tell you to choose the best outdoor LED display supplier instead of the most suitable one?

It depends on your needs:

  • If you only need to buy it once and use it in the next 20 days, you don’t care about the price, and the after-sales service can provide fast on-site service, then choosing your local outdoor LED display integrator is the most suitable.
  • Suppose you only need to buy different displays one or more times, and you need to use them in the next 60 days. In that case, you have certain requirements for the price, you have certain maintenance knowledge, or there are local resources in this area. It is most suitable to choose an outdoor LED display manufacturer.

You can consider the “big manufacturing country” – China, which has a complete and mature supply chain to provide you with a continuous and stable supply of goods; you can take a look at the complete list of LED display suppliers in China:

7. Visual display

The display effect is the most direct feedback of the quality of the outdoor LED display, whether there is a flickering screen, a large number of dead lights, uneven color, the poor flatness of the whole screen, whether it can be displayed normally in rainy days, and what is the upper limit of the maximum outdoor brightness, etc. 

In conclusion:

Considering the above 7 points, I hope to find a satisfactory outdoor LED display supplier for you. If you have questions about outdoor LED displays, you can leave a message below, and we will patiently answer them.

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