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Perimeter LED screens have become the preferred promotional tool for advertisers due to their high brightness, high definition, and remote control capabilities.

At the same time, with the acceleration of urbanization, more and more public places and commercial areas are beginning to use perimeter LED screens for decoration and promotion, which also provides a broad space for the rapid development of the perimeter LED screen market.

It not only provides advertisers with an efficient and accurate publicity platform but also brings considerable benefits to investors and operators. However, how to effectively use perimeter LED screens to achieve profitability is still a concern for many investors and operators.

This article will combine the current market situation and industry trends to analyze the ways to make money with LED fence screens from multiple angles. Let’s take a look.

1. Application of perimeter LED screen in sports fields

The application of perimeter LED screens in sports fields has become increasingly common. They not only bring a richer visual experience to the audience but also bring considerable commercial benefits to advertisers and sports venues. The following are the specific applications of perimeter LED screens in sports fields:

  • Real-time broadcast of game information:

The perimeter LED screen can play the game’s scores, statistics, player information, and game progress in real-time, ensuring that the audience can keep track of the latest developments of the game at any time.

This real-time update feature allows viewers to participate more deeply in the game and enhances the viewing experience.

  • Play commercial advertisements:

As an advertising medium, perimeter LED screens can play various commercial advertisements, including brand promotion, product promotion, etc.

These ads can be played on a loop during games, providing advertisers with an efficient promotional platform while also bringing advertising revenue to sports venues.

  • Display event culture and event information:

perimeter LED screens can also be used to display event slogans, slogans, mascots, etc., to enhance the cultural atmosphere of the event.

At the same time, it can also be used to publish event-related information, such as audience interaction activities, lottery sessions, etc., to increase the fun of the game and audience participation.

  • Improve the image of the venue:

The design and installation of perimeter LED screens can be coordinated with the overall style of the stadium to enhance the image and grade of the venue. Through carefully designed advertising content and images, a modern, fashionable, and energetic atmosphere can be created to attract more viewers to watch the game.

  • Safety warning and emergency information release:

In emergencies, perimeter LED screens can also be used to release safety warnings and emergency information, such as evacuation instructions, weather warnings, etc., to ensure the safety of the audience.

2. How to make money with perimeter LED screen

I’m very sorry that my previous answer did not provide a detailed explanation of the specific application of perimeter LED screens in sports fields. The following is an example of how to make money based on the use of perimeter LED screens in sports fields:

1). Advertisement Income

  • Sports brand advertising:

As part of the sports field, perimeter LED screens can attract a large number of sports fans and audiences.

Therefore, sports brands such as sports shoes and sportswear can place advertisements here to increase brand exposure and attract potential consumers by displaying their latest products, brand image, and sponsorship information.

  • Event sponsor display:

Large-scale sports events often have many sponsors, and perimeter LED screens can be used as a window for sponsors to display their brand image. By looping the sponsor’s logo, slogan, or specific advertisement, the sponsor’s recognition and favorability in the audience’s mind can be enhanced.

2). Brand promotion and value-added services

  • Sports team and club promotion:

perimeter LED screens on sports fields can become an important tool for sports teams or clubs to showcase their strength, promote game results, and attract fans. Enhance fans’ sense of belonging and engagement by playing highlight game clips, player introductions, or club event information.

  • Interactive event experience:

perimeter LED screens can design interactive links, such as audience voting, real-time guessing, etc., to attract audience participation and enhance the fun of the event. Interactive experiences increase the audience’s attention to the event and provide advertisers with more accurate marketing data.

3). Leasing and cooperation

  • Temporary rental for events:

perimeter LED screens can be rented as temporary facilities for large sporting events or temporary activities. Organizers can add highlights to the event by renting perimeter LED screens while reducing their equipment investment costs.

  • Long-term cooperation with venues:

Establish long-term cooperative relationships with sports venues and provide installation, maintenance, and operation services of perimeter LED screens for the venues. Through long-term cooperation, we ensure a stable source of income and gradually expand the business scale as the venue develops.

3. Strategies to improve the earning power of perimeter LED screens

1).Offic to increase exposure

  • Choose an area with high traffic to increase exposure

Site selection is one of the key factors in the profitability of perimeter LED screens. Prioritizing areas with dense crowds and diverse audience groups, such as business districts, transportation hubs, or around large sports venues, can significantly increase the exposure and advertising value of perimeter LED screens.

Through precise location selection, we ensure that advertising content can be seen by more potential customers, thereby increasing advertising revenue and business cooperation opportunities.

  • Properly plan the layout to enhance visual effects and attractiveness.

Reasonable layout design can improve the visual effect and attractiveness of perimeter LED screens.

When planning the layout, factors such as the audience’s perspective, viewing distance, and light conditions should be fully considered to ensure that the advertising content can be presented to the audience clearly and eye-catching.

At the same time, we pay attention to the coordination and aesthetics with the surrounding environment, making the perimeter LED screen a part of the urban landscape, further enhancing its commercial value.

2). Innovative content and form

  • Design novel and interesting content to attract the audience’s attention

Content is the core element for perimeter LED screens to attract audiences. Capture your audience’s attention and stimulate their interest by designing novel and interesting content.

In terms of content creation, creative and interactive advertising content can be created by combining brand characteristics, target audiences, and current hot topics.

At the same time, we focus on updating and iterating content to keep advertising fresh and attractive.

  • Combine current affairs, hot topics, and holiday celebrations to produce relevant theme content.

Current hot topics and festival celebrations are good opportunities to improve the earning power of perimeter LED screens.

By capturing current hot topics and holiday atmosphere in a timely manner and producing advertising content on related themes, we can attract more viewers’ attention and participation.

For example, during major sporting events, event-related advertising content can be produced; during festivals, holiday-themed interactive activities can be launched to increase audience stickiness and participation.

  • Use dynamic, interactive, and other diverse forms to enhance audience participation.

Diverse advertising formats can enhance audience participation and experience. In addition to traditional static images and text descriptions, you can also try to use dynamic images, video clips, interactive games, and other diverse forms to make the advertising content more vivid and interesting.

By adding interactive links, such as audience voting, lottery activities, etc., the audience can participate in the advertisement and improve the interactivity and communication effect of the advertisement.

3). Improve technical level and service quality.

  • Use advanced LED display technology to ensure clear and stable images.

Technology is the key to achieving high-quality displays of perimeter LED screens. By using advanced LED display technology, such as high-definition display, high refresh rate, wide color gamut technology, etc., we can ensure the clarity and stability of advertising images and enhance the audience’s viewing experience.

At the same time, we pay attention to technological updates and upgrades, constantly introduce new technologies and products, and maintain the competitive advantage of perimeter LED screens in the market.

  • Strengthen equipment maintenance and management to ensure normal operation.

Equipment maintenance and management are crucial to ensure the normal operation of perimeter LED screens. Establish a sound maintenance management system and conduct regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs of equipment to ensure its stability and reliability.

At the same time, an emergency response mechanism is established to handle and repair sudden failures in a timely manner to reduce losses and impacts caused by equipment failures.

  • Provide excellent customer service and meet customer needs.

High-quality customer service is an important guarantee for improving the profitability of perimeter LED screens. By providing professional pre-sales consultation, solution design, installation and commissioning, and other services, we help customers solve various problems and needs.

At the same time, we have established a complete after-sales service system to promptly respond to and handle customer feedback and complaints to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By continuously improving customer service levels, we win the trust and reputation of customers and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of perimeter LED screens.


Through an in-depth analysis of the ways in which perimeter LED screens make money, we can see that advertising revenue, brand promotion, and value-added services, as well as leasing and cooperation, have brought huge profits to investors and operators.

perimeter LED screen is not only an efficient advertising and information dissemination tool but also an investment field full of business opportunities.

Finally, if you would like to know more about perimeter LED screen, please get in touch with us.

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