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LED poster screens, as an important tool for modern advertising, exhibitions, and displays, have attracted a lot of attention with their bright colors, high-definition picture quality, and dynamic display effects. But behind this, have you ever wondered about this question: How is the price of such a creative and attractive LED display screen determined? Let’s look together!

1. LED poster screen introduction

The LED poster screen is an electronic poster made using LED dot matrix display technology. It integrates an LED controller and an information release system. It has built-in two-color alloy technology and a magnetic butterfly frame design and supports seamless splicing of multiple units.

This kind of screen has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, long life, low power consumption, high reliability, etc., and can be displayed independently as a single unit or quickly combined horizontally. Its dynamic video presentation has high contrast, and high-quality display effects can be obtained from all viewing angles.

LED poster screen is mainly composed of an LED dot matrix module, control circuit, and power supply.

Among them, the LED dot matrix module is composed of multiple LED lamp beads, which can display different text and picture information; the control circuit is responsible for receiving and converting the display information to adapt it to the display requirements of the LED dot matrix module; the power supply provides power for the entire system support.

LED poster screens are widely used in commercial, cultural, educational, and other fields, especially for publicity and display in shopping malls, squares, airports, and other public places.

Due to its high brightness, high contrast, and true, vivid, and clear picture effect, the viewing experience will not be affected even under strong sunlight. In addition, the LED poster screen also adopts measures such as modular structural design and waterproof and moisture-proof materials to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment.

2. Factors affecting the price of LED poster screens

  • Hardware configuration:

The LED poster screen is like an intelligent machine. Its operation requires a lot of hardware equipment to cooperate, such as IC, lamp beads, power supply, receiving card, etc., so the hardware configuration is very important for LED poster screens. The price is also very important, and the price of well-chosen accessories will naturally increase accordingly.

  • Screen size and resolution:

Just like you have a painting, the larger the painting, the more paint and canvas required, and the higher the cost. Similarly, the larger the size of the LED poster screen, the more LED lamp beads are needed, the higher the resolution, and the clearer each pixel. The cost also increases. Therefore, the price of large-screen and high-resolution LED poster screens is naturally higher.

  • Display technology:

The resolution is different. The higher the resolution, the more expensive it will be, but the same picture quality will be better. For example, if you choose one with a high resolution, your picture quality will be very delicate, and you can play some videos or pictures with a lot of details and complex images.

On the contrary, if the resolution is lower, the picture quality will be lower, and it can play simple pictures or videos.

  • Brand and quality:

The brand is like the product’s ID card. Well-known and trustworthy brands often represent higher quality and better services, while quality is the inherent guarantee of the product.

Good quality means longer service life. Service life and less maintenance costs. Therefore, brand and quality are also important factors in determining the price of LED poster screens.

  • Degree of customization:

If you want a unique LED poster screen, such as a special size, shape, or color, you need to customize it. Customization is like having a suit tailor-made for yourself. Although the price is high, it will fit you perfectly.

Similarly, customized LED poster screens require additional design and production costs, so the price will increase accordingly.

  • Market supply and demand:

Just like the goods we see in supermarkets when supply exceeds demand, the price is low, and when demand exceeds supply, the price is high.

The price of LED poster screens will also be affected by market supply and demand. When market demand increases, prices may rise; when there is excess supply, prices may fall.

To sum up, the price of an LED poster screen is determined by many factors. When choosing to purchase, we must consider comprehensively based on our own needs and budget and choose the product with the highest price/performance ratio.

Remember, price is not the only criterion; what is more important is product quality, performance, and after-sales service.

3. How to calculate the price of purchasing an LED poster screen

It would help if you determined a few things before calculating the price, such as:

  • Size:

The general size of the LED poster screen is (excluding base) 572*1902mm, but this is not static. Because it is a customized product, if you need other sizes, you can communicate with the LED display supplier in advance.

  • Transportation method:

If you purchase it from abroad, it will involve shipping costs. You can choose the transportation method based on your needs and the prices of sea and air transportation at that time.

  • Taxes and fees:

This is related to the transportation terms you choose. DDP does not need to add taxes and fees, and everything else is required. As for the specific amount, it depends on the customs of the country where you are located at that time.

After understanding and confirming all the above matters, you can calculate the price. The formula is:

How many units + packaging fee + freight + tax (DDP does not need to add tax)

4. Market dynamics of LED poster screen prices

For example, you often buy a kind of food, but one time you find that it is on sale, and sometime later, you find that it has become more expensive. These are price changes that occur because of market dynamics. In the LED display market, the price of LED poster screens will change due to market dynamics, just like the food you buy.

There are 4 common reasons that affect the price of LED poster screens.

  • Technological progress and cost reduction:

As LED display technology continues to advance and mature, production costs gradually decrease, thus driving the price of LED poster screens down. The introduction of new technologies and improvements in production efficiency allow manufacturers to produce higher-quality products at lower costs.

  • Market supply and demand:

Market supply and demand are important factors that determine the price of LED poster screens. When market demand increases, prices may rise; when there is excess supply, prices may fall. Therefore, changes in the market supply and demand balance will directly affect the price of LED poster screens.

  • Raw material price fluctuations:

The production of LED poster screens involves a variety of raw materials, such as LED chips, circuit boards, display screens, etc. The price fluctuations of these raw materials will directly affect the production cost of LED poster screens, thereby affecting the price. When raw material prices rise, the price of LED poster screens may increase accordingly.

  • Competitive pressure:

Competition in the LED poster screen market is becoming increasingly fierce, and price competition among different brands and manufacturers is also becoming increasingly fierce. In order to seize market share, some manufacturers may adopt low-price strategies, thereby affecting market prices.

5. BIBILED LED poster screen recommendation

The video above shows BIBILED’s ultra-thin LED poster screen, which is suitable for use in retail stores, super shopping malls, exhibitions, and other scenarios.

Its advantages are:

  • Easy to operate:

Can be used with mobile phones, iPads, and computers. It also has plug-and-play functionality and supports USB, HDMI, LAN, cloud, WIFI, and network control. The LED poster screen has WI-FI connectivity and can be controlled from a mobile device. This means you can easily change programs on your phone, tablet, or laptop via WI-FI connected to the LED poster screen.

  • Thin and light:

While pursuing the display effect, this LED poster screen has also put a lot of effort into the structural design. Compared with traditional LED displays, it is lighter, weighing only 29 kg, which is undoubtedly an outstanding advantage among similar products. The thin and light design not only makes it more beautiful but also greatly facilitates transportation and installation.

Whether it is at the exhibition site, commercial district, or indoor decoration, this LED poster screen can easily cope with various environmental challenges.

  • Multiple splicing:

In addition to the above advantages, this LED poster screen also has the function of multiple splicing. It can be used independently to show the charm of a single picture; it can also be spliced together to form a larger LED screen, presenting a more shocking visual effect. This flexible splicing method allows it to maximize its value in various application scenarios, whether it is commercial advertising, information release, or stage background.

  • Plug and play:

It is worth mentioning that this LED poster screen adopts a unique design concept; it can stand independently without a complex installation structure. After receiving the LED screen, users only need to simply plug in the power cord and data cable to turn it on and use it. This plug-and-play design greatly simplifies the installation process, saving users time and energy.

At the same time, it also reduces the requirements for the installation environment, allowing this LED poster screen to be used in more situations.


The above is the entire content of this article. The price of poster screens is determined by many factors, including screen size, display technology, brand and quality, and market dynamics. Choosing a suitable poster screen requires careful consideration of these factors and finding the most cost-effective product in the market.

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