2021 BIBILED has a new logo


November 2, 2021, BIBILED’s new logo was born.

We understand that there are no companies that are always successful, only companies that constantly adapt to the general trend of the times.

1. The main changes are as follows:

  • “B”——”b”
  • “Blue, black, white” ——”black, white”
  • Font changes

2. About the design concept of the new logo:

-Towards a corporate culture of simplicity, freedom, and responsibility

Since 2016, BIBILED has been adhering to a family-oriented culture.

In 2021, BIBILED’s big family is more like a passionate and diligent team; strive to improve professional standards and provide customers with quality services.

  • The entire logo looks like a circle, but it is not closed. It contains the concept of freedom of innovation, aggressiveness, and open cooperation, making BIBILED more stable in development and more international.
  • The “one point” of the logo represents the team’s cohesion, working together to develop the business. At the same time, BIBILED adheres to customers’ needs and is the core focus of creating value for customers.

New changes are progressing every time, looking forward to better and better BIBILED.

3. Why choose BIBILED?

  • More than 6 years of LED display screen manufacturers in China.
  • 3 years high-quality warranty provided.
  • 5% spare parts for your orders.
  • With the global certification of CE, EMC, LVD, FCC, UL, etc.
  • Overseas customers in 37 countries in the world.

The main products are:

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