Where Are The Most Amazing LED Displays In Tokyo?


Tokyo, as the political, economic, and cultural center of Japan, is also a globally recognized capital of technological innovation and artistic trends. The number, scale, and technical level of its LED displays are among the best in the world.

These displays are distributed in every corner of the city, from bustling commercial districts to modern transportation hubs, from towering skyscrapers to spacious public squares. They can be seen everywhere.

However, among the many LED displays, which one is the most stunning? This article will take you into the world of LED displays in Tokyo and find out.

1. Tokyo - LED displays can be seen everywhere.

With the rapid development of technology, people’s demand and customization requirements for advertising are also increasing day by day. Tokyo, as Japan’s largest city and technology center, has naturally become a gathering place for LED displays.

In this bustling city, the number and scale of LED displays continue to expand. They are integrated into every corner of the city at an astonishing speed, bringing an unprecedented visual feast to Tokyo.

It is not easy to accurately count the number of LED displays in Tokyo because, with the rapid development of technology and the market, new displays are constantly emerging, and old ones are constantly being updated and replaced. But what is certain is that the number is huge and growing.

These LED displays are more than simple billboards or information dissemination tools; they have become an integral part of Tokyo’s urban landscape. From towering skyscrapers to narrow streets, from busy transportation hubs to tranquil parklands, you can see their bright presence wherever you go.

The more common places are:

  • Bustling business districts such as Shinjuku and Shibuya

  • Ginza and other financial and business districts

  • Sports venues and entertainment venues

  • Transportation hubs such as subway stations and train stations

It can be said that LED displays have become a part of Tokyo’s urban life. They are closely connected with the urban landscape, culture, art, and technological development and jointly shape the unique charm of this city.

2. Why are so many LED displays installed in Tokyo?

Tokyo, this bustling international metropolis, attracts the attention of the world with its unique charm and vitality. In every corner of the city, you can see countless LED displays. They are like the eyes of the city, adding endless charm and vitality to the city.

First of all, as an efficient and intuitive advertising tool, the LED display screen has great appeal to merchants. In a city like Tokyo, with a highly developed economy and frequent commercial activities, businesses have chosen to use LED displays to display their brands and products in order to attract the attention of consumers.

These displays are usually located in busy commercial districts, transportation hubs, and other places with dense traffic, allowing advertising content to be quickly conveyed to a large number of potential customers, thus increasing the exposure and communication effect of advertising.

Secondly, LED display screens also play an important role in beautifying urban landscapes. They inject new vitality into Tokyo’s urban landscape with unique visual effects and diverse display content. Especially at night, when the neon lights of the city and the bright lights of the LED display complement each other, the whole city seems to become more dazzling.

This beautification effect not only improves the overall image of the city but also brings a better visual experience to citizens and tourists, enhancing their sense of belonging and happiness in the city.

In addition, LED displays also play an important role in information dissemination and public services. In transportation hubs such as subway stations and train stations, these displays can display important content such as train schedules, road conditions, and weather forecasts in real-time, helping passengers better plan their itineraries and respond to emergencies.

In an emergency, the LED display can also promptly issue emergency notifications and evacuation instructions to improve public safety. These functions make LED displays an indispensable part of urban life.

Finally, with the continuous advancement and innovation of science and technology, LED display technology is also constantly developing. As Japan’s technology center, Tokyo has a high degree of acceptance and demand for new technologies and applications.

Therefore, a large number of LED displays not only meet current needs but also lay the foundation for future technological innovation and urban development. With the popularization and application of new technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, LED displays are expected to achieve more diverse functions and application scenarios, bringing more convenience and fun to urban life.

3. Where are the most amazing LED displays in Tokyo?

  • Shibuya 3D LED display

The Giant Dog Shibuya 3D advertising screen is a very eye-catching outdoor LED advertising screen in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. This billboard uses the image of a giant Akita dog and uses advanced 3D technology to present a very realistic and vivid effect. This Akita dog is designed to be very cute and agile, as if jumping and playing on the billboard, attracting a large number of passers-by to stop and watch and take photos.

It is understood that this giant dog Shibuya 3D billboard was produced by a Japanese advertising company to promote a pet food brand. The image of the Akita dog on the billboard complements the brand’s product image and successfully attracts consumers’ attention and interest through cute images and vivid scenes.

In addition to displaying the brand image, this giant dog Shibuya 3D billboard is also interactive and social. Viewers can participate in the advertisement by taking photos, sharing, etc., and interacting and communicating with Akita dogs. This interactivity and sociality not only enhance the appeal and impact of advertising but also establish a closer connection between brands and consumers.

  • Shinjuku street 3D LED display

You must have seen this 3D kitten on social media. This cat appeared on a 3D billboard on a building near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan. Located at the East Exit of Shinjuku Station, the billboard consists of a curved LED screen that spans three floors and displays crisp 4K images.

This 3D billboard attracted a large number of pedestrians to stop and watch, and passers-by were amazed at how realistic and cute the cat was. The cat has become one of Shinjuku’s new landmarks and has attracted many netizens to share and discuss it on social media. In addition, in order for people around the world to see the cat, the advertising company will live-stream the billboard.

  • Tokyo 3D LED display

There are many 3D billboards in Tokyo, among which there is a famous 3D billboard in the Shinjuku area, which displays a lifelike large lion. This billboard uses advanced 3D technology to make the lion look lifelike as if it is leaping out of the screen. This unique visual effect attracts a large number of pedestrians to stop and watch, making it a major attraction in Shinjuku.

In addition to its visual impact, this 3D billboard also fully demonstrates the brand’s characteristics and concepts. As the protagonist of the advertisement, the lion’s brave and mighty image fits well with the brand image, conveying the brand’s strength and confidence. At the same time, the design of the billboard also takes into consideration the coordination with the surrounding environment, making it a beautiful scenery in the Shinjuku area.

  • Shinjuku Nike 3D LED display

This billboard uses advanced 3D technology to present a very realistic and vivid effect so that people will be deeply attracted the moment they see it.

This 3D Nike billboard is not only a platform to display the Nike brand but also an interactive space that attracts people’s attention and participation. By combining the latest technological means and creative design concepts, this billboard successfully created a very attractive and influential urban landscape and also injected new vitality and impetus into the development of the Nike brand in the Japanese market.

4. How to make your LED display stand out in Tokyo?

If your LED display stands out in a bustling city like Tokyo, a range of strategies and measures are required. Here are some suggestions:

Of course, the following is a more understandable expansion of these suggestions:

  • Innovation and uniqueness

First of all, to make your LED display stand out in the competitive environment of Tokyo, it must be a little different. Think about it: if you are walking on the street, are new and interesting things more likely to attract your attention?

Therefore, it is a good way to use the latest display technology to make your screen look clearer and smoother or to design a unique and cool appearance. Just like those popular mobile phones or TV commercials, they are always impressive because of their novel and unique visual effects.

  • Customized content

Next, content is king. You need to know your audience – who are they? What do they like? Then, based on this information, create some advertisements or information that are closely related to them. For example, if your display is located in a fashionable neighborhood frequented by young people, playing some popular music, fashion information, or trendy brand advertisements may be more popular. In short, it provides valuable, interesting content that makes people want to stop and watch.

  • Interactivity

Also, getting the audience involved is a great trick. Imagine if your display screen was not just a tool to play advertisements but also allowed people to interact and participate. Wouldn’t that be more interesting?

You can set up mini-games, polls, or Q&A sessions to let viewers interact with the display via their phones or other devices. This way, people not only see your ad but also get fun and rewards from the interaction.

  • Location selection

Of course, location is also very important. A good location can make your display more effective with less effort. Choose a place with dense traffic, such as a business district, transportation hub, etc., so that more people can see your advertisement.

At the same time, the surrounding competitive environment must also be considered. If your display is surrounded by similar billboards or displays, you’ll need to work harder to innovate and differentiate to stand out.

  • Maintenance and updates

Finally, don’t forget to maintain and update your display. Just like our mobile phones or computers, it is very necessary to clean and update software and hardware regularly.

In this way, your display screen can always maintain good operating conditions and provide the best viewing experience to the audience. At the same time, remember to update your content in a timely manner. Fresh and interesting content can continue to attract people’s attention.

  • Integrated Marketing

In addition to this, it is also a good strategy to combine your LED display with other marketing channels. For example, you can share photos or videos of your display on social media to attract more attention and discussion. Alternatively, you can develop a mobile app that allows people to view content and activity information on your display at any time.

Through multi-channel publicity and promotion, your display will have the opportunity to gain more exposure and attention.


As part of the modern urban landscape, Tokyo’s LED advertising screens have become the focus of attracting audiences and consumers with their unique visual effects, innovative design concepts, and high interactivity. These billboards not only display the characteristics and concepts of the brand but also bring new inspiration to the beautification of the city and the dissemination of information.

The above is the entire content of this article. If you want to know more about LED displays, please get in touch with us!

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