What Are The Advantages Of Indoor Fixed LED Screen?


With LED display technology becoming increasingly advanced, LED display screen applications are gradually divided into indoor and outdoor 2 types. In general, in addition to the applicable scene is not the same, mainly based on the LED display point spacing. Large-pitch products are often used outdoors, while full-color screens with small spacing are commonly used indoors because indoor users look at the LED screen closer than outdoors, so they focus more on the screen clarity.

At present, the indoor LED display screen is a LED display screen with solid visual impact and a series of advantages, including accurate positioning of the target customers. So this time, I will take you from 6 specific understandings of the advantages of indoor fixed LED.

1. A variety of specifications, a wider choice

1). Screen size: Whether hundreds of large or small, delicate screens as small as less than a square meter, indoor LED displays are available in various sizes.

2). Point spacing: Indoor P0.9 mm point spacing, P2.5 mm point spacing, and so on… There are many types of specifications; users can choose their applications according to the corresponding specifications.

3). Size and shape: You no longer need to be limited to set sizes or shapes. Whether you want a line or a surface, a square or a rectangle, large or small, Indoor LED displays can be connected to a computer to meet the rich software.

2. Firm and durable

The indoor LED display is powerful and durable. LED displays made of durable materials, such as solid plastic, can improve the screen’s durability over surrounding standards and familiar lighting sources. The service life of indoor LED display screens is very long. In general, the life of an indoor LED display screen can reach more than 10 years on average. There is no need to worry about it in everyday use.

3. Easy to install, easy to maintain

1), The installation is the most important step for a complete LED screen, and there are 3 types of installation:

  • Wall-mounted: Suitable for 10 square meters below the indoor LED display; the wall requirements are a solid wall.

  • Suspension: Generally used in stations, subway stations. The screen body adopts the whole cabinet design.

  • Embedded: Suitable for small spacing, small area of the screen.

2), Maintenance is also important for the LED experience. Indoor LED screen installation has 2 ways:

  • Front-end maintenance: The general module with magnetic fixed box. Remove from the front of a screen for Maintenance. The advantage is that the LED display box can be designed to be thinner. Commonly used for embedded and wall-mounted Installation.

  • Rear maintenance: Modules with more screws fixed from the back of the screen to remove Maintenance. But the use of indoor rear Maintenance LED is less.

4. High definition, good visual effect

Indoor LED dot spacing is small, so the most direct effect is to improve the resolution of the LED display so that the picture or video on the screen appears clearer, better picture quality.

For example, a 2K HD video looks sharp on a P2.5 LED screen but grainy on a P6 LED screen. The image quality is completely different. Mainly indoors, the user from the viewing distance of the LED display is relatively close, so pay attention to the clarity of this factor.

5. Full color, high brightness

LED display adopts a high brightness patch, so it has the advantages of LED light-emitting elements, pure light color, softness, and no glare. Not only can it be used as decoration, but it can also be used for lighting purposes. Indoor LED display screen brightness of up to 2000 MD/M2, far more than other large-screen displays. More importantly, it can also be based on the indoor light intensity to adjust the brightness, which is more human-oriented.

6. Commercial use value high

It is an indisputable fact that the indoor LED display screen has a beautiful appearance, and a wide variety of products can meet the different needs of different entity stores. To enhance the store’s appeal to customers, we can use the indoor LED screen to create a special atmosphere and play product sample pictures or product advertising to achieve appeal to customers. Improve the quality of physical stores.

Take the window display in indoor LED display screen as an example; it can often become the focus of physical stores, and all-around video display and product foil can attract a lot of people’s attention. Some can even become a feature of the business district.

7. Wide angle of view

Indoor LED display LED screen with high brightness, wide angle of view, and high flatness characteristics. Support level 170 °, 160 ° vertical angle of view shows better meet the needs of large indoor places; visual effects will be better so that we have a broader vision.

8. Use more variety of scenes

Indoor LED display screen with its pure color and screen characteristics clear. They are widely used in large-scale animation exhibitions, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, bars, and large-scale shopping malls, such as advertising screens. With the gradual maturity of LED display technology, its application will be more extensive.


Above is the indoor LED display more prominent several advantages; I hope to help you.

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