Top 10 LED Signs Canada Suppliers in 2023

With the development of science and technology, the promotion of smart homes and LED display screens in recent years has been widely used in life, such as in stadiums, shopping malls, stations, and hotels. From indoors to outdoors, you can see its shadow. Now the LED display is in a high-speed development stage. In the world, each country also appears many LED display suppliers.

If you want to buy an LED display, how can you choose a more suitable one for your requirements of LED display? Below I found the Canadian top 10  LED signs display suppliers. You can choose according to their own needs for your products.

(In no particular order)

1. Genoptic Smart Displays


  • Main Product: LED advertising screen series

  • Tel: 1-886-665-0564

  • Email: none

Genoptic is an R&D firm specializing in nano-optoelectronics. Unlike other digital signage companies, Genoptic Smart Displays continues to innovate the next generation of LED billboard technologies leading the industry in the highest quality, best warranty. As one of the top digital signage companies, influential brands proudly represent our products, including A&W, McDonald’s, Jag Sports, and More! All Genoptic Smart Displays products offer one of the industry’s best warranty programs, including lifetime free technical service and service plans for 100,000 hours. 

2. Blue Leo Technologies


  • Main Product: LED Commercial Sisplay, LED Transparent Display

  • Tel: 1 (647) 879 0944

  • Email:

Blue Leo Technologies is a dynamic Canadian company in the improved display solution industry. They always aim to supply their clients with LED screens and display modern technologies. 

Blue Leo Technologies has comprehensive experience providing and consulting custom audio-visual systems for their business-to-business clients. The company seeks the global markets to source advanced innovative technologies direct from manufacturers. Their clients are shopping malls, exhibitions, museums, universities, corporate offices, luxurious retail chains, airports, and more. Furthermore, Blue Leo Technologies works with event management and business agencies, supplying unique solutions. 

3. Digital Edge Media Inc.


  • Main Product: LED Video Wall, LED Fixed Display

  • Tel: 1.866-649-3873

  • Email: none

Digital Edge Media is a complete and integrated AV solution provider. They also offer tailored designs with customers’ ideal specifications for businesses and institutions. 

 Additionally, their offered services include audiovisual repair & maintenance, rentals, service bank, and other monthly services. Digital Edge Media featured products that are visible in all areas. 

4. LED Sign Toronto


  • Main Product: LED Rental, LED Banner, Commerical LED Display

  • Tel: 416-970-1983

  • Email:

LED Sign Toronto has a variety of pixel pitches for indoor and outdoor screens to meet customer needs. Their line of LED screens includes the numerous HD series of PIE, Platinium, Eclipse-Brite, Gas price signs, Cinema, Video trucks, billboards, and many more.  The company highlighted that their products are a 2-5 years warranty, guarantee price match, and are certified manufactured. With LEDLE MEDIA, substandard products won’t be a concern for customers.

5. Media Resources International


  • Main Product: LED Video Wall, LED Billboard

  • Tel: 1 800-667-4554

  • Email:

Media Resources International is an innovative provider of high-end technology in digital signage, installation, 3D printing, and custom format printing with decades of knowledge in this area. 

Media Resources International has completely installed digital signage for over 145,000. From outdoor advertising to agencies, they have their manufacturing center, manufacturing LEDs across the nation – intending to provide the best products.

6. Pure AV


  • Main Product: LED Creative, LED Commercial Display

  • Tel: 1-800-929-7089

  • Email:

Pure AV is one of the trusted audio-visual suppliers in North America. They have a professional team who designs and improves valuable brand and customers experience through digital AV systems.

Pure AV company achieves each client’s concepts, works, ideas, and projects, making them a reality. Their staffs keep everything friendly, simple, and unforgettable. Pure AV engages and strives for all challenges. 

7. Telematics Canada


  • Main Product: LED Poster, LED Transparent Display

  • Tel: 1 604.331.8795

  • Email:

Telematics Canada is the display art of telematics in Canada. They have the best control, LED display, touch technology, projection, and service at the best price. 

In 2000, Telematics Canada incorporated into the LED technology company. They are one of the world’s biggest factory distributors and manufacturers of LED displays, along with some of the world’s leading producers like Decay. 

8. Libertevision


  • Main Product: LED Billboard, LED Fixed Display

  • Tel: 1 855 437 0022

  • Email:

Libertevision company is based throughout Canada and offers suitable LED products. They are experts enough to assist customers with their event projects. The company forms customized solutions for market signage needs and designs them according to specific business requirements. All of their offered LED display products are certified and approved. They never need maintenance, however, if there are problem occurrences, their technical experts will assist.

9. Everbright Media Technology


  • Main Product: LED Rental, LED Fixed Display

  • Tel: 778.320.5255

  • Email:

Everbright Media Technology provides for rent, set up, and repair screens for indoor and outdoor applications. They offer a complete spectrum of LED resolutions that are tailored-develop nearly any size or shape of the screen. Not only that, but the company also assists with the proper required size, specs, and pixel pitch that suits the specific site or project. Everbright Media Technology is the trusted partner of numerous top brands at present. 

10. United Digitals


  • Main Product: LED Video Wall, LED Commercial Display

  • Tel: 416-663-4500

  • Email:

United Digitals offers numerous specialized services, including design advice, development, digital signage, and installation. With 30 years of LED sign experience, they have the know-how and methods to handle challenging projects.


Above 10 Canadian suppliers of LED, you can choose according to their requirements which is most suitable for you.

If you are also interested in Chinese LED display manufacturers and do not need LED displays immediately, then you may want to consider Chinese LED display manufacturers. They have long been known for their superior quality and relatively low prices.

Bibiled, located in Shenzhen, China, is one of the best LED suppliers in China. Focus on LED display for 6 years, professional LED display solutions company.

Below are examples of products that BIBILED offers to countries:

If you have any questions about the LED display, please contact

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