The Year Of Rise Of COB LED Display Is About To Begin!


With the rapid changes in technology, the LED display industry is also constantly innovating and progressing. In recent years, the rise of COB (Chip on Board) LED display technology has brought unprecedented changes to the LED display field.

COB LED displays are gradually becoming the new favorite in the market with their significant advantages, such as high brightness, high contrast, and wide color gamut.

1. COB LED display technology overview

COB LED display is a display tool based on COB packaging technology. It cleverly integrates the LED chip and the substrate to form a seamless display panel. This innovative design not only improves the display effect but also fully demonstrates the artistic charm of the LED display.

The composition of the COB LED display is quite delicate. The LED chips serve as the core of the light source and are closely arranged on the substrate to form delicate pixels. The packaging material is like a transparent protective film, guarding the stable operation of the internal chip. The drive circuit is the command center of the entire display, accurately controlling the luminescence and brightness of each pixel.

  • Advantages of COB LED display and other LED displays

Compared with traditional LED displays, the advantages of COB LED displays are as refreshing as the spring breeze blowing on your face.

In terms of brightness, COB LED displays perform well. Due to the seamless connection between the chip and the substrate, the loss of light is reduced, making the brightness higher and more uniform. Whether it’s a sunny day or a dim night, the COB LED display can present a clear and bright picture.

In terms of contrast, the COB LED display also performs outstandingly. Its surface light source emission method effectively reduces light refraction and reflection, making the picture clearer and more delicate. Whether it is text, pictures, or videos, it can present a more distinct sense of hierarchy.

In terms of color gamut, the wide color gamut technology of COB LED displays is eye-catching. It can present richer and more realistic colors, making the picture more vivid and lifelike.

Whether it’s bright flowers, emerald green leaves, or the deep night sky, everything is perfectly presented.

In addition, COB LED displays also have many advantages, such as high protection levels, strong heat dissipation capacity, and low energy consumption. The device has good sealing performance and can adapt to various harsh environments.

The heat dissipation design is reasonable, which effectively extends the service life of the display; at the same time, due to the reduction of packaging levels and process steps, energy consumption is relatively low.

To sum up, the COB LED display screen has become a shining pearl in the field of LED display screens with its unique advantages and excellent performance. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continued growth of market demand, it will be widely used in more fields and bring people a better visual experience.

2. Development status of COB LED display technology

In the early stages, COB packaging technology was mainly used in the lighting field, and its advantages, such as high reliability, low cost, and easy implementation of small-pitch lighting, were gradually recognized.

With the continuous advancement of technology, COB packaging technology has begun to be introduced into the field of LED display screens, injecting new vitality into the development of display screens.

However, COB LED displays also face many technical difficulties in the development process. Issues such as ink color consistency, yield, and after-sales maintenance once became bottlenecks restricting its development.

However, with continuous breakthroughs and innovations in technology, these problems have gradually been solved, and COB LED displays have begun to show their huge potential.

In recent years, COB LED displays have made significant progress in packaging technology, drive circuits, heat dissipation design, etc. Improvements in packaging technology have continuously reduced the pixel pitch of COB LED displays and made the display more delicate.

Optimization of the drive circuit has improved the stability and reliability of the display; innovations in heat dissipation design have effectively reduced the operating temperature of the display and extended its service life.

At present, COB LED display screens have achieved all-round applications from indoor to outdoor, small to large sizes, and from monochrome to full color.

Its high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut, and other advantages have made it widely used in advertising media, sports events, cultural performances, and other fields, becoming a new force in the LED display market.

As COB LED display technology continues to mature and application fields continue to expand, both domestic and foreign markets are showing a booming development trend.

In terms of market size, the COB LED display market continues to grow, especially in the fields of professional display and commercial display, and the market size continues to expand.

According to statistics, the annual compound growth rate of the COB LED display market size has remained at a high level in recent years, showing strong development momentum.

In terms of major manufacturers, many domestic and foreign companies have entered the field of COB LED displays and continuously improved their strength through technological innovation and market expansion.

Some well-known domestic brands, such as Zhaochi Crystal Display and Hi-tech Optoelectronics, have achieved remarkable results in the field of COB LED displays and become market leaders.

At the same time, some international companies are also optimistic about the development prospects of the COB LED display market and have increased investment to promote further upgrading of technology and expansion of application fields.

3. The first year of COB LED display

Since 2023, COB LED display application products have entered an unprecedented rapid development track with their excellent competitiveness, popular market reputation, and increasing brand value. This year, the industry regards it as the first year of the rise of COB LED display, marking a significant improvement in its market position.

According to authoritative statistics, domestic COB display product sales jumped strongly in 2023, successfully breaking through the 3 billion yuan mark and demonstrating strong market potential.

Looking to the future, based on the current surging momentum of industry development, we have reason to believe that sales in the COB display application market are expected to double again in 2024, exceeding the 6 billion yuan mark, and continue to write a new glorious chapter.

Industry veterans even predict with confidence that with the continuous innovation and breakthrough of COB packaging technology, its small-pitch display products are very likely to surpass traditional SMD chip display products in sales in the next 3 to 5 years and become the market leader. The new darling, leading the new wave of industry development.

This marks a significant breakthrough and recognition of this technology in the field of LED display. The main factors driving the arrival of its first year include technological progress, market demand, and policy support.

First of all, technological progress is a key factor driving the arrival of the first year of COB LED displays. The continuous innovation of COB packaging technology allows LED chips and driver circuits to be more closely integrated, improving pixel density and color reproduction while also reducing manufacturing costs.

This millimeter-precision packaging technology enables COB LED displays to present clearer and more detailed images, providing users with a better visual experience.

Secondly, the growth of market demand has also provided a strong impetus for the development of COB LED displays. With the rapid development of security monitoring, advertising media, sports events, and other fields, there is an increasingly strong demand for high-quality, high-definition LED displays. With its excellent display effect and stability, the COB LED display is gradually becoming the product of choice in these fields.

In addition, policy support has also played a positive role in promoting the development of COB LED displays. The country has issued a series of industrial policies to support the development of the LED industry, providing a broad space for the application of COB LED displays.

At the same time, the government’s construction of smart cities, modern transportation systems, and other fields also provide more opportunities for the application of COB LED displays in security monitoring, command and dispatch, and other fields.

4. Application scenarios of COB LED display

  • Application cases in the field of advertising and media

In the field of advertising media, COB LED display screens have become a powerful tool to attract the audience’s attention with their stunning visual effects and flexible playback methods. COB LED displays are often seen in large commercial complexes, pedestrian streets, shopping malls, and other places.

They are not only used to play brand advertising, product promotion, and other information but also bring an immersive visual experience to the audience through dynamic pictures, high-definition videos, and other forms.

In addition, the COB LED display can also be customized according to customer needs to achieve a personalized display and provide strong support for brand promotion.

  • Application cases in the field of sports events

Sports events are one of the important application scenarios of COB LED displays. In sports venues, surrounding areas, and other places, COB LED displays can broadcast game footage, event information, advertisements, and other content in real-time, providing audiences with a comprehensive viewing experience.

At the same time, its high brightness and high contrast characteristics make the picture still clearly visible under direct sunlight, meeting the needs of outdoor sports events. In addition, the COB LED display can also be remotely controlled and updated via the Internet, making it easier for event organizers to manage and operate.

  • Application cases in the field of cultural and performing arts

In the field of cultural and performing arts, COB LED displays also play an important role. In theaters, concerts, literary evenings, and other occasions, COB LED displays are often used as background boards or stage decorations to create cool visual effects.

By playing videos, images, and other elements that match the performance content, the COB LED display brings a more immersive viewing experience to the audience. In addition, its flexible splicing methods and high-definition display effects also make the performance scenes more colorful.

  • Innovative applications in smart cities

In the construction of smart cities, COB LED displays are playing an increasingly important role as a carrier for information display and interaction. In public squares, parks, transportation hubs, and other places, COB LED displays can release city news, traffic information, weather forecasts, and other content in real time to provide citizens with convenient services.

At the same time, through connection and interaction with other smart devices, COB LED displays can also achieve intelligent management and control, improving the efficiency and level of urban management.

  • Innovative applications in the field of intelligent transportation

In the field of intelligent transportation, the innovative applications of COB LED displays are reflected in many aspects. First of all, they are widely used on road signs and traffic lights. Their high definition and high brightness ensure that drivers can clearly identify traffic information in various weather and light conditions.

Secondly, COB LED displays are also used in public places such as bus stations and taxi stops to display train numbers, arrival times, and other information in real-time to facilitate passengers’ travel. In addition, with the development of

Internet of Vehicles technology, COB LED displays can also be connected to vehicle-mounted equipment to realize information interaction and sharing between vehicles, improving the overall efficiency and safety of the transportation system.


In short, the arrival of the first year of the COB LED display is not only an affirmation of past technological accumulation but also an expectation for future development.

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