The Most Eye-Catching LED Displays in The World


With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous emergence of creativity, LED display screens, as an important part of modern advertising, media, and urban landscape, have attracted increasing attention.

How much do you know about the world’s best LED display? Let’s take a look together.

1. New York Times Square LED display

The LED advertising display screen located at 1535 Broadway in Times Square, New York, is undoubtedly one of the largest and highest-resolution screens in the world.

It is 8 stories tall, spans 45th Street to 46th Street, is as wide as a football field, and is composed of an astonishing 24 million sets of LEDs. It is like a huge electronic picture hanging above the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

The resolution of this screen is amazing. It not only clearly displays various advertising contents but also plays high-definition videos and images in real-time, bringing a shocking visual experience to the audience. What’s even more amazing is that this screen is connected to a high-end crowd camera, which can capture the dynamics of the crowd at the scene and broadcast it in real-time.

Audiences can not only enjoy exquisite advertising images but also interact with the screen and feel the fun brought by technology.

According to the New York Times, the quotation for this giant LED advertising screen is as high as US$2.5 million every four weeks, fully demonstrating its commercial value and market potential.

It is not only an excellent platform for advertisers to display their brand image but has also become a highlight of Times Square in New York, attracting the attention of countless tourists and citizens. Whenever night falls, this screen becomes the most eye-catching focus of Times Square, lighting up the night sky across the city.

2. LED display in Jakarta, Indonesia LED display in Jakarta, Indonesia

When it comes to large-scale LED screens, Mall Taman Anggrek in Jakarta, Indonesia, is undoubtedly the king. This shopping paradise covering an area of 360,000 square meters is not only a commercial landmark in Indonesia but also has a Guinness World Record for its LED screens.

This LED screen is like a huge canvas, colorful and full of vitality, adding endless charm to this tropical city. With a total length of 1,160 feet, it seems to wrap a colorful scarf around the mall.

Due to the huge size of this screen and its open location, citizens strolling nearby or tourists from afar can be attracted to it at a glance and feel the visual shock it brings. This LED screen not only adds a unique charm to Mall Taman Anggrek but also becomes a beautiful scene in the city of Jakarta.

3. The world's largest single LED display building

This is undoubtedly the “MSG Sphere” located in the glamorous Las Vegas. It is a new landmark of Las Vegas that took six years and cost 2.3 billion US dollars (16.64 billion yuan) to build.

The “MSG Sphere” is 112 meters high, equivalent to a 31-story building, and its majestic appearance makes people marvel. The widest point reaches 157 meters, with a surface area of more than 580,000 square feet (approximately 53,884 square meters). This huge number makes it the largest spherical structure in the world.

The 1.2 million fist-sized LED light sources covering its surface are what make it truly eye-catching. These light sources are controlled through high-tech programming and can display shocking dynamic images on the building surface as if the prosperity and vitality of Las Vegas are concentrated in this building.

4. Why outdoor LED displays are becoming more and more popular

The reason why outdoor LED displays are becoming more and more popular is because they provide excellent visual effects and are versatile. Let’s take a closer look at why.

First of all, the display effect of outdoor LED display is very good. They are very bright and can be clearly seen even in sunlight. Moreover, the colors are bright, and the contrast is high, so people can be attracted at a glance. This high-quality display effect allows advertisements or information to be conveyed to the audience more vividly and intuitively.

Secondly, outdoor LED displays can be made very large. This means they can display more content, whether it’s text, images, or videos, with ease. This large-area display effect can attract more people’s attention, thereby increasing the exposure and awareness of the advertisement.

In addition, outdoor LED displays can be installed in various places, such as shopping malls, squares, parks, etc. This diverse application scenario allows them to meet the needs of different customers; whether it is brand promotion, event promotion, or public service information, they can find a suitable display method.

In addition, the playback format of outdoor LED displays is also very flexible. They can be programmed and controlled to realize various playback forms, such as rolling subtitles and video playback. This diversified broadcast method can attract more viewers’ attention and make the advertisement more interesting and attractive.

Finally, outdoor LED displays also have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. With the development of technology, their energy consumption is gradually reduced, and their lifespan is also extended.

Moreover, no harmful substances are produced during the manufacturing process, and the impact on the environment is small. This is in line with the current social trend of pursuing green environmental protection and sustainable development.

5. Types of outdoor LED displays and their application scenarios

1). Type:

  • Large billboard LED screen: This type of screen is usually large and can display very clear and vivid images and videos. We often see them in the heart of cities, in business districts, or along highways. They are often used to display advertising, branding, or public information.

  • Sports venue LED screens: In sports competitions, we often see large LED screens inside or outside sports venues. They can display real-time footage of the game, game results, player introductions, and other information, allowing viewers to better understand the game.

  • Mobile LED screen: This kind of screen is more flexible and can be moved to different places as needed. They are often used at concerts, exhibitions, celebrations, and other events to provide temporary visual displays.

2). Application scenarios:

  • Commercial area: Commercial area is one of the main application places for outdoor LED displays. Merchants can display advertisements, promotional information, brand promotions, etc., through these screens to attract the attention of passers-by and increase sales.

  • Transportation hubs: Transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, and subway stations are also important application places for outdoor LED displays. They can display flight information, train schedules, advertisements, etc., making it easier for passengers to understand traffic conditions while also providing display opportunities for businesses.

  • Public square: A public square is a place for citizens to relax and entertain, and it is also a common application place for outdoor LED displays. These screens can play news, weather forecasts, public information, etc., making it easier for citizens to understand current affairs and daily life information.

6. The development prospects of outdoor LED displays

The development prospects of outdoor LED displays are very broad, and they are expected to continue to maintain strong growth momentum in the future. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of application requirements, outdoor LED displays will achieve significant development in many aspects.

First of all, the technical level of outdoor LED displays will continue to improve. In the future, outdoor LED displays will be thinner and lighter, with high definition, high brightness, and high color saturation. This means that the outdoor LED display can present clearer and more vivid images and videos, bringing a more shocking visual experience to the audience.

In addition, with the development of intelligent technology, outdoor LED displays will have more intelligent functions, such as remote monitoring, data collection, environmental control, etc., to improve efficiency and convenience.

Secondly, the application scenarios of outdoor LED displays will be further expanded. In addition to traditional commercial advertising, sports venues, transportation hubs, and other fields, outdoor LED displays will also enter more new application areas. For example, in the construction of smart cities, outdoor LED displays can be used for public information release, traffic guidance, security monitoring, etc.

In the field of cultural tourism, outdoor LED displays can display information such as introductions to tourist attractions and event promotions, providing tourists with rich visual enjoyment. In addition, with the development of technologies such as the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and augmented reality, outdoor LED displays will also be combined with these technologies to create more new application scenarios.

Finally, the market size of outdoor LED displays will continue to expand. As urbanization accelerates and people’s demand for high-quality visual experience increases, the market demand for outdoor LED displays will continue to grow.

At the same time, with the reduction of production costs and the improvement of technology level, the price of outdoor LED displays will gradually decrease, further promoting the expansion of its market size.


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