The 5 Most Popular 3D LED Displays in China


When it comes to visual enjoyment, the first reaction of most people nowadays is a 3D LED display. Its unique three-dimensional display effect, high definition, and large size have not only brought revolutionary breakthroughs to the visual experience but also brought a revolutionary breakthrough in advertising, Entertainment, sports, urban planning, and other fields that have shown huge application potential.

China, as a global manufacturing and technological innovation center, has invested huge enthusiasm and resources in the research development and application of 3D LED display technology, which has led to the rapid development and popularization of this technology in the country.

This article will take you through the most popular 3D LED displays in China and some other knowledge. Read the article together to pick up what you want to know.

1. Why do so many people choose to use 3D LED displays?

3D LED display is favored by more and more people because of the various detailed advantages it brings

1). Strong visual appeal

  • Three-dimensional effect:

3D LED display uses advanced display technology and algorithms to transform flat images into realistic three-dimensional effects. When viewers watch, they can feel the depth and layering of the objects in the image, as if they are immersed in the scene.

This three-dimensional effect is particularly attractive in advertisements, videos, or information displays, arousing interest and curiosity.

  • High-definition picture quality:

The LED display itself has high resolution and vivid color performance capabilities. Compared with traditional display technology, LED display screens have smaller pixels and more accurate color reproduction, making images clearer and more realistic.

This high-definition picture quality provides a better display platform for 3D effects, allowing viewers to appreciate the details and texture of three-dimensional images more clearly.

2). Enhance brand image and awareness

  • Innovative image:

In a highly competitive market environment, companies need to continuously innovate to stand out. Choosing to install a 3D LED display can show the company’s innovative spirit and technical strength to the outside world.

This high-tech product can make the corporate image more modern and cutting-edge, thereby attracting the attention and trust of more potential customers.

  • Increase visibility:

3D LED displays usually have larger display areas and eye-catching visual effects, which can attract the attention of a large number of pedestrians and viewers.

Installing such a display in a bustling business district or in a place with a large flow of people can significantly increase the exposure of the brand or product and increase the public’s awareness and memory of the brand.

3). Diverse application scenarios

  • Commercial advertising:

In the commercial field, 3D LED displays are widely used in shopping malls, pedestrian streets, and other places. These displays can display various commercial advertisements, attract customers’ attention, and increase sales.

Through the display method of 3D effect, the advertisement is more attractive and arouses the interest of customers, thus improving the conversion rate and effect of the advertisement.

  • Exhibition display:

In fields such as art, culture, and corporate exhibitions, 3D LED displays also play an important role. Through three-dimensional display, the audience can more intuitively understand the characteristics and charm of artworks, cultural relics, or products.

This display method not only improves the audience’s participation and experience but also increases the attraction and influence of the exhibition.

  • Outdoor billboards:

Outdoor billboards are another important application scenario for 3D LED displays. These large display screens are usually installed on building exterior walls, squares, parks, and other places and are highly visible and attractive.

Through the display method of 3D effect, the billboard is more eye-catching and attracts the attention of pedestrians and vehicles, thus improving the exposure rate and communication effect of the advertisement.

4). Seize market opportunities and technological innovation

  • Market trends:

With the continuous advancement of technology and the increasing demand for high-quality visual experience, 3D LED display screens, as a cutting-edge technology, are increasingly recognized and sought after by the market.

Enterprises that adopt this technology early can seize market trends, seize opportunities, and gain an advantageous position in a highly competitive market environment.

  • Technological innovation:

3D LED display screen represents the latest development direction of display technology. Choosing this technology can not only demonstrate the company’s innovation capabilities and technical strength but also bring technological leadership to the company.

Through continuous technological innovation and application exploration, enterprises can maintain competitive advantages and promote the development of the entire industry.

2. How to attract audiences with a 3D LED display

3D LED displays have significant advantages in attracting audiences with their unique visual effects and interactivity.

  • Innovative content:

One of the biggest advantages of 3D LED displays is the ability to present innovative and engaging content. Capture your audience’s attention by producing high-quality 3D videos and images combined with engaging stories and plots.

In addition, interactive elements such as audience participation games and interactive experiences can be used to further immerse the audience.

Imagine that a technology company uses a giant 3D LED display at a launch event to showcase its latest virtual reality technology. When the demonstration begins, the images on the screen seem to “jump” out of the screen and float in the air.

The audience can even follow the presenter’s guidance and use special glasses to watch a 360-degree panoramic view. This shocking experience undoubtedly impressed the audience and generated a high level of interest in the company and its technology.

  • Highlight your brand image:

3D LED display is a powerful brand promotion tool. By combining your brand image with innovative 3D content, you can leave a lasting impression on your audience. This not only increases brand awareness but also increases audience trust in the brand.

For example, in order to show the unique charm of its products, a car brand set up a huge 3D LED display in the center of the mall. Displayed on the screen are driving scenes of a new model in various environments, such as city streets, rural fields, etc.

These pictures not only show the appearance and performance of the vehicle but also create a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere through sound effects, lighting, and other means. When viewers watch these scenes, they can not only feel the charm of the vehicle but also have a deep impression of the brand.

  • Create an immersive experience:

By utilizing the immersive properties of 3D LED displays, an immersive experience can be created for the audience. For example, using large 3D LED displays in shopping malls or exhibitions can attract viewers to stop, watch, and participate.

We have all visited shopping malls. If there was an immersive 3D LED display outside the mall, would you be willing to stay in the mall for a while? The answer for most people is yes.

4. The development prospects of 3D LED display screens in China

The development prospects of 3D LED display screens in China are very broad. First of all, with the continuous advancement of technology and the increase in consumer demand for high-quality visual experience, 3D LED displays will be used more and more widely in various fields.

In the entertainment field, 3D LED displays can be used in cinemas, theme parks, concerts, and other places to provide audiences with an immersive viewing experience. In the commercial field, 3D LED displays can be used as an important tool for brand promotion, attracting consumers’ attention and improving brand image.

In the field of education, 3D LED displays can be used for simulation experiments, historical and cultural displays, etc., to provide a more vivid and intuitive teaching experience.

Secondly, the Chinese government has given strong support to technological innovation and industrial upgrading, providing a good development environment for the 3D LED display industry.

With the promotion of policies and investment of funds, China’s 3D LED display industry has made significant progress in technology research and development, product innovation, and market promotion. At the same time, China also actively participates in international competition and cooperation, constantly improving its technological level and industrial competitiveness.

In addition, with the rapid development of new technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, 3D LED displays will be combined with these technologies to achieve more innovative applications.

For example, through the high-speed transmission and low-latency characteristics of 5G networks, 3D LED displays can achieve higher-quality image transmission and a smoother viewing experience.

At the same time, combined with artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, 3D LED displays can realize functions such as intelligent control, interactive experience, and data analysis, providing more possibilities for business operations and consumer services.

4. Introduction to China's most popular 3D LED display

In the center of Qingdao Parkson Plaza, a giant naked-eye 3D LED display covering an area of 1,400 square meters is eye-catching. This screen not only has top features such as high refresh rate, high gray scale, and high contrast but also brings an unprecedented visual feast to the audience through fine color and pattern gradation.

It adopts the most high-end LED product technology, information integration technology, and video playback technology currently on the market to ensure excellent image quality and smooth playback.

Through the perfect fusion of unique screen design and creative video materials, this large outdoor LED screen successfully combines 5G+8K cutting-edge technology, bringing realistic ultra-high-definition naked-eye 3D display effects to Qingdao Parkson Plaza.

Whether it is a dynamic image or a static picture, it can present a delicate and real texture, making the audience feel like they are in a fantasy world full of technology and creativity.

A stunning naked-eye 3D display has been customized for the city center of Xianyang. Combining cutting-edge technology of “hardware + software + content + interaction” has brought a new visual feast to this historic city.

The outdoor giant screen of the Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions Building stands at the intersection of the bustling Yan’an Road and Hepinghai Road.

It occupies the core position of the West Lake and is only a hundred meters away from the famous West Lake Scenic Area. It is undoubtedly the focal landmark of the West Lake. With a total area of 2,400 square meters, this giant screen is currently the largest P6 ultra-high-definition outdoor 3D large screen in Asia.

With its excellent display effect and shocking audio-visual experience, it has attracted the attention of countless tourists and citizens. Whether it is the sunshine during the day or the bright lights at night, this giant screen has become an indispensable beautiful scenery beside the West Lake with its unique charm.

Changsha Huangxing Advertising has two 3D LED displays. This square is a place with a huge flow of people.

The contents of the two 3D LED displays are very creative, especially the 15-second advertisement marked with the word “Changsha,” which almost every tourist visiting Changsha must take a photo of to check in. Because of its strong attraction, it also drives the economic development of surrounding areas.

Taikoo Li Chengdu’s 3D LED display also became popular on social platforms around the world because of a video of a giant panda. This 888-square-meter LED screen has actually played more than hundreds of 3D videos so far.

Because Taikoo Li itself is also an area with a very large flow of people in Chengdu, the viewing rate of this LED display is also very high.


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