Technological Innovation, A New Product Integrating LED Screen And Mechanical Technology


With the rapid development of modern technology, it is no longer the independent development of a single field but more integrated development of fields, such as display screen + media, metaverse + cultural travel, etc. The LED display screen is also there when you don’t know it. Integrate development with various fields.

LED display screens have become an indispensable part of our lives and have become standard equipment on various occasions. Now, mechanical elements have been added to the development of LED displays, which realizes the mobility of LED displays, increases the market scope of LED displays, and increases the appeal of LED displays to the public.

So, this article will talk about the representative of mechanical LED display – kinetic LED screen.

1. What is a kinetic LED screen?

The kinetic LED screen is a mechanized LED display screen composed of multiple independent modules. Compared with traditional fixed-size LED displays, kinetic LED screens have greater flexibility and plasticity.

These modules use servo motors to drive decorations to move horizontally and linearly and use mechanical principles to realize irregular movements of three-dimensional graphics. Automatic program control is subsequently added to achieve changes in various three-dimensional graphic effects, and the cooperation of audio media brings the audience audiovisual and visual impact.

Through a precise control system, kinetic LED screens can achieve high-quality video and image display.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of kinetic LED screens

The kinetic LED screen is the first LED display with integrated mechanical functions. It has been developed after a long period of research and development. Compared with other LED displays, it has many unique advantages, such as:

  • Unique mechanical design:

The kinetic LED screen creates a unique shape and dynamic effect through mechanized design, which is in sharp contrast to the traditional flat display screen and is more eye-catching.

  • Strong visual impact:

Kinetic LED screens can create a strong visual impact for the audience through morphological changes and animation effects, enhancing the viewing experience.

  • Height adjustable and customizable:

Since the modules can be rotated and spliced, the kinetic LED screen can adjust its shape and display effect as needed to achieve personalized display effects.

  • Strong flexibility:

The kinetic LED screen can be expanded and retracted as needed to adapt to different occasions and space requirements. Whether it’s a small exhibition stand or a large display, the ideal screen size can be achieved.

  • Easy installation:

Due to the mechanical structure design, the installation of the kinetic LED screen is very simple. It can be spliced and disassembled as needed to facilitate transportation and construction.

  • Excellent visual effect:

The kinetic LED screen uses high-brightness, high-contrast LED lamp beads to make the display clearer and brighter. At the same time, its adjustable angle and curvature can achieve a wider visual range and a better viewing experience.

However, it also has some disadvantages:

  • High control system requirements:

Controlling multiple modules to perform precise mechanical transformations requires an efficient and stable control system with high technical requirements.

  • Higher cost:

Compared with traditional LED displays, kinetic LED screens have higher manufacturing costs, and purchase and maintenance costs are also relatively high.

  • Complex structure:

Due to the mechanical structure, the structure of the kinetic LED screen is relatively complex and requires professional installation and maintenance.

3. Working principle

The secret of why the kinetic LED screen can move is actually very simple. The principle of the kinetic LED screen is mainly based on a simple and ingenious mechanical structure design. It uses a servo motor to drive the decoration to move horizontally and linearly and realizes irregular telescopic movement through mechanical principles. Finally, The shape transformation is realized by uniformly writing programs through the control system.

The matrix screen is composed of multiple small rectangular LED screens. Each small rectangular LED screen has metal guide rails and gear configurations inside. Through the cooperation of these guide rails and gears, the relative sliding between modules can be achieved, thereby achieving the expansion and contraction of the screen. In addition, the cooperation of audio media brings audio-visual and visual impact to the audience.

When you need to change the screen size, you only need to control the motor in the system to rotate the gear and drive the metal guide rail to slide. In this way, the Kinetic LED screen can complete the telescopic operation of the screen in a few minutes, realizing flexible applications in different situations.

4. Diversified applicable scenarios

Dynamic LED screens are suitable for many different occasions, mainly depending on their advantages and characteristics. Here are some suitable situations:

  • Exhibition events:

Exhibition events usually require display screens of different sizes to display exhibitors’ products and information. The kinetic LED screen can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of the exhibition area to meet the different needs of exhibitors.

  • Stage performance:

Stage performance requires changing the size and shape of the background display screen according to the requirements of different performance forms. The mechanized design of the kinetic LED screen highlights the combination of technology and art, which can add mechanical beauty to the stage or place and attract the audience’s attention.

  • Commercial Advertisements:

Commercial advertisements usually need to be placed in different environments and sizes of venues. Kinetic LED screens can be flexibly installed and adjusted according to the location and space requirements of the billboard, making the advertising content more prominent and attractive.

  • Rental market:

The demand for display screens in the rental market is often not fixed, and display equipment of various sizes and specifications needs to be provided according to customer needs. The kinetic LED screen can be expanded and retracted at any time according to rental needs to meet the requirements of different customers.

  • Creative event sites:

Due to their adjustable and customizable features, kinetic LED screens are very suitable for displaying innovative products, artworks, or image promotions and can leave a deep impression on the audience.

5. Benefits that using kinetic LED screens can bring to you

As a buyer, I hope that the product I buy can bring me value. Next, let’s talk about what it can bring to you if you use a kinetic LED screen.

  • Advertising revenue:

As we all know, any LED display screen plays videos, mainly advertising. The kinetic LED screen is no exception, and its novel mechanical screen can attract people’s attention even more.

  • Save time and effort:

Kinetic LED screens can be flexibly adjusted according to different needs, avoiding the trouble of disassembling and reinstalling traditional displays. Users can quickly adjust the screen size with simple operations, saving time and labor costs.

  • Cost savings:

Kinetic LED screens can be flexibly used in different situations, eliminating the need to purchase display devices of multiple specifications. This can reduce equipment investment and maintenance costs and improve resource utilization efficiency.

  • Increase creativity:

The kinetic LED screen can be freely transformed and adjusted as needed, providing users with more creative space. Users can design a variety of display forms according to the event theme and venue requirements to attract the audience’s attention and improve the interactive effect.

  • Enhanced user experience:

The kinetic LED screen uses high-brightness, high-contrast LED lamp beads, and the display effect is clear and bright. Users can enjoy a better viewing experience and improve brand image and information transmission effect.


As an innovative form of LED display, kinetic LED screen is a technological innovation and breakthrough. In the near future, this new display screen will become an important tool in the field of advertising and information display, bringing people a more colorful visual experience.

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