Super Shocking! Discover The Secrets Of A New Las Vegas Landmark


Las Vegas is a name that almost everyone is familiar with; everyone’s impression of Las Vegas is that it has extremely luxurious hotels, casinos, developed tourism, and unconventional buildings. And now Las Vegas has added another landmark building – the world’s largest spherical immersive experience center, “MSG Sphere.”

1. External features

Located behind the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, MSG Sphere was developed and built by Madison Square Garden Entertainment. It took 6 years to build and cost 2.3 billion US dollars.

The sphere will be 366 feet (112 meters) tall and 516 feet (157 meters) wide at its widest point. It is the largest spherical building in the world at 875,000 square feet (81,300 square meters). Including seating for 18,600 people, all seats will have high-speed Internet access. The equipped LED displays are the largest and have the highest resolution. Even if you stand 100 meters away and look at it, you can clearly see the picture above.

2. The "black technology" inside the sphere

The interior is an immersive experience-based performance, with a huge 4D screen and a surrounding stage, and a screen resolution of 19000 x 13500 pixels. Its display is said to be 100 times clearer than today’s best HDTVs, all for the most stunning viewing experience.

Not only that but MSG Sphere is also equipped with a “beamforming technology” digital technology system, which can transmit all audio to audiences at various positions in the museum in the fastest and most accurate manner; in each performance, the gas that matches the performance will be released, allowing the audience to have a different experience. Create an immersive entertainment experience from various aspects such as vision, touch, and smell.

3. Other world landmarks related to LED

MSG Sphere’s naked-eye 3D display and the title of the world’s largest spherical immersive LED display attracted not only great attention in the LED display industry but also many trendy young people who went to check in and shoot just to see this visual feast with their own eyes. It has thus become a symbol of Las Vegas, demonstrating the prosperity and innovative spirit of the city.

There is nothing that can be replaced by LED displays in setting off the atmosphere and creating the atmosphere. Except for the immersion of MSG Sphere, it is also very eye-catching in other places.

For example, the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, the light show during New Year’s Eve in 2019, almost attracted the attention of countless people.

This iconic skyscraper in the UAE instantly turned into a huge display screen, and interestingly, the above image was not projected from the outside but directly displayed by the LED display covering the building, which also made this display officially the largest LED display installed on the building. LED displays were installed throughout the tower, and with the surrounding lights and music, this New Year’s Eve celebration was very successful.


As the technology of LED display becomes more and more mature, the landmark buildings in many areas have LED displays, and the emergence of Burj Khalifa and MSG Sphere also tells us that the use of LED displays is not limited to the advertisements we usually use, it can also be used with other equipment, such as light, shadow, sound effects, etc., to create different possibilities and attract more people’s attention.

So, what do you think of MSG Sphere? May wish to leave your thoughts in the comment area.

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