SAD! The Hong Kong Coliseum Dropped the LED Display Screen to Hurt People

At 22:33 on July 28, 2022, Beijing time, a major safety accident occurred on the Hong Kong Coliseum stage. 

The men’s group MIRROR held a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum; LED display screen suddenly fell and hit the 2 dancers performing, the concert was immediately terminated, and the audience was arranged to leave. It is understood that the two actors’ spines were injured to varying degrees; one was relatively stable, while the other was seriously injured and was in a third-degree coma when sent to the hospital. 

At present, this accident has attracted the attention of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Li Jiachao! It is very sad to see such a picture.

It is reported that the dropped LED display is a transparent LED screen with a size of 4X4. Because it is a double-sided screen, it weighs 600 kilograms.

The cause of this major safety accident is under investigation, and it has aroused the extreme concern of people in the LED display industry, stage performance industry and leasing construction, and other related stage industries.

As a manufacturer of LED displays, we need to tell you how to install stage LED displays to avoid potential safety hazards:

1. Construction safety of large screens is very important

Choose a reliable construction party; before construction, the person must have relevant experience and work with certificates.

Choose the correct installation method and high-quality building materials.

The LED display and the construction party must strictly abide by the limit on the number of layers for stacking and hoisting.

After installing the rental LED display screen, the inspector must arrange irregular inspections to check whether the box connection and other connections are firm.

2. Quality control of LED display

Choose a reliable brand, especially for electronic devices that are assembled internally.

3. Regularly check the stage LED display equipment

Whether it is Party A or the manufacturer, to light up the money on the big screen, it is necessary to carry out formal training for users and standardize the use of LED displays screen.

 For example, LED displays exposed to the environment for a long time are easily contaminated with dust. 

You can

  • Wipe with alcohol; you can also use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface of the LED display.
  • If any damage or other damage is found, it should be replaced in time, especially screws, pins, load-bearing beams, etc.;
  • Check the product power distribution system every six months, etc.

In conclusion:

Before the story of the safety incident of the Hong Kong Red Pavilion dropped on the LED screen, there were potential safety hazards.

The tragedy can be avoided if you do a good job of safety inspection at all stages.

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