Right-Angle Screen: The Most Common LED Display In Cities


In bustling cities, we can often see a unique LED display screen, which is embedded in the building facade in a right-angle shape, adding a touch of technology and modernity to the urban landscape.

This is the LED right-angle screen we are going to introduce today.

1. What is an LED right-angle screen?

The LED right-angle screen is a unique form of LED creative display. Its overall shape is a huge right angle and is usually embedded in building facades or large structures.

Unlike traditional LED displays, the size and shape of LED right-angle screens can be customized as needed to meet the needs of different places and environments.

The design and manufacturing of LED right-angle screens need to take into account many factors, such as the material, structure, size of the building facade, as well as the display effect requirements and viewing distance.

In order to achieve integration with the building facade, LED right-angle screens usually use special materials and processes, such as waterproof, dustproof, UV resistance, etc., to ensure their stability and durability in various environments.

2. Characteristics of LED right-angle screen

  • Large viewing angle:

Compared with flat LED displays with a viewing angle of only 180 degrees, LED right-angle screens provide viewers with a wider viewing angle – up to 270 degrees – with their unique 90-degree right-angle design.

The 135-degree LED display can present a 225-degree viewing angle, making the picture more vivid and easy to watch, no matter where the viewer is. This design not only increases viewing comfort but also creates more visual attractions in areas such as commercial advertising and live event broadcasts.

  • Create a 3D screen:

LED right-angle screens not only perform well in 2D display but also have the potential to become a leader in 3D display. By changing the video source, the LED right-angle screen can present stunning 3D effects, making the audience feel as if they are actually there.

  • Powerful information display capabilities:

Due to its wide viewing angle and high definition, right-angle LED displays can be used to display a large amount of information and advertising content. Whether it is commercial advertising, live game broadcasts, or news reports, right-angle LED displays can provide excellent display effects and become an important medium for information dissemination.

  • Creative design:

The unique shape of the right-angle LED display can better integrate into various environments and places, bringing a novel and unique visual experience to the audience. This creative design makes it a popular choice in modern advertising, displays, and entertainment.

3. What is the difference between the content source of LED right-angle screen and other LED displays?


The content source of LED right-angle screens is not different from other types of LED displays. They all require content to be transmitted to a display via a computer, mobile phone, or other device.

However, due to the special installation method and tight splicing characteristics of LED right-angle screens, there are certain special requirements for the format and transmission method of content.

For example, in order to maintain the continuity and high definition of the picture, it is necessary to use specific high-resolution content sources and adopt efficient data transmission technology.

In addition, for large-scale LED right-angle screen projects, professional video processors and control systems may be needed to ensure the quality and stability of the picture.

However, if the LED right-angle screen is to be used as a 3D LED display, then the video source needs to be replaced with a 3D one.

4. LED right-angle screens can be installed in the following places

  • Doors of supermarkets:

LED right-angle screens can be used as door advertisements of supermarkets to display various promotional information and brand images. Its high definition and wide viewing angle can attract customers’ attention and increase product visibility and sales.

  • Exterior walls of urban buildings:

LED right-angle screens can be embedded in the outer walls of urban buildings as part of the urban landscape. It can be used to display city promotional videos, advertisements, news, etc., adding a sense of modernity and vitality to the city.

  • Museums and exhibition halls:

In museums and exhibition halls, LED right-angle screens can be used to display exhibit introductions, navigation information, etc., and can also be used as a medium for art display to enhance the visual effect of the exhibition.

5. LED right-angle screen case

  • Screen size 14 square meters

  • Spacing: P3.91

  • The best viewing distance is 30 m

  • Installation location: shopping mall

  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz


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