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With the rapid changes in technology and the continuous evolution of the market, audiovisual exhibitions, as an important platform for industry communication and trend insights, are increasingly demonstrating their unique value and influence.

In 2024, global audiovisual exhibitions will continue to remain active, and various professional exhibitions will be held as scheduled, covering radio and television, audio technology, film and television production, digital entertainment, and other fields.

These exhibitions not only provide exhibitors with a stage to showcase the latest technologies and products but also provide audiences and practitioners with an excellent platform to gain an in-depth understanding of industry trends, exchange innovative ideas, and expand cooperation opportunities.

Want to know what large-scale audiovisual exhibitions will be held in China in 2024? Check it out below.

1. Why go to the exhibition?

Visiting trade shows can bring many benefits, both to businesses and individuals. Here are some benefits of visiting trade shows:

  • Understand industry trends:

Visiting exhibitions can let you understand the latest developments and trends in the current industry, including new technologies, new products, new markets, etc. This is very beneficial for businesses or individuals, helping them better grasp market opportunities and make smarter decisions.

  • Expand business opportunities:

The exhibition is a place where many companies and professionals gather. Visiting the exhibition can allow you to establish connections with potential customers, partners, and suppliers and expand business opportunities. Through face-to-face communication and interaction, you can gain a deeper understanding of their needs and feedback, thereby better meeting their needs and improving sales performance.

  • Promote your brand and products:

If you are a representative of a business, visiting trade shows allows you to showcase your brand and products to potential customers and partners, increasing brand awareness and exposure.

At the exhibition, you can show the characteristics and advantages of your products and services to the audience through displays, demonstrations, explanations, etc., to attract more attention and interest.

  • Learning and communication:

The exhibition is a platform for learning and communication. You can learn about industry knowledge and technology and exchange experiences and insights with other exhibitors and visitors by participating in various seminars, lectures, and other activities. This will not only help you improve your professional level but also make more friends and partners.

  • Discover new market opportunities:

Visiting exhibitions can allow you to understand market needs and trends in different regions and discover new market opportunities. By communicating with companies and audiences from different countries and regions, you can understand their cultural background and consumption habits, thereby better adjusting your market strategy and expanding into new markets.

2. Which places in China hold the most exhibitions?

The places where China holds the most exhibitions are mainly big cities and economically developed areas. How many have you come to?

  • Shenzhen:

Shenzhen is one of the special economic zones in southern China and one of the most innovative and dynamic cities in China. Exhibitions held in Shenzhen mainly involve high technology, electronic information, cultural creativity, and other fields.

  • Shanghai:

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China and one of China’s economic, trade, technological, and cultural centers. Due to its unique geographical location and resource advantages, Shanghai has always been an important place for holding various exhibitions. Exhibitions held in Shanghai cover multiple fields, such as industry, consumer goods, medical equipment, automobiles, etc.

  • Guangzhou:

Guangzhou is one of the economic centers of southern China and one of the most dynamic and innovative cities in China. Exhibitions held in Guangzhou mainly focus on the Canton Fair, automobiles, home appliances, building materials, and other fields, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors.

  • Beijing:

Beijing is the capital, political, and cultural center of China and one of the important cities for hosting various exhibitions. Exhibitions held in Beijing cover many fields, such as technology, education, culture, medical care, etc.

  • Chengdu:

Chengdu is one of the economic centers in southwest China and one of the cities that hosts the most exhibitions in western China. The exhibitions held in Chengdu mainly involve electronic information, food, medicine, and other fields.

3. The 2024 exhibition installation schedule

It is currently early March, so the schedule will be arranged starting in March. Because this is a schedule arranged in advance, the specific time may change slightly.

In order to ensure that you can obtain the latest exhibition information in a timely manner, we recommend that you pay attention to our website. We will conduct warm-up activities for each exhibition about one month in advance so that you have enough time to prepare.

4. Forecast of future development trends in the audiovisual industry

The audiovisual industry will continue to maintain strong development momentum in the next few years and show the following trends:

  • Technological innovation drives industry change:

With the continuous advancement of technology, the audiovisual industry will usher in more innovation opportunities. For example, the integrated application of 5G, AI, cloud computing, and other technologies will accelerate the transmission, processing, and application of audiovisual content, bringing a smoother and more intelligent audiovisual experience to the audience.

At the same time, the popularization of technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will further expand the forms of audiovisual content and bring immersive entertainment and learning experiences to users.

  • Content innovation has become a core competitiveness:

In the audiovisual industry, content has always been the core element to attract users. Therefore, content innovation will become an important driving force for industry development. The platform will actively seek cooperation with various content creators to promote the generation and dissemination of high-quality content.

At the same time, as user needs to diversify, audiovisual content will also cover more fields, such as education, knowledge sharing, life skills, etc., to meet the needs of different user groups.

  • Cross-border cooperation and industry integration are accelerating:

The audiovisual industry will achieve cross-border cooperation and integration with more industries to jointly create a richer and more diverse content ecosystem. For example, audiovisuals can be deeply integrated with entertainment industries such as film, television, music, and games to jointly create a richer and more diverse content ecosystem.

At the same time, audiovisuals can also cooperate with e-commerce, education, social networking, and other fields to expand their application scenarios and business models. This cross-border cooperation and industrial integration will accelerate the innovation and development of the industry.

  • Personalization, interactivity, and cross-platform development:

As users’ demands for audiovisual content become increasingly personalized, platforms will pay more attention to personalized content recommendations and customized services. At the same time, interactivity will also become an important feature of audiovisual content. Users can interact with the content through barrages, comments, likes, etc., to enhance the user experience.

In addition, cross-platform development will also become an industry trend, and audiovisual content will be seamlessly connected across devices and platforms, providing users with a more convenient viewing experience.


The above is the entire content of this article. Are there any exhibitions in the exhibition schedule that you are interested in? If you want to know more about LED displays or exhibitions, please get in touch with us!

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