Is your Nationstar LEDs real or fake?

Today, we are going to share with you how to verify the nationstar LEDs real or fake.

As the brand nationstar LEDs become more and more famous in all of the worlds during these years.

Especially for LED screen applications, Nationstar LEDs became one of the first options for bidding for many project events.

Unfortunately, some LED screen factories sell the “nationstar LEDs“ to their customers, and then not the real one from Nationstar company.

After the problems come, the customers always complain about the quality of nationstar LEDs also just so so.

We both know it is not the truth.

Nationstar is the top quality which made in China.

So, after some fake “Nationstar LEDs” came up on the market.

Then BIBI LED would love to help you and help Nationstar company to keep its reputation.

We would love to offer FREE TESTING for you after purchasing the LED SCREEN or LED MODULES made by Nationstar LEDs.

BIBI LED will send your LED MODULES to Nationstar company and give back the report for you to verify it is the real one or not.

You only need to in charge of the delivery cost to our company.

Email us ([email protected]) to get our receiving address, and please write down your company names and subject as “ Please verify our nationstar LEDs ”. You will get the reply in 24 hours.

During the year 2017, we helped our customers to verified 57pcs fake events from 279pcs delivery assistance.

Fake rate of nationstar LEDs

We heard about its evaluation center from Nationstar company; the fake material is tough to find out from the eyes or simple test.

Some of the factories use the same package, the model numbers, and the customers, but they replace it with another material when producing complete LED modules.

It is really horrible.

So open your eyes whenever you check the quality.

Here is the process of how we check your material; all of the processes are FREE.

Test process for verify the nationstar LEDs

BIBI LED is always on the way to use the real LED lamp material, whether Kinglight, Nationstar, or Mulinsen, for all of our customers !!!

It is not only responsible for you but also the reputation of our long term business.

BIBI LED is promised you again here.

We make your business grow from quality, service, and support.

Never and ever use fake material for you.

Let’s build our long-term business start from here.

Nationstar LED Test reports

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  1. Hello this is Siliveru shivakumar from India. I was started my company about led displays. I would like to make business relationship with your company. Please contact me.
    Whatsapp No : +918309513861
    Wechat id : siliveru_1986

  2. Dear Sir/Mam,

    We are doing projects for Led display for Canada market. Good to read an article about the difference for nation star and other brands. I would love to know more about it and visit your factory.


    1. Hi Dear Nikhil

      Thanks for your comments and very welcome to visit our factory, we are based in Shenzhen, China

      Our sales manager already sent the email to you, please check

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