LED Display Screens Create Smart Airports


In today’s complex traffic, air transport has entered a new development period, to the airport, as the center of the transport hub, plays an important role. In order to adapt to the development of the times and better service for passengers, more and more airports have been transformed into smart airports. Due to the digitization, intelligentization, and diversification of LED display screens, it is also changing to intelligent airports and plays an important role in the transition from airport to intelligent airport.

1. The importance of airport intelligent

As a city’s air traffic hub, the airport is also a city’s”Business card” to passengers. For example, the first time you fly to a town, the first building you see will be the airport so the airport environment will determine your first impression of the city.

If only airports stayed on static billboards or signboards, it would be a great inconvenience. In today’s extremely convenient life, all places are beginning to become wise; as long as you stay still, you will not keep up with the pace of the times and will eventually be abandoned by the times. So Smart Airport is not a person to say so, but the trend of the times; therefore, the intelligence of airports is an imperative reform.

2. The advantage of using LED displays in airports

Airport intelligence is the trend of the times, and how to make airport intelligence is a problem worth thinking about. We have seen many airports installed with LED display screens and LED display panels to replace the traditional board. So what are the benefits of using LED screens in airports? Let’s see.

  • Real-time updates of information

I believe that everyone who booked a flight is most worried about 2 things, the flight delay and the other is missed boarding time. LED displays make up for both. It can display real-time flight information, such as delays and punctual or early arrival. You can use it to get information about your flight, and you can prepare in advance if you are late or arrive early.

In addition, in addition to displaying real-time flight information, but also interspersed broadcasts some fire safety knowledge and important notices so that passengers can receive timely information.

  • Increase the happiness of passengers

Our flights will be at least an hour and a half in advance to airport security, waiting for boarding. However, now people are used to a fast-paced life, waiting for a period of time may appear irritable, unhappy, and other emotions. While the LED display can broadcast some information about the city’s tourism promotion or the national weather report to kill time and ease the bad mood caused by waiting, which is undoubtedly improving the happiness index of tourists at the same time, it imperceptibly propagandizes the city traveling culture, kills two birds with one stone.

  • High-definition display, no blind spot

The airport is not only installed in the waiting hall. LED display, tower control room, and weather room are also installed. The LED displays used in the work area are usually LED displays with smaller spacing. The flight path of the aircraft is complex; the dispatcher needs to clearly understand the flight status of each aircraft in order to ensure safety of the aircraft. Compare with other LED displays, small-pitch LED displays have more detailed and comprehensive display functions. It can completely achieve real-time display without blind spots; even if the dispatcher needs to zoom in on a route, he can clearly see.

  • High ad ratings

Airports are also one of the most crowded places in every city, but one of the differences is that people stay longer. As mentioned above, every passenger will arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half in advance to wait, so that means everyone will stay there and wait for an hour. The airport in Beijing, China, for example, can handle up to 100,000 passengers a day; if everyone stays there for half an hour, that’s a huge amount of time.

During this waiting time, some of the passengers are often watching airport ads or promotional videos to deal with the boredom caused by waiting. This keeps the airport’s advertising ratings high and attracts a lot of advertisers to place ads here, indirectly bring in a small portion of the airport’s revenue.

  • Long life

LED displays are known for their long life, which can last up to 100,000 hours at normal voltages, which is a significant saving in later operating costs.

  • Energy saving

There are hundreds of airlines around the world, and an airport has planes taking off and landing almost all day, so the tower needs someone on duty all day. Naturally, LED displays will also continuously display flight conditions in real-time to ensure the safety of the aircraft. This makes the LED display screen almost powered on all day, so energy conservation is important, and energy-saving LED screens can save an average of 40% of electricity per square meter.


An efficient, smart airport needs smart devices like LED displays. With the end of COVID-19, the travel craze is back, thousands of people are starting their trips every day, and airports are getting incredibly busy. And the airport’s intelligent change that can bring convenience to passengers’ service can also promote the development of the airport. With the LED display in this intelligent equipment support, the airport’s intelligent road will be better and better.

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