Important knowledge! How To Use A Cloud Platform Control System To Publish The Content Of An LED Display


When you see an LED display on the street, is it playing content non-stop? If you have an LED display, how do you add it and control the content it plays?

In fact, the answer is a cloud platform control system. We can control the playback content of the LED display through the cloud platform. How to operate it? Let’s take a look.

1. What is a cloud platform control system?

Cloud platform control technology is a technology that uses cloud computing and Internet technology to achieve remote management and control of equipment or systems. It integrates advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, allowing users to access and control devices or systems located in the cloud anytime and anywhere through an Internet connection.

To put it simply, you can think of it as a “remote control.” This “remote control” can be connected to the “cloud” on the Internet, and then through this cloud, you can control and adjust your LED display anytime and anywhere.

In the field of LED display screens, cloud platform control technology plays an important role. Traditional LED display control methods rely on physical connections and local devices and cannot achieve remote control and real-time updates. Just like a fixed “bulletin board,” the content needs to be updated manually, which is more troublesome.

The emergence of cloud platform control technology has made the management and control of LED display more efficient, flexible, and intelligent. You can change the content on the “bulletin board” anytime and anywhere, just like playing on your mobile phone, which is easy and convenient.

Through cloud platform control technology, users can easily manage, schedule, and update the playback content of LED displays.

Simply connect to the cloud platform through a terminal device such as a computer or mobile phone to achieve remote control of the LED display. Users can change the playback content and adjust the playback time and method at any time as needed to meet different needs.

In addition, cloud platform control technology also provides rich data analysis and monitoring functions. Users can obtain the real-time operating status, playback effect, and other data of the LED display through the cloud platform for better management and optimization.

At the same time, cloud platform control technology can also realize functions such as multi-screen linkage and intelligent scheduling, improving the efficiency and user experience of LED displays.

2. Detailed steps for controlling LED display content through the cloud platform control system

Step 1: Log in to the cloud platform

  • On the homepage, select the server node closest to the geographical location of your LED display and click the corresponding link.

Step 2: Account verification

  • If you already have an account with the cloud platform control system, directly enter your username and password to log in.

  • If you have not registered an account yet, follow the prompts on the page to complete the registration process and successfully log in to the system.

Step 3: Bind the LED display

If your LED display has not been bound, you need to click “Bind Player” to bind it. Enter the unique number on the LED display receiving card and follow the system prompts to complete the binding process.

Step 4: Check the LED display status

  • In the cloud platform control system interface, find the option “Players” or a similar name.

  • After clicking, the system will display all bound LED displays and their online status. Confirm that the target LED display shows “online” status to ensure content can be published.

Step 5: Create playback content

  • In the navigation bar of the system interface, find the “Solutions” option and click to enter.

  • Click the “New Solution” button to start creating new playback content. Choose the type of playback content suitable for the LED display, such as text, pictures, videos, etc.

Step 6: Select and upload content

  • In the solution creation interface, browse and select the content you wish to publish to the LED display.

  • After confirming that the selection is correct, click “OK” to upload the content to the cloud platform.

Step 7: Configure and publish content

  • Configure the resolution, playback time, loop mode, and other parameters of the playback content as needed.

  • After checking that all settings are correct, click the “Publish” button to push the content to the target LED display.

3. In what situations are LED displays controlled by cloud platforms used?

Because the advantages of the cloud platform control system are very prominent, its scope of use is also very wide, such as:

  • Commercial advertising field:

The LED display screen controlled by the cloud platform has become an excellent choice for brand promotion with its high-definition, bright display effect, and flexible content update method.

Whether it is a bustling shopping mall or a busy commercial district, huge LED displays can always attract the attention of passers-by. Through cloud platform control, advertisers can update advertising content anytime and anywhere to achieve precise delivery and improve advertising effectiveness.

It can be seen everywhere in bustling shopping malls and bustling business districts, as well as crowded airports and train stations. With its high-definition and bright display effect, it attracts the attention of countless passers-by and becomes an excellent choice for brand promotion.

  • Large-scale events such as stadiums and concerts:

The LED display screen controlled by the cloud platform plays an indispensable role. It can display game scores and highlights in real-time, bringing an immersive game-viewing experience to live audiences. At the same time, it can also flexibly adjust the playback content according to the on-site situation, such as playing live concert images, rolling subtitles, etc., to bring a more colorful visual enjoyment to the audience.

  • City lighting:

LED displays controlled by cloud platforms also show great potential. Through careful design and layout, LED display screens can be integrated with urban buildings and landscapes, adding beautiful scenery to the city. Cloud platform control makes urban lighting projects more intelligent and flexible. The display content can be adjusted according to seasons, festivals, and other factors to create different atmospheres.

  • Transportation guidance:

The LED display screen controlled by the cloud platform can provide accurate traffic information and help citizens travel more conveniently. LED displays are installed in transportation hubs, bus stations, and other places to display bus arrival times, traffic congestion, etc., in real-time, providing citizens with timely traffic guidance.

  • Schools, hospitals, and other public places:

Important application areas for platform-controlled LED displays. Through cloud platform control, schools can publish notices, course schedules, and other information to facilitate teachers and students; hospitals can publish medical information, health knowledge, etc., to improve patients’ health awareness. These displays not only provide practical information but also become a cultural display window for the school hospital.

4. Security performance of cloud platform control system

The security of the cloud platform control system is the core element that ensures the reliable and stable operation of the entire system.

With the rapid development of information technology, network security threats are increasing day by day, and cloud platform control systems are facing security challenges from all aspects. Therefore, it is crucial to build a safe and reliable cloud platform control system.

  • First of all

Network protection is the first line of defense for cloud platform control systems. By deploying network security equipment such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, network traffic in and out of the cloud platform can be effectively monitored and filtered to prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized access.

At the same time, encryption technology is used to transmit and store data to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data and prevent the data from being stolen or tampered with during transmission.

  • Secondly

Access permission control is an important means of cloud platform control system security. The system should implement strict identity authentication and access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access and control system resources.

Through fine-grained permission division, different users can be restricted from accessing and operating system resources, preventing unauthorized users from performing malicious operations on the system or stealing sensitive information.

  • In addition

Dynamic management and control of privileged behaviors are also important parts of cloud platform control system security. When administrators operate the system, the system should implement dynamic control of privileged behaviors, intercept and identify operation instructions, and prevent malicious administrators from using privileges to destroy or steal data.

At the same time, the system should also record the administrator’s operation log to facilitate tracking and auditing when security incidents occur.

  • In addition

The cloud platform control system should also include a dedicated security management module, which is responsible for monitoring the security status of the system and discovering and responding to potential security threats in a timely manner.

The security management module can monitor the network traffic, system logs, and other information of the system in real-time, promptly alarm when abnormal behavior is found, and take corresponding countermeasures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

  • Finally

Vulnerability management and updates are also important components of cloud platform control system security. The system should conduct regular vulnerability scans and security assessments to discover and repair existing security vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

At the same time, the system should also be kept updated, and the latest security patches and functions should be introduced in a timely manner to improve the system’s security protection capabilities.


The above is the knowledge about the cloud platform control system. Have you learned how to publish content? If you want to know more about LED displays, please get in touch with us!

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