How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your LED Advertising Screen


With the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of the digital era, LED display screens, as an important form of advertising media, have become increasingly prominent in the advertising industry.

So, how do you stand out among the many LED advertising screens and maximize benefits? Please read the following article carefully.

1. Advantages and Value of LED Display Screen

1). Advantage:

  • Visual shock and attraction:

LED advertising screens can quickly attract the attention of passers-by with their high brightness, bright colors, and clear images. Make advertising content clearly visible day or night.

Whether it’s day or night, it maintains excellent visual effects and ensures your advertising content is eye-catching. This strong visual impact makes LED advertising screens stand out among many advertising forms, making it easier to attract the attention of passers-by.

  • Space for creative display:

Traditional billboards may only support static images or text, but this is not the case with LED advertising screens. It can display dynamic videos, smooth animations, and interactive content, providing advertisers with endless creative space.

  • Flexible playback strategy:

The playback strategy of the LED advertising screen can be flexibly adjusted as needed. This means that advertisers can adjust playback strategies according to different times and occasions to ensure that ads are displayed to the target audience at the most appropriate time. For example, the playback time and content can be set based on time, weather, traffic, and other factors to achieve the best advertising effect.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection:

Compared with traditional neon advertising, LED advertising screens are more energy-saving. They use LED lamp beads, which have higher luminous efficiency and longer life.

This not only helps reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution but also conforms to modern society’s pursuit of green and sustainable development. This not only saves costs for advertisers but also meets the environmental protection requirements of modern society.

  • Broad coverage capabilities:

LED advertising screens are usually installed in densely populated areas such as commercial areas, stations, and airports, which means that they can cover a large number of potential consumers and bring more exposure opportunities to advertisers.

This enables advertising content to reach more potential consumers and improves the exposure and communication effect of advertising.

2). Value

  • Enhance brand image:

LED advertising screens can enhance the brand’s image and popularity with its high-end and atmospheric visual effects. It can make consumers feel good about the brand, thereby enhancing brand awareness and loyalty. When consumers see beautiful LED advertisements, they will have a better impression and trust in the brand.

  • Precise target marketing:

Through reasonable site selection and positioning, LED advertising screens can ensure that advertising content is accurately conveyed to the target audience.

This allows advertisers to target advertising resources to consumer groups in need more accurately, improving the conversion rate and effectiveness of advertising. This precision marketing method not only improves the conversion rate of advertising but also saves advertisers unnecessary investment.

  • Efficient communication effect:

LED advertising screen has a fast and efficient communication effect. This makes the communication effect of advertising more significant and brings more business opportunities to advertisers.

Once the advertising content is played on the LED advertising screen, it can quickly attract a large number of audiences, thereby increasing the exposure and spread of the advertisement in a short period of time.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

Although the initial investment of LED advertising screens may be higher, considering their long service life, efficient communication effect, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly features, their overall cost-effectiveness is very high.

Compared with traditional advertising forms, LED advertising screens are more cost-effective and cost-effective. This makes LED advertising screens the first choice for more and more advertisers.

2. Market research and analysis

Before expanding benefits, it is crucial to conduct market positioning and analysis of LED advertising screens. This not only helps us understand the market environment of the advertising screen but also provides strong data support for subsequent advertising strategy formulation. Here are a few key questions we need to figure out:

  • First of all, we need to conduct an in-depth inspection of the installation location of the LED advertising screen.

The choice of location is directly related to the exposure rate and audience flow of the advertising screen. We need to ensure that the advertising screen is installed in places with a high flow of people, such as bustling commercial streets, transportation hubs, or large shopping malls. Such a location can ensure that more potential viewers see our advertising content, thereby improving the communication effect of the advertising.

  • Secondly, we need to understand the age distribution of the people who often pass through here.

Different age groups have different acceptance levels and interests in advertising. By understanding the age group of our target audience, we can design advertising content and formats more specifically to attract their attention. For example, if the target audience is mainly young people, we can adopt a more fashionable and lively advertising style; if the target audience is middle-aged and elderly people, we may need to adopt a more stable and formal advertising form.

  • In addition, we also need to analyze which type of advertising is more popular in the region.

By understanding the preferences and needs of local consumers, we can select advertising content that is more in line with their tastes, thereby increasing the viewing rate and appeal of advertising. For example, if consumers in this area are more interested in topics such as fashion and food, we can increase the amount of advertising in these areas.

  • Finally, we also need to investigate other advertising screens near the installation location of the LED advertising screen. Got it.

Understanding whether there are other LED advertising screens nearby and their viewing volume can help us evaluate the performance of our advertising screens in a competitive environment. If there are other advertising screens nearby with high viewing volumes, we may need to think about how to improve our advertising content and playback strategy to stand out from the competition.

3. Several decisive factors

Before the specific operation, there are several key factors that you must know.

  • Geographical location:

The geographical location of the LED advertising screen is one of the key factors that determine its income. An excellent geographical location is like the magic circle in the movie. It traps the flow of people and, therefore, the attention.

Installation in places with high traffic and high exposure, such as downtown commercial streets, train stations, airports, etc., can usually achieve higher views and attention, thereby increasing advertising revenue. On the contrary, if the advertising screen is installed in a remote or low-traffic location, its benefits may be limited.

  • Quality of advertising content:

Do you want viewers to stop and watch? Then, you have to come up with attractive advertising content. The creativity, design, and attractiveness of advertising content have an important impact on the revenue of LED advertising screens.

High-quality, interesting, and eye-catching advertising content can attract a wider audience and spark their interest and curiosity. Conversely, ads that are boring, uninteresting, or rely too heavily on hard sales may turn viewers off and lead to lower revenue.

  • Playback strategy:

A reasonable playback strategy is crucial to increasing the revenue of LED advertising screens. This includes timing, frequency, ad length, and coordination with other media and advertising formats.

The playback strategy should be adjusted and optimized based on factors such as the target audience, advertising content, and competitors to ensure that the advertisement can reach the target audience to the greatest extent and produce the best advertising effect.

  • Advertiser’s needs and budget:

Advertiser’s needs and budget are also important factors affecting the revenue of LED advertising screens. If advertisers have higher requirements for advertising effectiveness and are willing to invest more budget, the revenue from advertising screens may increase accordingly.

Conversely, if the advertiser is conservative about advertising effectiveness or has a limited budget, the revenue from the advertising screen may be limited.

  • Technical level and maintenance cost:

The technical level and maintenance cost of the LED advertising screen will also affect its income. Advanced technology and high-quality display effects can enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of advertising screens, thereby increasing revenue. However, high maintenance costs may reduce benefits, so a balance needs to be struck between technology and cost.

  • Market competition:

The degree of competition in the LED advertising screen market will also affect its revenue. If there are a large number of advertising screens in the market and competition is fierce, advertisers may reduce advertising costs or choose other advertising forms, resulting in a decrease in the revenue of advertising screens.

Therefore, understanding the market competition and formulating corresponding competitive strategies is the key to improving profits.

4. Specific operation methods of LED advertising screen to increase income

There are many specific ways to increase revenue with LED advertising screens. Here are some common methods:

  • Rental advertising space:

LED advertising screens are usually located in places with dense traffic, such as busy commercial areas, stations, airports, etc. Leasing advertising space to advertisers and allowing them to display ads is a major way to achieve profitability. You can set different costs based on factors such as the ad’s location, size, and running time.

  • Agent-operated advertising services:

Since the manufacturing and maintenance of LED advertising screens require professional technology and equipment, the owner of the screen may consider handing over this part of the business to an agent. Agents can earn commissions by providing advertising production, broadcast, and management services to advertisers.

  • Brand co-branding cooperation:

Cooperate with brands and display their advertisements on LED screens to obtain sponsorship fees from brands. This method requires the advertising screen to have a certain degree of popularity and influence in order to attract the cooperation of brands.

  • Self-made advertisements:

LED advertising screen owners can also create and play advertisements themselves to earn advertising fees. This requires certain advertising production and playback technology, as well as a certain understanding of market demand, in order to create attractive advertisements.

  • Event linkage:

Working with various activities to display event information and sponsor advertisements can also achieve profitability. For example, you can display information about concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions, etc., while playing sponsor advertisements.

  • Sharing model:

For example, in the “hotel screen, free installation” business model proposed by Absen, LED display manufacturers provide free screens to hotels for installation and share them with the hotel through later usage fees and advertising fees. This approach can reduce hotels’ costs while bringing them benefits, achieving win-win cooperation.

  • Testing and optimization:

If the LED advertising screen is located in the retail industry, you can test different advertising content and playback strategies to find out the best way to attract customers and increase sales growth. For example, you can display special offer information in some stores, then measure sales growth and find the optimal solution through data comparison.


The way LED advertising screens increase revenue is like opening a magic door full of infinite possibilities. While pursuing profits, we should also pay attention to the audience’s experience and feelings. After all, only if the audience likes your advertising screen will they be willing to stop and watch, thus bringing in more revenue.

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