Analysis In 2023: What Impact Will The Popularity Of ChatGPT Have On The Display Industry?


Since its launch in November 2022, “ChatGPT” has quickly become the hottest tech word since “Metaverse.”

Many netizens marveled at its “intelligence and efficiency”; will this make many people unemployed? As a professional LED display manufacturer, regarding the impact of technological progress, it is natural to think of the impact ChatGPT will have on the global display industry. Is it positive or… 

Let’s find out!

1. What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chat robot program developed by OpenAI in the United States. The full name is “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer” It can conduct conversations by understanding and learning human language, and interact according to the context of the chat, so it can help you write emails, quickly Q&A, copywriting, simple code, translate, poster design, etc.

You can think of it as a chatbot or a helpful tool for question-answering systems and language translation.

2. What is the relationship between ChatGPT and the display industry?

Some people will question whether ChatGPT is just an intelligent chat robot; what can it have to do with the display industry?

In fact, it is not directly related to the display industry itself, but the technology behind ChatGPT is extensive, and it has been used to develop a display called “Transformer-based display”, which is characterized by: higher resolution, With advantages such as more accurate colors and power consumption of cultivated land, the display is currently in ChantGPT’s Transformer architecture.

“Transformer-based display” is still in the early development stage, has not yet been widely adopted, and is still in the observation period, but it also provides a new alternative to traditional display technology.

3. What impact does ChatGPT have on the LED display screen industry?

In recent years, with the flexible and diversified forms of LED display products, the LED industry has opened up a variety of application scenarios in the process of combined development. So, what impact does the emergence of ChatGPT have on the LED display industry? 

BIBILED thinks of more positive aspects; why? We will tell you why from 3 perspectives:

-Enhance marketing strategies in the global market: ChatGPT has powerful search and quick reply functions, which can be used to analyze customer feedback and social media trends, gain an in-depth understanding of consumer preferences and behaviors, and adjust good marketing strategies.

-Improving the overall customer service experience: Although many companies already have smart chat machine boxes online, many irrelevant or mechanized language answers remain. If you use ChatGPT, customers feel that they are talking to a “real” person in Dialogue with people and can quickly find out what customers need, thereby increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

– A channel for new buyers to quickly learn LED display products: If you are unfamiliar with the LED display screen industry, you can learn a series of knowledge through ChatGPT, such as product performance, characteristics, applications, global manufacturing sites, etc.

– Learn more about LED display customers and competitors based on the most concerned LED display issues and data analysis.

Although ChatGPT has no direct relationship with LED display screens, its ability to profile in natural language and search has affected LED display companies’ marketing strategy and customer service to obtain a qualitative leap.

In conclusion:

All in all, the technology of ChatGPT is constantly developing, and ChatGPT will be applied in the virtual world of the Metaverse. More AI technologies will achieve more innovative uses and create exciting new display experiences.

If you have different ideas and ideas, you can leave a message below, and we will discuss them together.

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