5 Min To Tell You How To Choose The International Express Company That Suits You


As the goods and transactions of various countries began to communicate across the country, the logistics and transportation industry also began to develop rapidly. Now you need to buy an LED display to bring the LED to display home without asking for it yourself; so many people will be Curious, what will happen to my LED display during transportation? How do I choose the courier company that will deliver to me?

This article will take you to understand what will happen to the LED display during the delivery process and how you should choose the express company.

1. Better international express company information

At present, I have sorted out the largest international express for you and put them below. These international express companies are very famous in the international express industry, but they are also different. You can do it according to your actual requirements. Choose.

(Ranking in no particular order)

  • DHL


DHL is a transportation company founded in the United States. It is currently wholly owned by Deutsche Post Group and is currently one of the largest transportation companies in the world.

Advantages: fast speed, generally 3 working days to Europe, generally 2 working days to Southeast Asia, can be delivered to more national outlets, check the status of goods on the website and update them in a timely manner, and solve problems quickly, and items weighing more than 21 kg are more expensive There is a separate price for bulk goods, and the price of bulk goods in some areas is lower than international EMS. The price of general goods and small goods is very advantageous!!!

Disadvantages: For small goods, the price of chemical products is more expensive, and it is not cost-effective. It is also necessary to consider the volume and weight of the product, and the restrictions on consignment items are relatively strict. Many special items are rejected.

  • UPS


UPS is the world’s largest express carrier and package delivery company. They originated in Seattle, USA, and are now headquartered in Atlanta.

Pros: Fast, good service. If you go to the United States, it takes about 48 hours to arrive. The goods can be delivered to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The website information is updated quickly, and problems are solved in a timely manner. Online delivery is available, and door-to-door pickup services are provided in 109 cities across the country.

Disadvantages: The freight is more expensive, and the volume weight of the product after packaging must be calculated. The restrictions on consigned items are relatively strict, and the weight is calculated for a single piece.



FEDEX, formerly FDX, is a global transportation, logistics, e-commerce, and supply chain management service provider.

Advantages: The price of 21KG large cargo is more competitive to Central and South America and Europe, and the freight to other regions is more expensive. Chemical products, and small goods, have an absolute price advantage! Any goods can be sent, and you can use them with the agency, trade, third party, Ali, and other accounts. The restrictions on delivery are the least!

Disadvantages: One of the transit points mentioned above is Memphis in the United States. This place is easier to lock down. Customs are very strict. Especially for chemical goods, an agency of the local CBP specializes in checking the goods. The probability of finding out is very small, but there are; the speed is not very fast.

2. International express agency

  • What is an international express agent

In addition to international express companies, there is also a job in this service industry called an international express agent. An International express agent refers to a company or organization acting as an intermediary to act as an intermediary for customers to carry out international express business, including receiving goods from customers and arranging transportation and customs clearance procedures.  Track the status of the goods and provide relevant transportation and customs clearance information and other services.

The agency company usually has a good cooperative relationship with many well-known international express companies and can choose the most suitable express service plan according to the needs of customers. Through international express agents, customers can enjoy more convenient and efficient express services and save time and cost.

  • How to choose an international express agent

Here are some ways to find an international courier agent:

1). Search for reliable international express companies on the Internet, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., and check their official websites to learn about the services they provide, prices, and shipping times.

2). Seek recommendations on social media platforms: You can ask friends, family, or others on social media platforms if they know of reliable international courier agents. Also, look for relevant groups or forums to seek advice and suggestions from others.

3). Find a local agent: Find a reliable international express agent in the list of local agents in your location or destination. These local agents can provide you with more realistic information and advice.

4) Find a supplier: You can find the supplier of the LED display you purchased and ask him to help you contact his international express agent to help you deliver the LED display to you.

If you are unsure which agency is best, try contacting several agencies, learn about their prices and services, and choose the one that best suits your needs. In conclusion, when choosing an international courier agent, make sure you know the details about the fees, services, and delivery methods, and choose a reliable agent for delivery.

3. Then, how is the international express delivery calculated?

The cost of international express generally includes the following aspects:

  • Basic freight

The freight charged by the courier company, including the starting price and weight pricing.

  • Fuel surcharge

Since the international express business requires transportation such as aviation and automobiles, the fuel surcharge is an unavoidable fee; this is calculated according to the distance you transport and the transportation you choose.

  • Customs clearance fee

The courier company needs to help customers complete customs clearance procedures so that a certain customs clearance fee will be charged; because the import fee of each country is different, the price is also paid according to the price stipulated by the country.

  • Tariffs

If the items sent by the customer need to pay customs duties, the courier company may pay and charge relevant fees on its behalf. This is also different for each country, and it is paid in accordance with the fees stipulated by the country.

  • Additional charges

For example, special circumstances such as weight exceeding the standard and volume being too large will result in additional charges.

In addition, there are special service fees, such as next-day service, insurance service, etc., and customers can choose to pay according to their needs.

When your LED display arrives in your hands, the international courier company or agent will also sort out all the cost details of your courier and hand it over to you so that you can see where every money is spent.

4. Three major ways to deliver international expression

With the increase in LED display export business, there are more transportation methods. Each method has its advantages and is suitable for customers with different needs. Let’s take a detailed look at these three transportation methods.

  • Sea Freight

Shipping, as the name suggests, is to transport the LED display to the port of the customer’s country by cargo ship. Its advantage is that the price is relatively affordable, and there are not too many requirements for the weight of the LED display. 90% of the customers choose the shipping method, but sea shipping. The only disadvantage is that the delivery time may be relatively long, so it is not recommended to choose this if you are in a hurry.

1). Two types of shipping:

When shipping LED displays by sea, customers can choose two modes of transportation, FCL or LCL. As for the cost, it depends on the shipping company’s quotation and the volume of your goods.

1-1). FCL: The large LED display is transported in a complete cabin, but the safety of the goods can be guaranteed.

1-2). LCL: It is to mix the goods of multiple customers in the same cabin for transportation.

2). Calculation of sea freight:

This is determined according to the quotation of the shipping company. Sometimes there may be discounts for FCL goods in some countries so that FCL will be cheaper than LCL, and sometimes FCL will be more expensive than LCL, so the price fluctuates. But the tariff is set by the country; you can check it on the national import and export website; if you want to know the freight price, you can ask the express company to make an estimation table.

3). How long does it usually take to ship by sea?

It usually takes more than a month for an LED display to be shipped by sea. Customers need to book flights in advance and keep in touch with logistics companies to ensure the goods can reach their destinations on time.

  • Air freight

Air freight is the second most popular international express delivery method. Usually, customers who are more anxious to use LED displays will choose to use air freight, but air freight has certain requirements for the packaging size of LED displays. The cost is also more expensive than sea freight. But its high efficiency and speed greatly shorten the delivery time.

1). Several major processes of air freight:

1-1). Please go through the customs clearance process at the airport of the country where the LED display supplier is located, and transport it to the plane.

1-2). Fly from the country where the LED display supplier is located to the nearest airport to the customer.

1-3). The import process is carried out at the airport of the customer’s country and then delivered to the customer’s door by the agreed large truck.

2). Air freight details:

LED display air freight costs are divided into three parts:

2-1).Import duties and other taxes: This is the cost from the exporting country to the destination, usually including customs duties, value-added tax, consumption tax, etc.

2-2). Air freight: including logistics costs from the departure country to the destination country, cargo loading and unloading costs, etc.

2-3). Other expenses: including packaging fees, insurance fees, domestic and international logistics agency fees, etc.

3). How long does it usually take to ship the LED display by air?

Usually, the time for air transportation is relatively short, but it will still change according to the distance of the supplier in each country. For example, the supplier is in China. If there is a direct flight, it usually takes 2-3 days. If you need to transfer, you may. It takes about a week, and it may take about 7-10 days for countries farther away.

  • International railway transportation

International railway transportation is generally the choice of customers in adjacent countries. International railway transportation can provide fast freight transportation and greatly shorten the cycle of cargo transportation. Compared with sea and air transportation, international railway transportation is more stable and reliable, avoiding logistics delays caused by weather and other reasons and ensuring the punctual arrival of LED displays. But if you want international railway transportation, you must meet one condition, that is, there is a direct railway, so not many people choose it.


Each mode of transportation has its own advantages and applicable groups. So there is no best, only suitable for you, before choosing, you can communicate with your international express agent about your ideas and the time you want to receive the goods, and they will give you a plan that suits you.

We will share more articles related to LED displays in the future. If you have any questions about LED displays, please contact us!

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