3 Minutes To Teach You How To Create 3D LED Display Content


In today’s digital era, 3D LED displays have become the focus of many occasions with their unique visual effects and fascinating display methods. But how do you create compelling content for such high-end display devices? Let’s read on!

1. The importance of 3D LED display content

No matter where it is placed, the core value of a 3D LED display lies in the presentation of content. For advertising screens, content is the top priority.

  • Create memory points: Unique and creative 3D LED display content can be deeply rooted in people’s hearts, prompting viewers to recall the brand or product in the future, thus promoting repurchase and word-of-mouth communication.

  • Attract the audience’s attention: With its three-dimensional and dynamic effects, 3D LED displays can quickly catch the audience’s attention and increase brand awareness and exposure.

  • Improve advertising effectiveness: Well-produced content directly affects the audience’s viewing experience and information reception, thereby affecting the communication effect of advertising and the achievement of marketing goals.

2. Characteristics that a good 3D LED display content should have

  • Strong appeal: The content needs to be highly attractive, making the audience stop and be deeply attracted through 3D effects and dynamic images.

  • Unique creativity: Among the many advertisements, unique creativity is the key to standing out. Use 3D technology to create distinctive visual effects and impress your audience.

  • Clear message: The content needs to convey the advertising message concisely and clearly, avoiding overly complex or confusing images to ensure that the message can be conveyed to the audience quickly.

  • Highly targeted: Customize content according to the characteristics and needs of the target audience, provide product or service information relevant to them, and increase the conversion rate of advertising.

  • Brand consistency: Ensure the consistency between advertising content and brand image and strengthen brand image and recognition.

  • Time control: Reasonably control the length of advertising playback time to avoid being too long or too short to ensure the complete display of key information.

3. 3D LED display content production steps

  • initial preparation work

Everything we do must have plans and ideas, and the same is true for the content of LED displays. First of all, you must have a script or framework of what you want to do. Just like when we write a composition, we need a framework.

Secondly, you need to make sure you are “equipped.” In order to successfully produce 3D LED display content, you need a computer with powerful processing capabilities, control software that can drive the 3D LED display, and 3D design software and video editing software that can realize creativity. These tools will help you turn your ideas into reality.

  • Create eye-catching 3D models.

The reason why the 3D LED display is called 3D is because the video sources it plays are all 3D, so the creation of 3D models is the core of its content. Open your 3D design software and try using the various tools in the software to create the shapes and structures you want.

Whether it is abstract artistic design or realistic product display, it can all be realized through 3D models. To make your model more realistic, you can add textures, colors, and lighting effects to it. In this way, when you display it on the LED display, the audience will be attracted by your creativity.

  • Video Editing and Compositing: Bringing Content to Life

Once you have completed your 3D model, you need to import it into your video editing software. Here, you can add background music, text titles, and special effects to make your content more lively and interesting.

Choosing the appropriate resolution and video format is also key to ensuring the clarity and smoothness of the content on the LED display. More importantly, remember to check the 3D mode. Otherwise, all your creations will be lost. When you’re done editing, export the video and import it into the display control software.

  • Debugging and optimization: ensuring perfect display effects

The final step is to adjust and test how your content appears. Using display control software, you can adjust brightness, contrast, color, and other parameters to ensure that the content presents the best effect on the LED display. Additionally, test playback is necessary to ensure that the content plays properly and there are no technical issues.

Through continuous debugging and optimization, you will be able to present a stunning 3D LED display effect to the audience.


With the continuous advancement of technology, the application fields of 3D LED displays will become more and more extensive. People’s requirements for content are also getting higher and higher, and the same is true for content creation.

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