3 Different Views Of Identity: Why You Should Use Outdoor LED Advertising Screen



“A giant 3D cat is found in the streets of Japan.”

“A 20-meter-high “big water tank” appeared on the streets of South Korea, and the giant waves were about to break through the LED screen.”

“In the United States, the waterfall falls from the top floor of the One Times Square building at 102.5 meters.”

These videos that can dominate the headlines of major media around the world and watch videos with tens of millions of views have made the display place a “land of Internet celebrities” and made the art media company behind it quickly become famous.

The main reason for this is: in today’s rapid development of the digital art field, the mixing of art and LED display technology is used to improve the channel of traffic encryption and add new art fields.

LED advertising screens will bring a new experience to your advertising strategy and provide more value for your investment, so using outdoor LED displays is a wise choice.

We analyze why you need outdoor LED billboards from 3 different perspectives.

1. From the purchaser of the LED display

1) High ROI

  • You can run many ads a day, and 24/7, so you can sell the same board to 6 to 10 or more different advertisers at the same time and increase your revenue.

  • The time point can be personalized, and effective delivery can be carried out according to the needs of the audience, preferred advertisements, and behavior habits.

  • Far more influential than other advertisements, LED displays are hard to ignore.

  • Reduce labor costs and eliminate the need to install and remove ads repeatedly.

2) Durable and low maintenance

  • High protection

  • Waterproof and dust-proof

  • Safe grounding and leakage proof

  • Strong heat dissipation

  • Wide range of applications.

3) Multifunction

With the large-scale deployment of digital networks in recent years, the function of LED display is no longer a single way; it can:

  • live streaming

  • real-time interaction

  • Multi-screen linkage

  • Loop

  • Custom time to play and create ad content

  • It can be used in conjunction with other media advertisements.

  • virtual experience

  • High brightness adapts to a wide range.

  • Efficiently edit and manage content remotely and publish advertisements efficiently.

4) The visual effect of the LED display is good.

Compared with traditional outdoor displays and paper posters, it has higher brightness and resolution, and the vivid and eye-catching high-definition picture makes people can’t help but take a few more glances.

5) Easy to operate

  • Uploading advertising content is simple; upload your ad material on the controller of the computer’s LED display, and it can be played immediately.

  • As long as the time period and advertisement are set, the advertisement will be played automatically, and there is no need to change the advertisement content manually.

6) Flexible LED display size (customized)

You can customize the size according to your outdoor venue to avoid visual defects and unnecessary waste caused by too large or too small.

2. From an audience perspective

LED displays allow no barriers between consumers and advertising.

1) Shocking “experience”

In today’s rapidly developing media and market environment, the viewer’s “experience” is very important. The communication effect of outdoor LED displays is more sustainable than traditional advertising media to bring visual impact and new experiences.

2) Stimulate immediate action

To improve audience participation, the LED display makes the advertising content more detailed and the advertising details more delicate.

If it’s lunchtime, many off-get off-work employees are confused and don’t know what to eat for lunch. At this time, the picture displayed on the large LED screen is: fresh vegetables are just picked, and a steak is tender and juicy under the cooking of the iron plate… If you are tempted, click your mobile phone to book this tempting lunch.

3. From the point of view of an advertiser/digital art creative company

Promoting your brand is the key to the growth and success of any business, and LED advertising is the best medium for creating brand awareness.

1) The influence of advertising is the core demand of all advertisers and event planning and event companies. The greater the influence, the more willing the audience is to accept it, thereby increasing economic income.

2) His advertisements can express the characteristics of a product in more detail and accuracy, such as the precise mechanical rotation of a clock, a drop of sweat flowing from an athlete’s running, or even the expression of “breathing”.

3) Allowing for more creativity and the passion of many digital art creative companies means countless creative projects can be designed.

4) Rapidly increase the company’s influence and undertake more event promotions. The 3D naked-eye display video we madly forwarded on social platforms has let many people know the creative company behind the event: D’strict, D’strict’s outstanding “masterpiece”, so that luxury brands such as Tiffany and others have come to him to cooperate, and the company has commented on the Internet that “every project is imaginative but just right.”

In conclusion:

Above, we have analyzed why you need to use outdoor LED advertising screens from three perspectives. It is a good investment income. No matter what era you are in, as long as there is demand, there will be a market, and advertising will be derived.

So, how to stand out from so many ads? LED display + full of creativity, bringing high art to everyone’s heart, and it is the key to standing out in this rapidly changing digital advertising market.

If you have any questions about the article, welcome to discuss them or email us.

(The picture for this article comes from D’strict)

Click for more ad video ideas: https://www.dstrict.com/index

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