Commercial LED Screen

Bibi LED can provide a full range of commercial LED displays to advertising screen importers.

Commercial LED screens can be applied to all kinds of indoor and outdoor places where advertisements need to be displayed

Invest in commercial LED screens where there is a lot of traffic, and the return on investment is considerable

Rental LED Screen

Rental LED screen has a high quality video display, easy assemble and disassembly to become the most popular background rendering products for stages, wedding scenes, and hotel training.

Bibi offers a variety of rental LED screens that can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, ranging in size from several square meters to thousands of square meters.

A excellent image performance will bring an amazing experience for the viewer.

Sport LED Screen

Sport LED screen is applied to various game scenes, such as football match, basketball match.

The sport LED screen is mainly aimed at the audience at the game scene to play the corresponding advertising, generally is to play the brand advertising.

BiBi LED offers high durability, high brightness and high refresh rate sport LED screen.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

BiBi fine pixel pitch LED display is proven to be the most durable and deliver ultra-high resolution for any high demand display viewers

A small pixel pitch LED screen used for high end meeting room, broadcast, TV station, control room, etc.

Allow your 4K, 2K resolution LED screen be front of your eyes..

Message LED Display

Message LED display is spread text information or advertising through LED text format.

Its main products are taxi LED screens, bus LED screens and door LED screens, which make money through advertising or publicity.

You can get a piece of your own message LED display in good price.

Creative LED Screen

The goal is to help more customers achieve customized LED display to keep competitive on the market.

We have flexible LED screen, logo LED screen, sphere LED screen, triangle LED screen, etc..

Our experienced R&D department always make our customers ideal come true with our creative LED screen.