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The rental LED display we offer is among the best in the market today. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Plus, it is energy efficient, making it the best business investment you can make.

Our indoor LED screen is the perfect display device for your establishment. It is very light, has high flatness and is gap free. You get all of that in a die-casting aluminum cabinet that is made by a CNC machine.

There’s a reason why our outdoor LED billboards are always a cut above the rest. That’s because these LED displays offer high precision and a flatness <0.5mm, which is way better than the flatness of normal steel LED cabinets. It is easy to install, which will save you a ton of labor costs.

4K video wall display is among the most popular type of display screens in the LED rental screen industry. It boasts of front access modules, a 3840Hz refresh rate and HDR effect that will bring real color to life.

Pixel pitch: PH1.875mm, PH2.3mm
Installation place: Indoor only
Applications: High-speed train, airport, sales will, education, hotel, mobile phone shop, Auto 4S shops, etc.

Flexible led curtains as they are otherwise called, are super thin and weigh less than the competition. It is made of premium quality materials that will ensure that you are getting high quality images however way you bend it.

If you are looking for a transparent LED display, what we offer features high transparency, which will make the light come through the wall with gorgeous images and videos.It will match any glass perfectly, making installations inside glass walls seamless.

Pixel pitch: PH3.33mm, PH4mm, PH5mm, PH6.67
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