P2.5 Poster Semi-Outdoor LED Display Screen to Japan

P2.5 Poster Semi-Outdoor LED Display Screen 

1. Product of details:

  • 픽셀 피치: 2.5mm
  • Module Size: 280x210mm
  • Cabinet size: 570mm(w)x1920mm(h)
  • Cabinet material: Sheet metal aluminum
  • LEDs: Nationstar
  • Control system: Novastar
  • Maintenance Way: Back Access
  • Package: Flight case

2. 예비 부품:

  • Spare IC: 40pcs.
  • Spare LED lamp: 200pcs.
  • Spare Receiving card: 1pc.
  • Spare modules: 4pcs.
  • Spare Chassis: 4pcs.

3. 주요 기능:

  • Easy to move
  • Lightweight
  • Wide range of indoor applications
  • Refresh Rate(Hz): >1920

We have a Japanese PSE certificate to protect you from quality issues, the product picture is below

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