Faites le point sur les impressionnants écrans LED lors des cérémonies d'ouverture des précédentes finales KPL


The King of Glory Professional League (referred to as KPL in this article) was officially launched in 2016 and has a history of 8 years. As the most important “partner” of KPL, the Écran d'affichage LED has also been accompanying the competition.

As an event, every professional player is eager to win, just like you as a player. For them, the highest honor is to stand on the final stage in time and win their championship trophy. As a “partner,” the LED display screen will amaze the audience on every final stage.

This article will give you an inventory of the most impressive LED displays at the KPL finals in the past eight years. Let’s take a look.

1. The importance of LED display for KPL games

D'abord, let us imagine that a huge, extremely bright screen stands in the center of the playing field. This is the LED display screen. Compared with the TVs in our homes, it is undoubtedly a giant. In KPL games, this huge LED display is the main channel for viewers to obtain game information.

It displays the players’ exciting operations, game progress, and game images in real time, ensuring that every spectator present can clearly see every detail of the game.

Deuxièmement, the response speed of the LED display is very fast, almost instantaneous. This means that when players move quickly, cast skills, or attack enemies in the game, these actions will be immediately synchronized to the LED display, and the audience can see these wonderful operations in real time.

This is crucial for eSports competitions, as viewers need timely and accurate access to game information in order to better understand and appreciate the game.

En outre, multiple LED displays, which are distributed in different locations, are usually installed at KPL competition sites, providing the audience with a multi-angle viewing experience. This means that no matter where the audience sits in the stadium, they can clearly see the game screen through the LED display.

This design ensures that every viewer can get the best viewing experience and will not miss any wonderful moments due to poor location.

Enfin, LED displays can also present stunning stage effects through advanced visual technology and creative programming. For example, at critical moments of the game, the LED display can show dynamic background images, dazzling lighting effects, and passionate animation special effects, adding more tension and enjoyment to the game.

These visual effects not only immerse the audience in the atmosphere of the game but also attract more people’s attention, making the KPL game a visual feast.

2. What kind of LED display is suitable for e-sports competitions?

E-sports competitions and LED displays complement each other, so what kind of LED display can become an e-sports competition screen?

  • High refresh rate:

In e-sports competitions, players need to react quickly and accurately, and fast movements and subtle operations on the game screen are common. This requires the display device to have a high enough refresh rate, that is, the number of picture frames updated per second, to ensure the smoothness and consistency of the picture.

The high refresh rate can reduce screen tearing and blur so that every action can be presented to the audience clearly and accurately. In e-sports competitions, the commonly used LED display refresh rates are 144Hz or higher, such as 240Hz or 360Hz. This refresh rate can ensure that the audience sees an almost delay-free and extremely smooth game screen.

  • Haute résolution:

In e-sports competitions, players need to accurately observe game details, such as enemy positions, terrain features, etc., which require sufficient detail and clarity in the picture. High-resolution LED displays can provide more pixels, thereby showing more detailed and clearer images.

Common resolutions such as 1080p, 1440p, and 4K are widely used in e-sports competitions. The high-resolution display not only allows players to better observe the details of the game but also gives the audience a more shocking visual experience.

  • Low Latency:

Latency is a very important factor in eSports competitions. If the response time of the display is too long, the player’s operations will not be reflected on the screen in time, thus affecting the player’s judgment and reaction.

Therefore, LED displays suitable for e-sports competitions need to have low-latency characteristics, that is, respond quickly to player operations and ensure real-time feedback of operations. In this way, players can judge the situation more accurately and make more informed decisions.

  • Good color performance:

E-sports competitions usually involve colorful game images and light and shadow effects, which require LED displays to have good color performance capabilities. The display needs to be able to accurately restore the colors and light and shadow effects in the game screen, making the screen more realistic and vivid.

Good color performance can not only enhance the audience’s viewing experience but also help players better identify various elements in the game, such as enemies, terrain, props, etc.

Adaptive adjustment: In order to adapt to different competition environments and audience needs, LED displays should also have adaptive adjustment functions such as brightness, contrast, and color. In venues with dark lighting, the brightness of the display can be appropriately increased to ensure that the picture is clearly visible; in venues with strong lighting, the brightness can be reduced to avoid glare. At the same time, by adjusting the contrast and color, the picture can be made clearer and more vivid to meet the viewing needs of different audiences.

  • Suitable for close viewing distance:

E-sports competitions are usually held in relatively small venues, and the audience is usually closer to the LED display. Therefore, LED displays suitable for e-sports competitions need to be able to maintain clarity and detail even when viewed at close range.

In this way, even if the audience is sitting very close to the display screen, they can clearly see the game screen and get a better viewing experience.

3. Taking stock of the most impressive LED displays on the final stage

  • 2021 Spring Split Finals Stage

This is the first stage that many people think of when talking about the KPL finals stage. This is the first time that a creative LED display screen has been used in this finals. Together with the giant LED display screen at the back, it completely changes the atmosphere of the competition venue when the players appear. The atmosphere reaches a climax.

  • 2023 Summer Season Finals Stage

The final stage, this time, uses LED floor tile screens, and when the contestants appear on the catwalk, they will be matched with the huge LED display behind them to show the contestants’ style.

  • 2023 World Champions Cup Finals Stage

This is the stage of the World Champions Cup with the highest on-site configuration so far. In terms of LED display screen alone, it uses the largest LED giant screen display screen in China’s largest indoor e-sports venue.

In addition to the regular LED display screens at the competition site, a transparent LED display screen was also used at the opening, and the LED display screen was raised and lowered to match the players’ appearance and the singing of the World Championship theme song.

In particular, a lot of time was spent on the design of the display content, including details such as WB Club players using their favorite game heroes to turn defeat into victory and obtain tickets to the final stage. The audience at the scene was instantly excited, and the atmosphere was directly pushed to a climax.

4. Forecast for the development of LED display screens in the field of e-sports

Regarding the development of LED displays in the field of e-sports, we can make some predictions based on existing trends and some possible future factors.

Tout d'abord, with the continued development and popularity of the e-sports industry, the demand for LED displays will continue to grow.

E-sports competitions have extremely high requirements for visual experience, and LED displays, with their high definition, high refresh rate, and low latency, provide an ideal visual presentation method for e-sports competitions. Therefore, as the e-sports market expands, the market demand for LED displays will also grow accordingly.

Deuxièmement, with the advancement of technology, the performance of LED displays will be further improved. For example, higher refresh rates, higher resolutions, lower latency, and better color performance may all become a reality in the future.

This will provide a more realistic visual experience for e-sports competitions while also bringing a deeper sense of participation to the audience.

En outre, with the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, the visual experience of e-sports may be further upgraded. LED displays may be combined with these technologies to provide viewers with a more immersive viewing experience.

For example, the audience can watch the game through VR equipment, and the LED display screen serves as an important visual element to provide the audience with a more realistic game scene.

Cependant, there are some possible challenges that need to be noted. For example, e-sports competitions have extremely high requirements for equipment, and LED displays, as part of them, also need to meet corresponding performance requirements.

This may increase the cost of equipment, thereby having a certain impact on the popularity of e-sports. In addition, with the development of e-sports, audience requirements for visual experience may also continue to increase, which may also promote continued innovation in LED display technology.


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