¿A qué se debe prestar atención al crear contenido de pantalla LED?


Hoy en día, Pantalla LED has become a mainstream display tool for various indoor and outdoor occasions. Its high definition, image clarity, fine and rich colors, and other characteristics have become an indispensable part of various forms of display activities. In the previous article, we mentioned that the LED display is attractive, on the one hand, because of its high brightness and excellent high-resolution display; on the other hand, because of the fun and viewing of the content played by the LED display sex.

So how to create interesting, ornamental, and attractive LED display content? This article will take you through how to create an LED display to play content so that your LED display can also be attractive in terms of content.

1. Clear and clear

First of all, it is important that the content you want to display must be clear and concise so as not to confuse or confuse the audience. This is the same as when we state something; you can understand it in a short while with concise and clear words, but if you talk a lot, but you don’t get to the point, then others will not understand what you want to express.

The content of the LED display is the same; if you have too much content, it will easily make the viewers feel that there is no focus and lose interest in watching, so the content should be clear and concise, and the key points should be highlighted.

2. Timeliness

The current information update speed is very fast; you can properly include some hot topics on the Internet in the content of your LED display screen and maintain the timeliness of current events; of course, this must be in line with the advertising content you play. Do it in combination with popular current events. If you can’t, the abrupt combination will only appear extraordinarily abrupt.

3. Pay attention to clarity and LED size

Whether you are purchasing an LED display or creating the content of an LED display, you need to pay attention to the size of the LED display so that you can determine what shape your LED display will be after installation. If it is a horizontal rectangle, then it will play horizontally. The effect of rectangular pictures is better than that of playing square pictures, so we must pay attention to the shape of the LED display and adjust the pictures or videos to be played by pressing the display in advance.

In addition, the clarity of the LED display also determines its playback effect, so pay attention to the proportion when adjusting the playback content to avoid the situation that it should be stretched because the playback content does not match the proportion, which will affect the LED display. Clarity. 

4. Pay attention to brightness and contrast

When you are shopping, your eyes will scan between different shops on the street, and you will enter that shop when you see something that attracts you in the window, so what kind of things will be more attractive? Of course, brightly colored things are more attractive.

Therefore, the brillo and contrast of your LED display are also points that need attention. The colors displayed by high-brightness and high-contrast LED displays are gorgeous and seem full of vitality; when creating content, you must remember to ensure that your content is displayed. The shades are full and attractive, so they stand out on the street.

5. Static and dynamic options

The LED display can not only display static things, such as photos; it can also display dynamic things, such as videos; now many advertisers are not only satisfied with the choice of static or dynamic, they are now more inclined to use dynamic Combined, so pay attention to a few points:

  • The ratio of the combination: is it more static or more dynamic?

  • Speed: the speed of your dynamic part.

  • Complexity: Is what you need more complicated or simpler?

These points will affect the final product, so we must make choices based on reality.

6. Determine Your Best Viewing Distance

Before, we mentioned the best viewing distance in other articles, which refers to how far you are from the LED display to watch the best; the best viewing distance of each LED display is different because of the influence. There are many factors; for example, the viewing distance of indoor high-definition LED displays is much closer than that of outdoor LED displays, and the viewing distance of large-sized LED displays is larger than that of small-sized LED displays.

But for this viewing distance, you can confirm with the supplier when purchasing the LED display whether the LED display you purchased allows close viewing and what is the approximate viewing distance. Generally, LED displays with high resolución, and high definition are no problem for close viewing, and the content can display complex and colorful content; the viewing distance for low-resolution and low-definition LED displays is generally longer and can display large color blocks and succinct content.

7. Determine the file format

The current LED display supports playing in many formats, such as JPEG, TXT, MP4, etc., but it is also very important to choose a file format that suits you best. This depends on personal preferences. In addition, you must pay attention. You need to pay attention to the size of the file you are playing. If the file is too large, it will take more time to load, so an appropriate file size is also necessary.

8. Auxiliary tools

We mentioned above that you might need to adjust the size, speed, etc. when creating content, so what about using the above to adjust? There is no special adjustment software for creating the content of the LED display. You can use common design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Piktochart.


From the above content, we can see that the content created by the LED display screen is full of superb technology and aesthetics, whether in the process or the vivid pictures finally presented to the audience. This requires us to pay attention to every detail. Pondering. Ultimately, content should be visually stunning, functional, and in harmony with the environment to meet audience expectations and stand out in a competitive market.

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