Outdoor advertising screen

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Outdoor LED Screen

Key features

1. Pixel pitch: 3.33/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 10.

2. Brightness: 5500-8500nits/m2.

3. Material: Steel/ Aluminum.

4. IP rate: IP65 front, IP54 back.

5. Maintenance way: Front/ back service

6. Application: Outdoor commercial place, supermarket, shopping mall, bank, hotel, etc.

Recently done project


1. Pixel pitch: 10mm.

2. Screen Size: 2.88m(W) x 5.12m(H).

3. Maintenance way: Front service.

4. Destination: Sweden.

5. Application: Outdoor LED advertising billboard.

Outdoor LED Screen Specifications

LED TypeN/ASMD1921SMD1921SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535DIP346
Pixel Pitchmm3.3345681010
Ingress ProtectionIPIP65 front/ IP54 back
Viewing Distancein/meter131/3.33158/4196/5236/6315/8394/10394/10
Driving TypeScan1/121/81/81/81/41/21/4
Module Dimensionin/mm12.6×6.3/ 320×16010×51/ 256×12812.6×6.3/ 320×1607.56×7.56/ 192×19210×51/ 256×12812.6×6.3/ 320×1606.3×6.3/ 160×160
Module PixelPixel96×4864×3264×3232×3232×1632×1616×16
Cabinet Dimensionin/mmCustomized/ Multiply by the size of led modules
Cabinet ResolutionPixelCustomized/ Multiply by the resolution of led modules
Module MaintenanceN/AFront/ Back access
Cabinet MaterialN/ASteel/ Aluminum
Cabinet WeightKG55/ 45KG/m2
Refresh rateHz1920/3840
Digital ProcessingBit14/16
Gray ScaleLevel16384
Color TemperatureDeg.K4,500-8,500 Adjustable
Brightness ControlN/A255
Contrast RatioN/A4000:1
Viewing Angle HDeg.140
Viewing Angle VDeg.140
AC SperationVAC90~264
Power Consumption(Max/Avg)W/m2800/250 ( Estimate )
Storage Tem.F/C-4 ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60C
Storage HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Operating Tem.F/C-4F ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60
Operating HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Lift time(50% brightness)Hour100,000
Installation TypeN/AFixed
Control ModeN/AVideo Sync

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Outdoor LED Screen: The Ultimate Guide

The digital age’s new era is here, and its influence is rising.

Therefore, more and more LED display companies and commercial advertising agencies invest in prime locations in hybrid LED advertising boards.

New York Times Square, London Leicester Square, and central Tokyo;

these major cities have become somewhat of a landmark and testimony to the popularity of well-placed and interactive outdoor billboard advertising.

BiBi LED outdoor LED advertising board provides the ultimate in visual displays and high-quality advertising show that draws the spectator’s attention.

When done properly by excellent geographic location, advanced LED display technology, skillful creative design, and interactive applications, both infrastructure and sponsor would benefit from attracting the attention of thousands of people a day.

Here we will introduce you to the facets of an LED advertising board.

It can give you inspiration for your advertising business.

Chapter 1 Benefits of Outdoor LED screens

With the rapid development of LED display technology and decreased purchase costs, a commercial LED display screen is now a preferred media option for brand promotion and advertising campaigns.

Here are the unprecedented benefits that outdoor LED screen can offer over traditional print ads.

Various commercial contents

An LED billboard can display any kind of advertising content like text, picture, video, TV signal, camera signal, etc.

To display various objects, the entire commercial LED display could be broken into several parts.

This advertisement location’s commercial value could be significantly maximized.

Better quality advertising and wider exposure

On the LED advertising board, digitized advertising is easier to see and attract potential customers.

The LED display screen’s high brightness and vibrant color make the ad content better quality, giving the passing-by strong visual effects.

To meet more potential customers and brand marketing easier.

Intelligent advertising channel

Dozens or hundreds of ads could be uploaded to LED screen management software and run automatically as planned.

Each advertisement’s sequence and runtime could be tailored.

That significantly accelerates your investment return.

Durable, efficient

Advanced and mature LED technology enables more than 100,000 hours of LED billboard life.

For an outdoor LED screen, it avoids severe weather conditions and works with excellent stability.

But the outdoor print ad must be replaced very regularly.

Long-term, the LED advertising screen is more competitive and economical.

BiBi LED has very extensive product lines for indoor and outdoor commercial advertising, no matter whether it will be built as V-shaped, curved or any other shapes, our products can be customized to know it.

Chapter 2 What are the application of outdoor LED screens?

The LED display screen has now entered our daily life, decorating our cities with colorful images.

As an integrated modular industrial product, LED advertisement board can be adapted to suit any requirement based on the specific installation environment.

Here’s LED display’s most popular applications.

Commercial ads

Benefits of LED display’s natural advantages, the LED advertising board’s primary function is to display ads and benefit from them.

Such an outdoor LED screen is easily captured at the façades of shopping malls, top of the building, a major highway or even bus station with good crowd flows and excellent visibility to the outdoor LED screen.

Information display window

Due to its modular design, the LED display does not limit its size and resolution.

That’s why we can always see large LED billboard displays at stock exchange, airport, train station and bus station to show real-time data input as the display window.

Somehow, these locations (except stock exchange) are also ideal for commercial advertising.

There’s ads where there’s a crowd.

Brand promotion & corporate image enhancing

Another main application of LED display screen is property, amusement park, holiday village, corporate showroom, etc.

Unlike commercial advertising, the LED display screen at these locations is primarily used to display corporate video, product or program presentation and internal facilities, etc.

To promote their own brand or services.

There is a very large application of LED display screens in all walks of life, wherever the LED display screen needs a big video screen.

After all, it still belongs to the monitor group and could be huge if needed.

Chapter 3 How many control ways for outdoor LED screens?

According to signal transmission manners, outdoor LED screen control could be divided into two types: synchronous control and asynchronous control.

Here’s the gap between.

Synchronous control

Synchronous control means that the LED advertisement screen displays text, picture or video from controlling machines or other input devices such as TV signal, camera or VCR, etc.

Real-time signal transmission allows the LED advertising screen to be connected to the controlling computer or video processor at all times.

If the connection fails, the monitor will lose the signal and show nothing.

It is commonly used for commercial LED advertising display, rental LED display, sports LED display and other large format LED displays.

Asynchronous control

Asynchronous LED advertisement screens will work independently and must not always remain connected to controlling computers.

The machine is only used when editing advertisement content.

All advertisement content is sent to the control card inside the LED advertising screen via a UTP cat5 cable, USB disk, WiFi connection, 4 G wireless or other data transmission types.

When the data is successfully transmitted to the control card, the memory card will save the data.

You can then turn off the connection. The control card shows the videos and images before you shut it off.

Asynchronous control is suitable for installations where the operating device is far from the LED advertisement screen, or the installation position is difficult to cable.

Typically this control system is used for small LED display screens, roadside LED display, or outdoor LED displays.

Chapter 4 How to choose the right outdoor LED screens?

LED advertisement display is compatible with other tools or applications to perform some very realistic functions.

Which makes your LED display system more reliable and manageable.

Supported tools for your LED show.

Light sensor

For an outdoor LED advertisement show, the day – and-night ambient brightness varies greatly.

If the LED display runs all day with preset brightness, it’ll be too bright or too dark.

Too bright, it produces light pollution, eye-friendly and absorbs more fuel.

If it affects the image quality of the commercial too dark, sponsor is not pleased.

Intelligent monitor card

Use a light sensor to overcome such an awkward situation.

It will automatically adjust the monitor brightness with increasing ambient light environment, helping to achieve the perfect balance between visual experience and commercial value.

Multifunction card

As an advertising operator, it is very necessary to monitor the working conditions of all your LED advertising screens and ensure that advertisements are in the state of normal operation.

But how quickly would you do that?

CCTV may be a workaround, but designed and not practical to run.

The solution we suggest is the smart display card.

If a monitor card activates the cabinet, its working status will be tracked.

For example, cabinet temperature, humidity, smoke, power supply status, electric fans, and modules.

It will be shown on your management platform in real-time.

That allows prompt diagnosis and maintenance.

A multifunction card could be equipped with a light sensor, temperature sensor measuring the ambient condition and changing the LED advertisement display parameters to ensure it works in the best working conditions.

If you use a cabinet for your LED display, a multi-function card can be mounted inside to monitor the on / off of the screen as planned.

The ventilator or air-conditioner.

Additionally, the multifunction card is also an integrated audio source, connecting a loudspeaker or amplifier.

Chapter 5 How to clean Outdoor LED screen?

Because of its high uniformity, high stability and excellent image efficiency, the outdoor LED advertising board has been widely used as the preferred media solution for commercial advertising.

But after running for some time, dust and other particles on its surface may affect its efficiency.

To retain its best performance and increase its working hours, regular cleaning work is essential. But how to disinfect outdoor LED adscreen?

Cabinet internal cleaning

Ventilation fans will keep the dust in the cabinet and increase resistance to its activity.

It will also affect electronic components and their thermal conductivity and insulation efficiency.

Worse, if the LED advertisement board is not washed for a long time in constantly high humidity conditions, the dust can accumulate moisture in the air and cause short circuits or mildew to the PCB board, receiving card and hub board, etc.

Use air pressure cartridge, cleaner, and soft brush to clean the dust.

But it must be done carefully, avoiding damage to materials.

In the meantime, you can also test cables and control cards, ensuring no loose connections.

Display surface cleaning

Turn off the LED light before washing.

Remove water.

Use the air pressure gun to blow dust.

Use an electric brush to remove the stubborn dirt.

You clean it from left to right or the opposite direction.


Spray clean water and LED monitor surface cleaning agent.

Then clean the LED module mask with electric brush(soft), path from top to bottom, left to right.

Brushing must be performed carefully to avoid damage to LEDs.

Spray clean water to wash away debris and foam.

Screen drying.

Air pressure guns or cleaner may dry the LED display surface.

The fast-drying process can reduce dust sticking to the wet surface and leave stubborn dirt.

Or just let air conditioning dry naturally.

Chapter 6 Things should be done before purchasing the Outdoor LED screen?

If you are a local market importer, just buy the transparent LED display as your customer ordered.

But if you’re a newcomer purchasing an LED screen to run your own advertising company.

Here are some tips for consideration.

Local market investigation

You should have a business data list in mind.

For example, how many advertising companies on the market, how many outdoor LED screens they have, where their LED displays, what pixel pitch and screen size, etc.

Then you’ll get a rough idea of what kind of outdoor LED screen suits your business.

You should also find out what price marketers willing to pay for the advertisement, test your existing customers and estimate how many you may have after getting your LED screen.

Then you’ll know what kind of outdoor LED screen will meet your expectations, and how long you can recover the cost.

If it’s a good business, then it’s good to go.

Installation permit

Whether you’re an importer or end-user, the installation permit application progress will affect your entire purchase process, especially for outdoor installation.

Only with the permit can you buy the LED monitor.

If you don’t buy it, it can only be kept in your shop.

When you build it without a permit, government will probably kill it.

For example, if you want to install an LED advertisement screen on a building’s façades and facing road.

Then you need your building owner’s first permit, first your neighborhood permit.

Finally, maybe Roads Administration permit or similar agency.

Different regions and countries have different permit policies.

Therefore, you need to find out the permit’s development.

Purchasing can only be done when a permit is ready or nearly done, otherwise all the efforts may be in vain.

Best commercial LED display:

BiBi LED is one of the best quality commercial LED display retail store reliable and appreciated worldwide.

We have a trusted reputation as the maker of premium LED advertising board.

One of the main uses of commercial LED displays is to advertise and market products, services, companies, or organisations as these LED advertising screens are considered a more appealing and desirable solution to the public.

Since 2013, our company has been helping advertising agencies by providing the right equipment to publicize their content.

Wide audience coverage and great visibility with high stability:

these are now one of the highly recommended media solutions for ads and commercials, after the massive transfer of advertising agencies on commercial LED display and a decline in purchase costs.

As these LED advertising boards can show multiple items, a good chunk of revenue could be won.

This commercial led display is operated by other instruments like the control room monitor.

Best at high altitudes, it offers an eye-catching look and catches passer-byes ‘ attention.

Mostly you can see such a LED advertisement display on buildings and in different shows and events.

Our commercial show is the best outdoor LED projector, carrying all the harsh weather conditions and polluted air.

BiBi LED hands finished items with a transparent LED display hanging on any house or street side.

We ensure full product safety with high-tech machinery and modern manufacturing methods.

The workers are highly skilled and dedicated to creating the world’s most appreciable commodity.

Our business aims to revolutionize LED ads and bring a new wave in LED billboard to market rivals.

Our main product has excellent ultra-HD performance and longevity, setting a benchmark for others to suit.

BiBi LED strives to convince you with our corporate philosophy of “honesty, dignity and accountability,” and we are proud of our entire team in delivering comprehensive services such as after-sales, on-site and 24/7 telephone services, and more.