Technology | Outdoor LED display water inside must be a quality problem? Installation is the main problem

Install outdoor LED displays will face many challenges if the use of the environment is outdoors.

The LED display will be affected by bad weather such as high temperature, cold wave, strong wind, rain, etc. The work of these areas will not be well done and the safe operation of the display screen will not be able to talk about it.

Today, we will talk about how to install Outdoor LED display will not leak water.

Add backplane sealant

There are many friends in order to save time, when installing outdoor LED display without backplane or backplane not sealing glue, so for a long time, electronic components will certainly enter the water, as time goes by the LED display will have problems. The most afraid of electronic components is water, once the water enters the circuit, it will surely cause the circuit to burn down. These problems that cannot be ignored can never be ignored.

Make a water leak

If the LED electronic display is closely integrated with the backplate, it must be leaked below; the so-called leaky water is used to leak water. Regardless of how closely the front and back of the LED display are combined, for many years, there are more or less water inside. If there is no water leakage hole in the mouth, the water will accumulate as time goes by. If water leaks, the water will Flow away, this can play a very good waterproof effect, it is also beneficial to extend the service life of LED display.

The quality cables

When installing the LED electronic display, the plug wiring must use the appropriate wire, generally follow the principle of rather big not small, that is, a good total number of wattage LED display, use a slightly larger wire, it is best not to just use or over Small wires, which can easily cause the circuit to burn out, affect the safe operation of by cool install outdoor LED display.

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