How to make your LED signs be moisture prevention?

In some specific countries, the humidity of the air is particularly high, and almost the water can be squeezed out. Permeable water vapor can cause problems such as dead lights, dark lights, short circuits, open circuits, and damage to the lamp body if it stays in the LED display, then makes the LED signs failure! Therefore, in order to ensure that the LED signs can shine in wet weather, we must do the following moisture-proof work.

LED module moisture prevention method

The first step in moisture-proof LED signs , we must first ensure that the LED module has a moisture-proof function.

The LED modules need to be dry and ventilated. They should be stacked with pallets or other objects when stored. They must not be in direct contact with the ground.

Install the temperature and humidity monitor in the storage environment . The LED modules will feel very great if the ambient humidity is controlled below 60% RH.

It needs to be repackaged and put in an appropriate desiccant after unsealed LED modules.

The LED modules shall be subjected to gradual brightness aging test for 6 hours at least if the storage time exceeds 1 month . Set to 10% brightness aging test for one hour , Set to 30% brightness aging test for one hour , Set to 60% brightness aging test for two hours , Set to 80% brightness aging test for one hour , Set to 100% brightness aging test for one hour . it can be used for assemble as the complete LED screen after six hours aging test.

Outdoor LED signs moisture prevention method

1)  Outdoor fixed LED signs

Put the temperature and humidity monitor sensor at the installation site of outdoor LED display to timely monitor the humidity around the screen.

The rainy day or heavy rain after the screen is installed at the first time , check whether there is moisture, water droplets, moisture, etc. inside of the LED screen cabinet;

At least 1 times per day in the ambient humidity of 10% to 85% RH, each time the display works normally for more than 2 hours.

When the ambient humidity is higher than 90% RH, dehumidify the screen environment and ensure that the screen works normally for more than 4 hours per day.

Outdoor rental LED signs

When the outdoor rental LED signs is in use, it must be powered off immediately when the rain is coming. If it is too late to remove the screen, quickly cover it with a pre-prepared waterproof cloth and wait until the weather is clear. If there is the continuous rain, you must open the back cover doors of the cabinet and use a fan to open the cold wind. Then put it in a ventilated and dry room for more than 8 hours. Low-brightness ensures that it lights up for more than 4 hours, and the moisture in the electronic components is fully emitted.

Indoor LED signs moisture prevention method

Indoor fixed installation LED signs.

During the 10% to 65% RH ambient humidity, the indoor LED signs must be lighted up at least once a day, each time ensuring the indoor LED signs work of more than 4 hours;

When the ambient humidity is higher than 65% RH, dehumidify the screen body and ensure that the display screen works normally for more than 8 hours per day. The relevant doors and windows should be closed at night to prevent the screen from being damaged due to the night-recovery.

It should be immediately loaded into the flight case packing for sealed storage after the event each time

A desiccant or absorbent bag of not less than 50g shall be placed in each flight case packing; and the desiccant or absorbent bag shall be periodically checked for failure and replaced every 2 months;

Under the environmental humidity of 10% to 65% RH, the indoor rental LED signs should take out the lighting work (play video) for more than 2 hours every half month;

When the ambient humidity exceeds 65% RH, the indoor rental LED signs should be taken out of work every week (play video) for more than 2 hours;

During the rental events of the indoor rental signs , the LED screen should be protected from the rain or water. If it is not exposed to water, the water should be wiped dry and blown with a hair dryer. At the same time, the screen should be left for 2 hours and then lighted for 2 hours.

It is forbidden to use the indoor rental screen as an outdoor rental screen, especially in the open air outdoor environment.

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